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The Staff

Although Eric's background is in photography, graphic design, and journalism, he has always had a passion for animals and animal rights advocacy. While working as a video journalist for FiOS TV, Eric covered many stories about animal advocacy groups on Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan, and in this process was introduced to In Home Pet Services. With a love of animals and a desire to create a successful business while making a difference, it was a natural decision to bring In Home Pet Services to his Astoria Neighborhood.

Stephanie is not only an animal lover, but a Board-Certified Music Therapist! While growing up, all her pets were the non-furry kinds due to her mom's allergies, and all she ever wanted was a puppy. Now she is surrounded by them on a daily basis - what could be better!? Stephanie is especially grateful to be connected to such an amazing pet community in her Astoria neighborhood, and looks forward to making a positive impact in the pets' and clients' lives. As an owner of In Home Pet Services, she is doing just that!