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Plott Hound Mix - Astoria
Penny just moved to Astoria from Manhattan. She is super duper sweet and we're so happy to have as one of our daily walks!

Cat - East Elmhurst
Lunchbox is always there to greet us at the door when we come to visit. A very easy going kitty who loves to lounge around. Sometimes likes to play hide and seek.

Mixed - Astoria
We're so pleased to have Zoey as a friend. On her walks, this playful and energetic mixed breed loves chasing birds and barking at big trucks. She's never met a person she didn't like!

Dalmation/Pitbull Mix - Astoria
Rosie is just about the sweetest dog there could be. She takes her time warming up to people, but once she does, she's your best friend. She loves her walks! We love her so much, and are fortunate to be able to take care of her while her parents are away.

Goldendoodle - Long Island City
Lulu's PERSONality is so funny that we sometimes think she's a person dressed in a dog suit :)

Cat - Astoria
Appropriately named, Ninja has ninja-like moves and a mask, too :)

Beagle - Astoria
Lucy is one of the sweetest and youngest pups in our family. She loves all the people and dogs she meets on her daily walks through Astoria Park. She loves to cuddle as much as she loves her walks :) We're lucky to have her!

Shepherd Mix - Long Island City
Marlie is a lovely, mellow girl who loves company. She is definitely the driver on her walks. She tells us exactly where to go and when she's had enough. We enjoy her very much!

Cat - Astoria
We love our newest little kitty friend, Juno!

Cat - Astoria
Tabitha is a rescue and extremely shy. She hid out on our first few visits, but has recently come out of hiding to show us how sweet she is!

Lab Mix - Roosevelt Island
Belle has a fun and goofy personality. She loves finding sticks to chew on during her walks, and will often initiate a game of tug-of-war with her leash. She always puts a smile on our face!

Lab/Pit Mix - Astoria
We love our occasional walks with this sweet guy, when his parents are out of town. We only wish we could see him more often.

Miniature Pinscher - Astoria
This little Min-Pin thinks he's a big Pin. He loves to run with the big dogs in Astoria Park, but what he likes most is to lay on his back and have his belly rubbed. We love this little guy!

Cat - Astoria
Named Pigeon because of his cute little purr, which sounds like a pigeon. We have never met a more cuddly cat EVER!! He is so much fun to visit!

Gigi & Francis
Mixed - Astoria
These two cuties hate to be apart and love to cuddle! We love them!!!

Siberian Husky - Astoria
By far THE most silly dog we've cared for. We have a blast dog sitting for her when her father is out of town! She loves to hang out in the yard and watch people go by. She can also be seen hanging out on the window sill when indoors.

Cat - Astoria
Atticus is a cool, big cat who tends to get a bit grumpy when his mommy and daddy are away, but we still love caring for him.

Winnie & Sam
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Sunnyside
Winnie and Sam are brother and sister who love their walks together. They love going to the park together and meeting all of the other dogs and people in their historic Sunnyside neighborhood. Although, Winnie much prefers to just sit on your lap while her brother Sam mixes it up with the other dogs in the park.

Cat - Woodside
Grum has a funny sense of humor and can often be found lying on her back on her mommy's bed in front of the AC enjoying the cool air!

Tibetan Terrier Mix - Astoria
Ellie is a sweet country girl who recently made the move to the big city. Not used to all the activity, she is very inquisitive on her walks. She loves it when we happen upon some nice patches of grass -- reminds her of home (I think). She loves her walks, but would probably love to just stay in and be petted.

Cat - Astoria
Coky is the coolest cat in Astoria! As a diabetic, she needs special attention. We are fortunate to be the ones to care for her when her family goes out of town. We look forward to our next visit!

Bichon Frise - Astoria
Sam was found abandoned, and had been abused. He's now in the loving care of a wonderful family! He is the sweetest dog. But, because of his experience, he gets nervous around new people. Once he gets to know someone he is a mush. We love our afternoon walks through Astoria Park with this little guy!

Cat - Long Island City
Morgan is one of our senior cats. She is very sweet and has the prettiest eyes!

Boston Terrier Mix - Astoria
Ruby is just too cute for words!!!

Miniature Schnauzer - Astoria
We are so lucky to have the opportunity to stroll through Astoria Park with this sweetie pie 5 days a week! Love her!!

Cat - Astoria
Five-month-old, Jupiter has many toys, but prefers to play with our socks when we're pet sitting.

Boxer - Astoria
Gringo loves playing with all his friends in Astoria Park and lounging on hi back yard deck afterwards!

Lab - Astoria
Moose is a giant sweetheart, who greets us at the door with lots of love and excitement! He loves his walks along the East River in Astoria, and enjoys a healthy snack of baby carrots.

Wonderdog (We all wonder what breed she is) - Long Island City
Tia is super fun! She has more energy than any dog we know, and she never tires of running around and playing. She has a funny and happy disposition, and sometimes thinks she's a person.

Boxer - Woodside
Bella is one of our sweetest girls and we're fortunate to be able to spend time with her everyday!

Cat - Long Island City
Delorean is shy and mostly hides during our visits, but can easily be coaxed out of hiding with a feather stick :)

Cat - Astoria
Our MOST stylish cat!

Boston Terrier - Astoria
Ellie is so sweet and playful! She loves to chase tennis balls and chew on her nylabones! Her best friend, Chloe, (another Boston) lives with her, and the two are inseparable! We love visiting them both!!

Boston Terrier - Astoria
This is how you'll find Chloe most of the time -- chewing on her beloved nylabone! Her best friend, Ellie, (another Boston) lives with her, and the two are inseparable! We love visiting them both!!

David Bowie
Cat - Woodside
Named so for obvious reasons, this cat is truly a rock star!

Cat - Astoria
Absolutely THE cuddliest, sweetest and cutest kitty EVER! We can't get enough of her!

Cat - Sunnyside
Sister to Margiela, this kitty also loves fine food and treats. Unlike Margiela, Chloe would much prefer a head and neck rub over a game.

Cat - Sunnyside
This little cutie pie loves treats, fine food and playing with a variety of toys. We had the pleasure of visiting with her once a day over the holidays and look forward to our next visits.

French Bulldog - Astoria
Chubby is just about as cute and cuddly as they come! We really enjoy his company when his parents go away!

Cat - Long Island City
Emmett's one of our funniest cats! Upon arrival, he'll jump up on the kitchen island and ram his head into us until he gets a good long head rub. After his head rub, he'll jump down and do acrobatics on the kitchen floor :)

Cat - Astoria
Corona is a super friendly kitty who loves out visits. She loves to eat, perching atop furniture, having her head rubbed!

Goldendoodle - Sunnyside
Bella is so sweet! She gets along with every dog she meets, big or small (and every human, too!). She loves to take energetic walks, but she loves to cuddle, too!

Mr. D
Cat - Astoria
Mr. D is afraid to show his emotions, but we know he loves us and we love him!

Cockatiel - Woodside
Molly loves to sit on our shoulder and hang out while we clean her cage and prepare her food. She loves sliced peppers and cucumbers!

Cat - Astoria
A super friendly guy who loves to cuddle!

Cat - Astoria
We're very pleased to be able to care for this beautiful cat while her dad is away! She's a very vocal cat who loves to perch atop the microwave and watch her food being prepared. A little shy at first, but once she warms up, she's very sweet, playful, and a lot of fun!

Yorkie Mix - Astoria
Marley is an energetic, smart little puppy who loves to explore her neighborhood in Astoria. With so much energy, she loves to run, but will easily tire, and will suddenly lay down in mid-sprint for a rest. She loves bright colored flowers, meeting other dogs, chasing flies, tall grass, music, and having her back scratched.

Wire-haired Dachschund - East Elmhurst
Madelyn is one of the funniest little doggies we know. Mostly, this is how we find her -- on her back waiting for her much loved belly rubs. She also loves antagonizing her two feline roommates Beatrice and Lunchbox.

Mini Dachshund - Astoria
Charlie is the greatest! He loves to cuddle with us and play with his doggie friends while his mommy is at work. We're so happy to be able to care for this cute little guy!

Cat - Astoria
Just another cool cat from Astoria!

American Staffordshire Terrier - Long Island City
Although Blitz is 5 years old, he's just a giant, sweet puppy at heart. He is also one of the smartest dogs we've met. So glad to have him as a friend!

Cat - Astoria
One of our cutest little kitties, Starbuck is a rescue who is deaf and blind, but as sweet and cuddly as can be :)

Cat - East Elmhurst
Beatrice is one of the sweetest cats around. She loves to cuddle and have her head rubbed. We love her!

Australian Cattle Dog - Astoria
A recent transplant from Florida, Kanga might be one of the silliest dogs we've ever come across! She has the sweetest personality and a lot of love to offer! She loves people, but is not so fond of other dogs. She loves to play hide and seek under her mom's bed, and sometimes enjoys a game of pushing her food bowl across the kitchen floor.

Beagle - Jackson Heights
One of our best friends in Jackson Heights! We have the pleasure of staying the night with her often :)

Lab - Long Island City
Young Charlie loves his walks in Socrates Sculpture Park!

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Jennifer Simpson
Astoria, NY
Eric is a fantastic cat sitter! He is always responsive, polite, and great with our cat, Mittens. I won't forget when my wife and I were away in Vegas for a friend's birthday, a massive snowstorm hit NYC and grounded flights into NYC and halted all transportation in the city. Eric and his wife trudged through potentially dangerous snow and ice to make sure our kitty was ok. Always grateful for In Home Pet Services!

Wow! Eric takes excellent care of my 16 year old cat, Zelda when I am away. It is such a blessing to know that a friendly and professional sitter is available to watch my senior cat when I am away. I used to board her at the vet and it traumatized her every time. Now she is calm and relaxed when I return home! Thank you Eric!! You are the best!!

Moody McCarthy
If my dog could type he'd give Eric & Stephanie 5 stars. I don't have a set walking schedule but IHPS is always great at covering me, even on short notice.

Eric is a fantastic cat sitter! We have a shy, timid, senior cat. She is 18 years old and requires thyroid medication twice a day. We have been using Eric's services for about 2 years now, when we go away for the weekend. From our very first visit, I felt confident and knew Toasty was incredibly safe in his care. He makes sure she is fed, meds given and litter clean. When we return, there is always a note on the counter about the visits. I highly recommend him!

Angela G.
Jackson Heights
Eric is always extremely responsive to scheduling requests, and is very reliable in visiting. I have complete confidence that I can trust him with my cats. He also clearly loves animals, and is highly invested in their well-being. He always leaves me an update about how they are doing when I am away, which is tremendously reassuring. His prices are also very reasonable. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Eric is terrific with Sam and Winnie. He gives them lots of attention, and they are thriving under his care. Eric is reliable and flexible and always fits in an extra walk when I ask. I have been an In-Home customer for 8 years, having started out with Robyn in Little Neck. I felt a lot more comfortable moving to Sunnyside when I found out that In-Home is available here, too. Eric continues the In-Home high standard of pet care.

Eric is excellent! I could not think of a better, more trustworthy person to have in my home and with my pets. Eric cares for my dog and cat while I work and is always respectful of my home and perfectly punctual with the time parameters I have asked of him. He is so great with my rather stubborn bulldog, he even gets her to walk in the rain which she hates! He never leaves without making sure all food and water bowls are full, he brings in packages that are left by the door for both myself and my roommate and he always keeps a close eye on my little escape artist of a cat. He makes sure to leave me detailed notes about walks and behaviors so I know exactly what is happening when I'm not around. I would highly recommend In Home Pet Services of Astoria to anyone looking for a reliable walker/sitter and wants someone who truly cares for your littlest family members!

Andrea Dagger
I can't say enough wonderful things about Eric and Stephanie. They are such kind and wonderful companions for my two dogs. One of our dogs, Sam, is a rescue with a history of abuse. Eric and Stephanie treat Sam with great compassion. Anyone interested in a dog walker, I would HIGHLY recommend. Thank you both!!!!

Eric is our hero! I've never left my pup alone in 9 years, and was definitely anxious to be across the country without her. Immediately upon meeting Eric he gave me a calm and safe feeling. The trust was pretty much instant. He cared for my Betty like she was his own and sent me pictures and updates to ease my mind. I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and how well he clicked with my dog. I feel so fortunate to have found Eric and In Home Pet Services! We found our perfect match.

We are quite new to NYC and we had to leave our cat Brisa for 5 days for a short holiday and we were searching for a pet sitter around Astoria. And, it was the first time we were leaving her to someone, so a bit nervous. But, we spoke with Eric and decided to leave Brisa to him and we must say that couldn't have done better! Eric was so nice reassuring us and sending us a daily email update.
We will definitely use their services again and recommend it!

Where do I begin? Eric and Steph are the best, most reliable, and trustworthy pet walkers/sitters around. They have been helping my fiance and I take care of our little Ruby Roo since she was just 8 weeks old. They take just as much interest as we do in watching our pup grow and learn new things. Their ease of scheduling is amazing. As a healthcare worker in cardiac surgery, my work schedule can have plenty of odd, long, and unexpected hours. Eric and Steph are just an email or text away from setting something up. Even if it is last minute, they always do their best to be super accommodating. They also leave a cute little journal for your pet and tell you what they did during each visit. Every entry has something new and cute, and often informative. They even surprise me sometimes and text me with cute pics of my girl when I'm at work. Seeing a pic of her texted to me when I scrub out of the OR is just the best feeling! Eric and Steph are true animal lovers and will ensure your pet's safety and make sure they have a good time as well. Their prices are very reasonable to top it all off. We feel very lucky to have such amazing people to rely on to help us take care of our little love bug!

Michael S.
In Home Pet Services of Astoria is the best -- very professional, courteous, and fastidious -- your loved ones will be in good hands!

Eric & the team at In Home Pet Services have become more of a family - our dog loves all the belly rubs, fun walks and extra care she receives. We'd be lost without Eric - he is flexible, prompt, warm-hearted and trustworthy.

Eric and Stephanie have been great! They are friendly, reliable and flexible. If I need them to come a little earlier or later one day, they always try to accommodate it. They leave updates/notes every day, so I always know how the walk went. They sometimes run my dog when she is in the mood, with no extra charge. My dog loved them right away! I definitely recommend them to anyone in the area looking for a dog walker. I had a different dog walker before them, and she stressed me out so much...Steph and Eric have been super chill and easy to work with.

Lauren Ciarpella
Eric is super sweet and extremely reliable. I have two neurotic cats and for some time had a very fussy cockatiel, all of whom Eric has been extremely patient with and loving towards. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Eric was awesome petsitting Kanga while I was away on a 5-day cruise. I'm an extremely over-protective pet-parent, but Eric made me feel very comfortable about leaving my girl at home under his care. He kept me updated via email and a personalized notebook with daily updates on his visits with Kanga. I got a big kick out of hearing about their day-to-day adventures. I could tell Kanga was happy and comfortable under his care because she was always so excited to see him! I will definitely use In Home Pet Services of Astoria for my future pet care needs and would highly recommend them to anyone else in need of some extra TLC for their fur babies.

Michael Mangione
In Home Pet Services of Astoria is AMAZING. Eric is extremely nice, helpful, and professional. He responds to emails quickly and is always available to stop in on our two cats whenever we decide to go away for the weekend. He even goes as far as giving us giving us updates on how they're doing when we're away. I highly recommend IHPSA for your peace of mind and for the comfort of your pet!

Camille C.
I highly recommend In Home Pet Services! My boyfriend and I first had the pleasure of meeting Eric (one of the owners) this past August. This was our first time hiring outside help to care for our dog while away but after reading reviews and meeting Eric for an in home consultation, I felt reassured that everything would be fine. Eric thoroughly went over questions and details with us and was receptive to follow up emails and additional directions leading up to and during our time away. In addition to the walks, Eric also had no issues with giving her medicine which was great and provided a summary for each day which I loved! It's important, as any pet parent knows, to have peace of mind that you've entrusted your lil guy or gal with someone responsible and caring especially when you're not there and that's exactly how I feel about In Home Pet Services of Astoria. We used their services again earlier this month with everything going smoothly as expected and therefore will definitely be looking to them for any future pet sitting/walking needs! Thanks for taking care of Georgie!

Ann Rodgers
I can always count on In Home Pet Services to take care of my cat Nola on even the shortest of notices. Eric updates me on how she is doing while I am away. It makes traveling so much easier knowing that Nola is in such caring hands. Thank you Eric!!

Shelley Solomon
Eric and Stephanie are really the greatest! They treat Charlie like he's their own. He looks forward to his mid-day walks with them and cannot wait for their return! They are really flexible, too, which is a huge help with my hectic schedule. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!

Eric has been terrific and very dependable! Eric sends me emails regarding how our cat is doing while we are away, also he gathers detailed information on feeding and playing activities. Eric is also extremely flexible for the times and days of visits which is really helpful. You can tell that Eric really cares about the pets he watches. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend them for any pet services. thank you!

Anna Shtarkman
I couldn't recommend Eric and In Home Pet Services enough. They are reliable, trustworthy and affordable. When I come home my cat acts like she didn't even miss me because of all the TLC she gets from Eric. He will even water my plant when I am away. Great service!

Eric was extremely helpful! We were out of town for two weeks, and we were so happy to arrive home and find our cat happy and well-cared-for. The litter was in a good state, her food was plentiful, her water was fresh, and our trash had been taken out! Our mail was on the countertop, and our plants had been watered! Not to mention the frequent emails and pictures Eric sent to us of our cat. We didn't have to worry about her once while we were gone. We could not have asked for a better service! Thank you, Eric and In Home Pet Services! We'll use you again next year!

Danielle Boyer
Eric has been so wonderful with my dog Marley. This is just a great ,affordable, and personalized dog walking service. It has been my pleasure to use them and will continue to! They go the extra mile, doing things like taking out the garbage or cleaning a dish without asking them to! I love the personalized journal they have for my dog Marley and hearing about each one of her walks in detail. I feel a million times better about her time at home. Eric has made it feel like Marley has a unique experience when I am away and gets everything she needs and lots of love ! They really care about the animals. Very happy with them !!!

Eric has been walking our beagle for about 6 months now. He is very reliable, trustworthy, friendly, and most importantly our pup loves him! He leaves notes about each walk. He is detail oriented and attentive to how we like things done - putting on her raincoat, wiping off her paws, etc. I know it is all done as his notes about our dog show it, such as "she really makes a game out of drying off!" It is also comforting to know our dog acts with him as she does with us which shows her comfort level, demonstrated in him saying she's one of the cuddliest dogs of all time! I very highly recommend Eric and In Home Pet Services of Astoria!

Quinton J.
This is a truly amazing pet sitting/dog walking company! I feel so blessed that I found them -- I only wish I had found them years ago. Eric and Stephanie do whatever it takes to see that our needs, and more importantly, our pets' needs are met. They are quick to respond to emails and always accommodate our last minute requests. What I really like is the journal they keep, which documents the details of each visit with my pets. It's so nice to be able to go to work and/or vacation and have the peace of mind of knowing that not only will my pets be taken care of and loved, but my home will be safe as well. LOVE them!!

Lindsey Blechle
Astoria, NY
I would highly recommend In Home Pet Services! Our rescue dog requires patience, and struggles around all men. Eric took the time to build a bond with him and gain his trust. In Home Pet Services worked perfectly for all of our weekend trips, giving us the peace of mind that our dog was well cared for in his preferred environment. Eric was also able to quickly accommodate most last minute requests for a quick afternoon walk when my husband and I suddenly had to work late. Eric followed all of our feeding instructions and always updated us on how the weekend went. He took the time to let our dog play with other dogs while out walking, always letting us know how our dog was progressing with socialization. We love the services that In Home Pet Services provides and would recommend to all families.

Eric was great and kept me up-to-date with Miso on a daily basis. His attention to detail and care are greatly appreciated! Highly recommend.

Monica S.
Astoria, NY
We love In Home Pet Services of Astoria! We used them multiple times last summer to help take care of our cat. We liked them so much, we will be using them again this summer. They respond quickly to messages (calls, emails and texts). Our first time using them, Eric did a quick home visit and consultation with us. We felt confident leaving our cat's care to them. Highly recommend!

Eric is amazing! I really can't say enough good things about him! He recently started walking my pup, Allie and she just adores him. She greets him at the door with a toy every time he comes over and loves cuddling with him after her outings. I'm thrilled that I found him because my work schedule has been hectic, to say the least, and Eric has been truly amazing, especially on super short notice. His notes are great and I'm relieved to know my pup is in such good hands! Thanks again, Eric!

Eric and Stephanie were great! They were quick to answer my inquiring email, and very flexible in setting up an introduction meeting. They were thorough in asking questions and I felt comfortable with them right away. And the cats warmed up to them right away! I appreciated the updates I got daily while they were watching the cats, and knew the cats were in good hands. I will definitely use their service again, and will recommend to any friends that are looking.

Eric and Stephanie are great. I've always been a little nervous leaving my baby with just anyone, but not with them. They were so caring and attentive that I was put completely at ease. They asked about any special dietary needs and if there was anything special that he really liked to do. I could tell they genuinely care and treat him with the same love I do. I am very satisfied with them and would highly recommend them for any pet services that you need. Thanks Eric and Stephanie and Napoleon thanks you too!

Melissa T.
Astoria, NY
Eric is AMAZING! Our little pooch, Ellie, loves him so much, that as soon as he enters our home she runs around and demands belly rubs! Eric is always professional and we appreciate the notes he leaves after each walk with updates on our little furry lady. He is quick to respond to a last minute change of schedule and is very flexible, which is always appreciated. The best is that Eric caters to our pooch - so if Ellie wants to go for a jog during her walk, Eric will jog with her - even in the summer! If he notices that she is getting hot, he will take her to shady side of the street. It is so amazing to have someone to trust with Ellie, especially someone who loves her as much as we do! He is very attentive to her needs, and not just walks her - but feeds her and also gives Ellie and our cat fresh water after each visit. The walks are solo walks so the attention is really one-on-one! We are so grateful for Eric & his staff and have welcomed them into our family, since Ellie already has!

Bindu Nambiar
Eric takes care of my french bulldog Chubby when i go on vacation. He is wonderful and extremely reliable. I went to India for a two week vacation and Eric took exceptional care of Chubby. I trust him implicitly and highly recommend him and his company.

Jackson Heights
We're so happy to have found Eric and In Home Pet Services of Astoria! We trust Eric completely with our dog and home. He has stayed in our place several times while we've been out of town and our pup always seems so calm and unruffled when we get back. In addition to taking good care of her, Eric leaves us very detailed notes of their activities. I'm always happy to recommend In Home Pet Services for anyone in need of a dog walker or pet sitter!

Zoe Filopoulos
Long Island City
In Home Pet Services of Astoria was absolutely wonderful when we went away for 2 weeks in August. They treated Sophie with love and attention and sent us photos and updates. They also brought in our mail and took great care of our plants. I was so impressed with their care and attention and would trust them anytime to take care of Sophie whenever we go away. Do not hesitate to call them for your pet-sitting needs. Also, they left everything spotless and we came back to a happy cat.
Thank you so much Eric!

Long Island City, NY
My beloved 4 legged child Marlie couldn't be in better hands when using Eric and Stephanie's services! I have the luxury of bringing her to work with me but i couldn't do it without their help! No matter how bad the parking by me, how many times i've had to make last minute changes or requests they ALWAYS come through to be there for her. The nominal fee for their compassionate, attentive services is nothing when i see the smile on Marlie's face after having come back from one of her walks! If you have to leave them (or can't break away during day to walk em as is my case) there is no better service out there than that which you'll get from these two!