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Dachsund Spaniel mix -
This adorable doggie is very easy going. She loves to give hugs by pushing her head and body into yours. She is so gentle and kind always looking up for your approval.

Shih Tzu -
Roxie is a sweetie pie!! Soft as cotton and so much fun to be around. She loves to play chase and loves to take long walks.

Golden Retriever -
Seamus is the most loving and gentle dog. He is wonderful and loyal to everyone around him. He retrieves the newspaper every morning like it is Christmas morning. He will bring you a toy from his basket to welcome you into his home even on his worst days.

R.I.P Seamus it was an absolute pleasure getting to know you. We miss you XOXOXO

Boston Terrier -
Cute as pie and cuddly too! Ciarra is a loving and caring little one with eyes that melt your heart.

Chow Goldie Mix - Babylon
Chloe is a sweetie pie. So gentle and kind.
She is a great walking partner and her smile is perfect!

Shih Tzu - North Babylon
Adorable, loving, and funny! One of Maggie's favorite things is belly rubs, if you look at her while you're walking her she will stop in her tracks and flop to the ground for a rub! She also loves her family of cats, Leo, Lulu, Lexi and Lana. They enjoy each others company and it is a sight to see:) Video to our Facebook page coming soon.

Wheaten Terrier - Babylon
Cici is as cute as can be as you can see! She loves to chase squirrels as she was born to do. She is just as friendly as she is active smothering us with kisses every time she visits. Always looking for other playmates she makes the perfect cousin for our little girls. We love when Cici comes to play and especially stay!

Bella & Sofia
Tea Cup Yorkie & Shih Pooh -
This months "Pet of The Month" goes to these adorable sisters Bella(yorkie) and Sofia(shihpoo). At Camp Babylon Bella overcame her separation smoothly and had a wonderful stay and a great sleepover! Of course she couldn't have done it without the support of her loving sister Sofia who kept her close the whole time! We are so proud of them both, and can't wait for the next sleepover! Great job girls! Congratulations!

French Bulldog - Babylon NY
An adorable puppy of 17weeks Brie has developed good habits quickly!! She loves to play fetch outside, but mostly inside the kitchen on these cold winter days. She has learned to sit and speak for treats already! She is full of energy and loves chasing snowballs! Not to mention extremely cute! We have loads of fun and lots of laughs when we visit Brie. Congratulations Brie!

Goldie - West Islip
How can you resist this pup! Finley is the high energy pup that he should be running in mom and dad's garden when he feels like misbehaving. What a cutie pie and a smarty pants too!

Pekingese - North Babylon
Regan is a happy little girl. Love her walks, chasing birds and squirrels in the spring is her favorite pass time. We truly enjoy her cute little face everyday:)


Golden mix - Babylon
Cooper has been a well behaved boy since the day he arrived to his new home. He is as sweet and gentle as they come!! A loving pup who enjoys each visit from us. He has two black markings on his shoulders that I like to call his angel wings, because that is exactly what he is....an angel:)

Cocker Spaniel - North Babylon
You can't say enough when describing Ginger, a sweet old lady at 17yrs old. She is so gentle and kind. Like most of our elders Ginger is all about relaxing, but she still keeps up with her sister Lola when it's time to go outside and also when it's time to eat of course!

Yellow Labrador - Babylon Village
Cali is such a sweet girl. She loves to say hi to the neighbors on our walks. She always is waiting for us with a big wag and a smile. We visit Cali during the school calendar so it's great to have her back on our schedule. We missed her so much this summer:)

German Shorthaired Pointer - Babylon NY
Annie's favorite place is at the dog park down the road from her house. She hops all the way there with excitement. She loves to spot the birds and jump as high as the fence to warn them of her presence! She is very funny and cute as a button! We have lots of fun with Jumpin' Annie.

Long Hair German Shephard - W.Babylon
This gentle pup is exactly that a "gentle giant". He has such a sweet demeanor and is always happy and content to be outdoors enjoying the crisp air!

- Babylon
We are so sad that Lampy had to leave us so soon. We loved walking her and her brother Rufus together. Unfortunately her life ended shorter than expected from cancer. Rufus is very sad without her and we are sure to cheer him up every time we visit. Thank you Lampy for loving us, we'll miss you everyday:( RIP sweet girl.

Chihuahua - West Babylon
Zoey is a calm and sweet little girl. She loves her belly rubs! She enjoys walking around her neighborhood and stopping to pose for pictures. She also walks the curb, it's a true balancing act! She is a great pup, and we enjoy taking her out around town.

Terrier Mix - West Babylon
Sweet Annie Girl!! That's all we have to say about this precious little pup! She is the cutest little pup around! Gentle, calm, and always ready for a fun adventure!

Cocker Spaniel - North Babylon
Lola is 3 and loves to play. She is a great listener and is the perfect little doggie. Her hair is so soft and curly and she reminds us of Fozzie Bear from the Muppets. She loves long walks and playing with children.

Jake & Spencer
Cocker Spaniels - Babylon Village
Jake 11 years old , Spencer 6 years old
These well behaved brothers enjoy their walks in Babylon. Jake is the oldest and takes his time. His sweet brother Spencer slows his pace so Jake can keep up:) Congrats to the Babylon Brothers!

Pug - West Islip
Pug is the most adorable friendly and loving Pug around!! She loves her belly rubs and can't wait to get her treat after her much anticipated walk with her pals here at IHPS of Babylon. Pug is a very entertaining and witty pup. She is very deserving of her new title as "Pet of The Month" here at In Home Pet Services. Congrats "Pug a Lug-Pug-Pugacelli" !!!

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Golden Retriever - West Babylon
Oliver is a good boy since he was brought home. He's had the run of the house since a pup and obeys all the rules. He waits patiently when greeting us knowing it's time for his harness and his walk. We are so happy when his big brother Cabo visits seen on the left.

Cockapoo - West Islip
What a precious baby! Shelby the sweet cockapoo from W.Islip. We can't wait to spend time with you Shelby!

Goldendoodle - Babylon
Penny is the sweetest girl, she is so well behaved. She loves to play ball in her new yard. She also enjoys long walks and making new furry friends:)

Jake and Spencer
Cocker Spaniel - Babylon Village
These well behaved brothers enjoy their walks in Babylon. Jake is the oldest and takes his time. His sweet brother Spencer slows his pace so Jake can keep up:) Congrats to the Babylon Brothers!

Daisy Mae
Teddy Bear -
Daisy Mae is so well behaved! She is the perfect little girl. She greets everyone with wags and kisses! She has a talent for soccer and also loves to bounce the giant red ball off of her nose then run around in 100 circles to celebrate! Hooray for Daisy Mae!!

Labradoodle - Babylon
Jackson is a great walking companion. He's super excited when we arrive and can't wait to head out for a nice brisk walk.
He's friendly with people and pets and is popular boy around his neighborhood.

Pomeranian Shih Tzu -
In German Mishka means little bear, as you can see that is what he looks like! This guy loves to get belly rubs & play with his squeaky toys.

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Mary McGrath
West Babylon
IHPS is awesome They take great care of our Zoey I can relax and know she is being well cared for. She loves her walks and belly rubs

Tantalizea Lacaden
Joanne is an excellent dog walker/sitter! She was very prepared on our initial meeting and took notes about where everything is in the house (trash, leash, treats, etc.) and the dog. She is very professional and takes good care of Benny the dog while me and my boyfriend are at work. Thank you for the affordable services and for taking Benny on walks in this cold season!

Jim Ferreire
IHPS babylon is great, Joanne truly cares about my dog- she has been watching my french bulldog since I got her, I wouldn't be able to work in the city without someone to take of my dog- very happy ihps babylon is there to do it!

Maribeth Reilly Hickey
They are the best! I can go away knowing my 2 doggies are taken good care of! Thank you Joanne!

James Sajeva
Look - let's get this out of the way right up front - I am a pain in the ass customer. I don't mean to be... It's just that my schedule is hectic and I find myself in a bind on very short notice. And the staff at In Home Pet Services always accommodates and is happy to do so. This, on top of allowing me to book known dates way out in advance, makes them a godsend. They are courteous, communicative, easy-going and diligent; they keep their rates fair and they never cut corners. And by the way, if my dog was able to type she'd say the same thing :)

Keith Mitchell
I just want to thank you for the wonderful ornament of Jackson... Made my day. You guys are truly the best. Thank you.

Susan Klein Winston
North Babylon
IHPS of Babylon has been fantastic! Joanne and Darlene have been great to Casey who can't wait until they arrive. So caring and loving to our best buddies.

Karen Gorman
Took great care of my boxer while we were away, will definately use again!!

Julianne Davis
North Babylon
Thank you again, Joanne, for wonderful pet care while we were away. Washing the bedding for us was above and beyond and I really appreciate it. Please pass our gratitude on to Darlene. Jasper actually came up to a friend who was visiting in our home today, and she thinks that was the first time it had happened ever. Yes, he is mellowing with age, but I think it likely has something to do with having such friendly caretakers here in our absence. He sees he doesn't need to be afraid. So thank you so much. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know.

Best wishes,
Julianne Davis

Nicole Zergebel
West Babylon
I have been so pleased with their services as a new client! They are super flexible as well as reliable, thorough and professional! Oliver loves his walks with Joanne! Thanks for taking such great care of him!

Christina Redmond
West Babylon

The staff is great and very caring! We are happy to have found them.

Susan Martinez
IHPS is the best decision we have ever made for Croqueta., they are very professional., you really can count on them.,they are THE BEST! Thank You IHPS!!!

Nicole Keilitz
Traveling is stressful and exciting at the same time. But traveling and leaving your pet with Joanne is a relief. Your animals will be treated like family and that alone is peace of mind! Thank you Joanne

Darlene Lane
West Babylon
I have to give 5 stars, because I take care of these clients like I do my own fur babies, and they're spoiled! Joanne is awesome!

Todd Britton
North Babylon
"In-Home Pet Services" is an extremely helpful, professional, courteous, and caring service. Joanne, Terry, & Darlene have all spent time watching and caring for our yellow lab "Cody" on occasions when we needed them on short notice and also for planned vacations. Cody is happy and content when they watch him, and we always feel confident Cody and our home are in safe hands. The price is very fair and the service is top-notch! --5 Star Rating --!

Patricia Walsh
North Babylon
I first hired IHPS last summer to take care of my four cats. Darlene took great care of them so when I got my puppy last August there was no doubt I would use IHPS again. Without giving Joanne (the owner) so much as a heads up when I got my puppy, I went to work that first day thinking my dog would be ok alone but I was too nervous. I called Joanne to start the next day but she told me she would go over right away and check on my Maggie. I was so happy. She helped me so much because this is my first dog. I'm getting quite the education too!! I couldn't have done this without Joanne's help. IHPS is so reliable and flexible that I don't know what I would do without them!!!

Lauren Belesi
Anyone who loves their pet knows they are really part of your family. What is so special about IHPS is the loving care they give! I knew my Westie, Dakota, would get the same TLC that we give her at home at IHPS. There was no fear leaving her in a real "home" as opposed to previously having the guilt and anxiety of boarding her somewhere. Sooo grateful for IHPS!!!!