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Portugese Water Dog - Melville
Cody is 4 years old and is always such a happy boy! He always greets me at the door with his favorite toy, followed by many kisses!! He loves to go on long walks with his little brother, Tucker, and to go exploring in the backyard!

Portugese Water Dog/ Spaniel mix - Melville
Tucker is 1 1/2 years old and is just the sweetest boy! He loves going for walks and playing fetch in the backyard and giving lots of kisses. As you can see, he is not shy and loves to pose for the camera!!

Yorkie-poo - Huntington, NY
Jet is such a happy-go-lucky little guy! He loves our walks together and enjoys staying with us, too when his family is away.
We have been fortunate to see him during the pandemic.

Cat - Melville,
Lucky is the sweetest little guy! He is 1 1/2 years old and was adopted from Little Shelter in Huntington and has brought much happiness to his family. The marking on his nose reminds me of the Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz"!!

Lakeland Terrier - Huntington Station
Maddy is a sweet little girl who is extremely shy at first! Once she gets to know you, she is a mush!! She is just so cute and looks like a stuffed animal that you just want to hug her all the time!

Sheltie - Huntington Station
Cody is such a handsome boy! He has been taking a little time to warm up to me but each time I see him, he seems to bark a little less and lets me pet him more. I believe we will be the best of friends eventually!!

English Bulldog - Huntington
Lucy is sooo lovable!! The moment you enter her home, she rolls right over and wants belly rubs!! She does not always want to be active but give her a ball and you'll see a big change in her!!

Boarder Collie mix - Lloyd Harbor
Reggie is the big brother of Chelsea and such a sweet boy. Once he gets to know you, he is very devoted and you surely have a friend for life!

Lynx Point Siamese - East Northport
Ivy is so beautiful and has the prettiest blue eyes! This is a cat who LOVES to play and brings a lot of joy to her family!

Mixed - Huntington Station
Cano' is such a gentle giant! He is so lovable and extremely protective of anyone in his care. one of his favoritethings is getting belly rubs!

Mixed Breed - Greenlawn
It's hard to believe that this beautiful girl is 10 years old!! Cleo was a rescue so unfortunately her owner does not know her breed make up. She always happily greets me at the door and likes to go on long walks with her brother. She also LOVES when you rub her ears!

Lab - Dix Hills
Kassie is 9 months old and FULL of energy!! She looks forward to our walks twice a day and wants to play with anyone she meets along the way! Her leash walking and house training continue to improve! Don't let her loud bark fool you...this puppy is the sweetest girl ever!!

Mixed Breed - Greenlawn
Mingus is 8 years old and like his sister, Cleo, was a rescue. He is such a calm, loving boy who loves to go for long walks and get lots of hugs and kisses!

Pomeranian - Dix Hills
Barney is 8 years old and is a little ball of fluff!! He doesn't hesitate at any time to roll over on his back to get belly rubs!!

Golden Retriever - Melville, NY
This handsome guy is quite popular in the gated community that he lives in! There is not one person who doesn't know and love him! He LOVES tennis balls and makes it a point to visit the tennis courts daily on our walks in search of them. Once he finds one, he is so happy and proudly walks back to his home with it!

Blue Doberman Pinscher - Huntington
Jaxson is 1 years old and is the BIGGEST mush!! He loves to bring me his favorite toys and place them in my lap. I love to take him on long walks...he is so good on leash and such a gentle boy!

Lab mix - Lloyd Harbor
Chelsea is a beautiful girl who loves to be outdoors. She spends her days running around on her property with her big brother, Reggie, and 8 chickens! She is extremely sweet and playful and is a pleasure to care for!

The Chickens!
Assorted - Lloyd Harbor
Caring for chickens for the very first time has been quite interesting! I find them to be very intriguing! Believe it or not, they do recognize people and have a bit of a daily routine. It has been a neat experience and their eggs are delicious!!

Cat - Huntington
This pretty girl is a pleasure to take care of! She is always at the door ready to greet you! As long as you leave her a few of her favorite treats, she is happy!

Maltese - Huntington
This little guy is from California and is spending the summer here. He is 9 months old and is a little ball of energy! He stayed with us for the day and had a great time running around and playing with the other dogs. We hope he comes back for a visit real soon!!

Long Haired Mini-Dachshund - Dix Hills
Bailey is 8 years old and like his siblings, Cassie and Tucker, eagerly awaits to go out for walks! He is such a love and full of happy greetings but I am told that he is the 'ruler of the roost'!!

Beagle - Huntington Station
Teagan just recently spent the weekend with us! She is a very sweet Beagle and loves everyone she meets. She had lots of fun playing fetch with the kids next door! We LOVE Teagan and enjoying taking care of her when her parents are away!

Westie - Huntington Station
Maddy is very sweet and although I have only seen her for a few visits, she is always happy to see me!

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Kim M
Huntington Station
We've been using In Home Pet Services for years! We started using Robin in Queens and when we decided to buy a house, one our requirements was that there was an In Home Pet Services franchise in the area. Lynda has been taking care of our two pups, Belle and Chloe, and our two kittens, Skye and Safire since September. She is amazing! She is super-accommodating and all our babies just love her. Our cats wait for her to bring their sisters home after their walk so they can all eat lunch together! We are thrilled that there's someone we can entrust our babies with while we are at work!!!

Huntington Station
Lynda took care of my dog Teagan and she could not have been in better hands. We could relax and Teagan had a mini vacation. Thanks Lynda!

East Northport
We have a special needs dog. For almost 3 years we didn't go away and leave her. She can't be boarded due to her fear/aggression issues. Lynda made several visits with Shiloh before actually staying with her over night. Since then we have entrusted our pup with Lynda numerous times. It's very comforting to know we now have someone who Shiloh can be with safely and happily when we need to get away.

South Huntington
I own a dog training school and have referred Lynda many times; my students have been thrilled with her services. It is good to know there are professionals I can trust to refer to!

Lynda has taken care of our 2 dogs Cody and Maddy a few times since we have just started to use her services. We feel very comfortable and at ease knowing that she is caring for them when we can't. I would recommend her 100%.
P.S. I love their pictures that you put up :-)

Huntington Station
Lynda has taken care of my Dachshund, Ruby, many times. She has 2 Dachshunds of her own and she's wonderful with them. Treats them with lots of love and care. No worries and peace of mind.

Cannot speak more highly of Lynda! After our first meeting with her, we felt confident leaving her with our 8 week old puppy. Lynda continues to prove that she is reliable and trustworthy - she truly cares about our pup! It is comforting to know that our "fur baby" is in good hands. She leaves us detailed notes after every visit and is easily accessible. Lynda certainly gives us peace of mind that our puppy is being cared for when we are not home. It is out without hesitation to recommend Lynda to care for your furry family member!