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Tinker Bell
Pug - Farmingvile
Tinker Bell is such an energetic pup! Once she sees you she is soooooooo excited. She loves jumping all over you and biting your shoe laces haha. She loves to play fetch and tug-a-war. We will do laps around her house and loves TLC. I love having her as a weekly client :)

Poodle Mix - Manorville
Ziggy is such a cutie. She is shy at first but after she gets to know you, she forgets all about being shy. She does a dance on your lap, that we refer to as " the happy dance" and she never fails to put a smile on your face.

Razor & Sadie
Doberman Shepard Mix - Patchogue
These two siblings love to chase squirrels, birds, ducks and even airplanes! They are always working together to see what trouble they can get themselves into. Razor loves his treats and will come running from across the yard to make sure that he never misses out!

Jack Russel Terrier - Bellport
Roxy loves to be outside in nature. She is easily fascinated by the leaves, trees and any animal that she encounters. She is a burst of pure energy and such a sweetheart,

Pug - Patchogue
Trixie is a mush. She will run over tail wagging and super happy to see you no matter what! She likes hanging by the pool and relaxing too!

- Patchogue
She loves people and is always willing to make new friends. She is just a burst of energy and has such a kind disposition about her.

Beagle - Patchogue
This lovely gal is a big ball of love. Such a mush, loves snuggling on the couch with her brother and secretly loves when Mommy goes away so she can hang around all day!

Golden Doodle -
This pretty girl is super smart, knows all of her commands and LOVES to snuggle!

Bernese Mountain Dog - Sayville
Miss Daisy loves her walks and has the need to smell everything. She loves to play fetch and is an all around gentle, loving dog.

Golden Retriever - Sayville
Barney loves his bones. When I come over he welcomes me, with his sister Daisy and has to get his bone before coming outside. He loves to go for his walks and all he wants is TLC. If you stop petting him, he will give you his paw as a way of telling you" KEEP PETTING ME!!"

Petunia Joy
Maltese - East Patchogue
Miss Petunia Joy is one of the sweetest, calmest and loving dogs that we have had the pleasure of taking care of. She loves to take long walks to the marina and watch the boats as they come in and out. She love belly rubs and being the center of attention.

Shihtzu - Coram
Benny is full of energy, spunk and charisma. He loves his walks with Maureen. He is a senior dog but you would never know it!! He runs through every puddle and always needs to be the center of attention.

German Shepherd - Patchogue
Slade is full of life and energy and loves swimming in his kiddie pool and playing with his big sis!

Shih tzu - Patchohue
Kujo loves to go for walks with his sister Alexus. He loves to explore and has an infinite amount of energy. Please do not let the name fool you, because he is such a gentle dog that loves to cuddle after his walks.

Maltese - Bayport
Ollie loves his daily walks with Allison!! He is full of spunk, charisma and charm. He not only loves his walks but he also loves his cuddle sessions too!! He is such a mush and after each walk he cuddles up on Allison's lap to make sure that he gets the ultimate belly rub.

Bulldog Pitbull - Patchogue
Benny is so full of energy. He has his own happy dance whenever we come over, then pushes all of the couch cushions off the couch and digs himself down to the bottom. When he's happy he chews on his bone with some part of him touching us, so he knows we are there and not going anywhere. Bentley always sleeps in the bed and is a huge cuddler. We always love having sleepovers with our Benny!

Scottish Terrier - Bellport
Mickey can play for hours and I mean hours with his favorite ball. He doesn't play fetch but rather he likes to run around and push the ball with his nose.Even though he is little in size, he makes up for all of that in personality.

Labradoodle - Holtsville
Levi is still a puppy with lots of energy! He loves attention and to play tug-a-war. He is a pure gentleman on the leash and loves to go on nice long hour walks. Rain or shine, Levi loves to be outside.

- Middle Island
Loopy is always at the door waiting to greet you. He loves to be around people and loves personal attention.

Lab Mix - Brookhaven
Paisly is a spunky princess who wants to just spend her time running around with her brother in the backyard. She never gets tired and always wants to keep playing.

Louis & Lilly
Maltese - Selden
These two love hounds want to be pampered and showered with attention. They will sit on your lap for hours and not move, as long as you are giving them attention.

Poodle mix - Bayport
Scooter loves going on walks! He scrolls around sniffing and taking in the sunshine! Tail always wagging!

Scottish Terrier - Bellport
Pluto is Mickey's brother and he is addicted to belly rubs!! Even though Pluto is older than Mickey, he still has an great amount of pep in his step. His favorite activity is to lay in the grass and get belly rubs, while he watches his brother play. They are quite the duo Pluto and Mickey!

Paddie was a rescue and was rescued on St. Patrick's Day, hence the name.. Paddie! She is a little shy but will warm up to you real quick!

Terrier mix - Medford
Rocky is a young pup who could play ball for hours!! He loves to play soccer and will always wait patiently for one of us to play with him. If he could be outdoors 24/7 he would be. He is such a little gentleman that is bursting with energy!!

Sweet Pea
- Patchogue
This shy little lady is adorable and likes to hang around in mama's basement and relax!

Chocolate Lab - Bellport
Joey is a very happy and lovable dog.Each time I come over he is always there to welcome me. He loves loves loves his treats when I leave. He gives you that face (in the picture haha) patiently waiting.

Bella & Atlis
Black Lab Boxer - Bellport
These two love hounds are rescues who have been through some trauma but were fortunately never once separated in their rescue journey. They are full of life and love. As soon as they see you, they want to go right on their walk and are ready for action.

Shepard Mix - Patchogue
Lucy is an older Shepard Mix who is extremely intelligent, eager to play and spunky. She is always eagerly waiting to be walked and knows exactly when it is time to go out. She loves to be outside and is really a gentle giant.

Boston Terrier - Patchogue
Rocky is an extremely energetic and playful dog. He likes wearing his sweater and is always ready to play.

Great Pyrenees - Brookhaven
This gentle bear loves to be outside and loves hanging by the pool in the summertime. He may be big in size but is such a mush and loves to cuddle.

Buddy and Holly
Cockapoo - Patchogue
These two siblings are best friends! They do everything together and are rarely a few feet apart from one another. They love to go for walks and car rides. They are both so gentle, loving and sweet.

Collie - Patchogue
Miss Remy is an absolute angel. She is elegant, sweet, smart and sassy. She loves to be outside and playing in the dirt. She doesn't realize her own size sometimes and will do just about anything to hop up on your lap. She is extremely intelligent and such a pleasure to take care of.

- Patchogue
Beans loves to rub her head on your leg and likes food.. A LOT. She comes running when she hears the can open!

German Shephard -
Mia is a beautiful German Shepard that wants to always be on the move.When we are outside she loves to play fetch. We have to have one ball in our hand while she fetches another. She never seems to get tired, but when she does all she wants to do is cuddle.

Maltipoo - Medford
Frankie is one of three siblings and he loves to cuddle on the couch. He will curl himself up and just wait for us to pet him. He is super sweet, friendly and just wants to be held.

Rottweiler Mix - Patchogue
America loves snuggling, playing and his sister, Lady! He can lounge around all day or play outside in the yard for hours! After a nice long day, his favorite thing is his nap!

Yellow Lab - Bellport
Buddy is a very energetic and loving dog! He runs around the kitchen when he sees me. We play with the ball in the backyard. He will do laps around the pool :) He also loves the hose. I will spray at his and he tries catching it with his mouth. He is so much fun to play with!

Labradoodle - Blue Point
Chip is initially on the shy side when he first meets anyone, but once he gets to know you he is your best friend. He is full of energy and looks forward to his walks with Allison.

Weimaraner - Patchogue
She is one of the most energetic dogs I know!!! She loves to run. She can keep going and going. All she wants to do is be outside and stretch her legs.

Boxer - Bellport
Bailey loves to play tug-a-war and to chase anyone around. She also loves to follow a laser light around the house. She is really goofy and never ceases to crack us up when we take care of her.

Pitbull Mix - Ronkokoma
Roma is a rescue from Brookhaven Animal Shelter. She is a fun, loving and extremely playful dog.

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Mastic Beach
I was looking for a reliable petsitter and that reliable petsitter is from the staff of In Home Pet Services! I was able to really enjoy my vacation out of state because not only did my dog Snickers take a liking to them but they took the time to explain what they do for my pet and asked specific request I may have for Snickers. I received daily updates which put my mind at ease that Snickers was doing just fine. I returned home to an extremely happy dog!!! I plan on using In Home Pet Services again for future sittings.
P.S. she feeds the fish too!
Thank you again, Snickers and Patriche

I am so happy I found In Home Pet Services. My dog Lucy loves them and they are very reliable and I could tell when I met the staff how much they all love animals. My dog took to them right away and I have peace of mind knowing Lucy is being taken care of while I'm at work. I hated leaving her alone all day long without a break, now I don't have that worry anymore. I highly recommend this service to anyone who loves their pet ..they couldn't be in better hands.. - this review was posted on Facebook!

IN HOME PET SERVICES of Patchogue-Medford is one
of the best things that has happened to me and my rescue Pitbull Lela !! When I am working they walk Lela at lunch time and leave me a note to tell me how things went. Recently, I broke my ankle and am unable to walk Lela ( I don't have a fenced-in yard). The staff comes to our house 3 times per day so that Lela can go out. Beyond being professional, responsible, and GREAT with Lela, they have
been 100% reliable, which has brought me HUGE peace of mind that Lela is being taken care of properly.They are also reasonably priced and offer many different options for my needs. It is such a relief to have IHPS with us - they have become part of our family and I AM PROUD TO RECOMMEND IN HOME PET SERVICES to ANYONE who needs a pet sitting service. I love them and they make me feel safe that Lela is getting what she needs!!!!!

John and Denise Morris
Wife and I googled pet services in our area and we hit the jackpot when we came across the entire In Home Pet Services staff. We know our Tinkerbell is being well cared for. They are always on time and we look forward to the little notes left after each visit. If you are looking for piece of mind knowing that your "TINK" is being taken care of while at work you can't go wrong with In Home Pet Services.

Melissa and Andrew
IHPS is professional, friendly, accommodating, and reliable. I felt so comfortable leaving our dogs (6 in total!) with them for our 4 day vacation. Their prices are very reasonable and we came home to some very happy pups. It made our trip so much better to know they were all in good hands. Somehow they seamlessly took care of our two elderly dogs (one requiring medication twice a day), our 3 boston terriers (two who are very active adolescents) and our very active and excited german short-haired pointer. I cannot say enough good things about In Home Pet Services!. We will definitely be calling them again in the future.

Robert Koos
In Home Pet Service is great, they really love animals and took care of our boys. We highly recommend their service!!

I can't tell you how great it feels knowing that when I am away, my dogs have the very best of care. The staff of IHPS fedS them, lets them out and plays with them (a lot!). They sent us pictures and updates throughout the week. It's great knowing my dogs were in great hands. I absolutely recommend IHPS!!!!

Mike Weir
IHPS does a brilliant job with our entire menagerie of pets. From our 145 Dobie to our 3 pound cat, they provides great care. The staff has an affinity with our animals that they can sense. A reliable and professional caretaker, I look forward to them continuing care for my pets when I am away.

Erik Andrew
I needed a reliable dog walker for my dog Lucy. My dog was previously abused and didn't trust new people. When they came over she instantly fell in love with their girls on staff and Lucy loves going on her walks with them. They are the best and would recommend them to everyone!!!

Gina is wonderful. So professional and truly committed to the task of taking care of our Wally. He is a handful sometimes but she has been endlessly patient with him. She assisted in training him to become the goodboy he is! She truly cares about dogs well being and I trust her completely.

I have been using In Home Pet Services for over one year. I can't say enough wonderful things about the care they have given my dog, Spanky. They give me tremendous peace of mind when I cannot be home with him. I especially appreciate the notes they leave me regarding their visit- from whether he ate to what he did on his walks and even the route they took. I would advise anyone in search of a pet sitting service to look no further than IN HOME PET SERVICES. They are reasonably priced with many options from which to chooses.
Jill and Spanky thank you!!

Carol D
IHPS cared for our two rescue canines - one is a 142 lb Dobie and the other a 45 lb mixed breed and 3 cats while we were on vacation for a week. All were lovingly cared for and the staff updated me by email as often as I needed. My husband and I highly recommend this service - they are reliable, caring, sensitive and confident - all the traits that are critical to exemplary pet care.

Barbara Kwiatkowski
I have used In Home Pet Services for several months with their dog walking services. They were extremely dependable and reliable. I enjoyed the short notes that were left in my home detailing the day's progress. I would certainly recommend In Home Services for anyone who requires pet services.

Daniel Cassiero
Everyone from In Home Pet Services was very helpful in taking care of all my pets needs while I was away. Reasonable costs, and flexible with scheduling. I will be using their services again!

Marianne Lanphear
We were so happy with their care of our dogs and our chickens. It's always so hard to leave them but your attention to detail helped put us at ease. Coming home to your daily updates was especially nice! Thank you!

In-home provides professional, reliable and caring service with a smile. The staff has cared for our two dogs and 3 cats on several occasions, sometimes with very little advance notice. Some of the staff handled meds and bandage changing on our big guy (Dobie) as though they'd been doing it for years. Highly recommended. We'll be traveling for 2 weeks out of the country soon and we're so pleased and relieved to know that our furry family will be in good hands.

Lois Hundert-Zvinys
In Home Pet Services is a lifesaver when it comes to taking care of our two dogs, one of which is a special needs, extremely fearful, female Coton. Their patience and knowledge of animal behavior are exceptional as they have been able to work with Coton's barking and growling. Our dog has done a 180 and now welcomes IHPS when they arrive, instead of running in the opposite direction. We do not use In Home Pet Services on a daily basis and the staff still has been very accommodating and felixble whenever we do need their babysitting services for our dogs. I absolutely would recommend In Home Pet Services!

LuAnn Layton
We have used In Home Pet Service many times and the staff is great with our two dogs. IHPS is very professional and it really is a nice feeling to go away and know that my I don't have to worry about my beloved dogs. They not only take care of their basic needs like feeding them and taking them out, they spend time playing with them and giving them some needed TLC. I enjoy my trip and they enjoy having IHPS come to play with them. I highly recommend In Home Pet Service and their staff.

nina mckenna
I am very impressed with how well this staff handles my dog Sandy who has a tendency to be nervous and skiddish. In fact, Sandy loves IHPS!
They are reliable, responsible and they even do sleepovers when necessary.
A !!!!

Matthew De Pasquale
In Home Pet Services is simply amazing. Very professional, very flexible and so much more convenient than kenneling or boarding our pets! We can enjoy our precious vacations knowing that our pets are well cared for and happy without the stress of wondering what they might be going through at the kennel. I know our pets are happy while we are away because they always greet the staff like family. If they didn't trust them they wouldn't be so happy to see them every time. I love reading the notes that the girls of the staff leave after each visit. Not only is this a valuable journal but you can tell from reading it how much they care about the animals and how much they all enjoy what they do. In Home Pet Services is a true gem and I am so happy that we found them.

Anne Marie Montijo
Great service, professional and caring. I highly recommend Gina and her team.

When my fiance and I moved from NYC out to long island we were concerned about how Ollie was going to be cared for during the day being that we could not stop at home in the middle of the day any longer. We googled around where we found in home pet services of Patchogue and met their staff. They were a pleasure to meet and are very attentive and communicative via a notebook each day, as well as email or phone. My dog Ollie absolutely loves when they come as i had the experience of being home one day when they came for their daily walk and seeing how ecstatic he became. I feel very comfortable leaving my dog in their care and letting them into my home. It has been nothing but short of a great experience and i am very happy knowing that my dog will be cared for each day while we are at work. Their policies on scheduling are also an excellent bonus

Jennifer Davis
Just can't say enough about In Home Pet Services Patchogue-Medford. They took awesome care of our two cats (they are our kids) while we were away for 10 days. They medicated the one cat that needed it. The staff also emailed us daily and that was peace of mind for us. We will definitely use your services again.

Lisa LiBretti
I would highly recommend In Home Pet Services. They are great with our dogs, very professional, reliable and you can tell they absolutely love animals. Their pet sitting includes sleepovers so we've been able to go on vacation and feel very relaxed knowing our "babies", all four of them, are in good hands.

Andrea Cutrone Scatuccio
In Home Pet Services is just the best. I have complete peace of mind knowing that my 'boys' are in the best hands when I'm not here. Thank you IHPS for helping with the boys. Excellent service and would highly recommend.

Emily Mary
I really appreciate In Home Pet sitting Services! They are great and I felt very comfortable leaving my pets in their care. They are very reasonably priced, better than any other pet sitting service out there and I would know because I have experience with pet sitting services. I was so thankful to find them and don't know what I would have done without IHPS! Thank you for your great service! My pets were calm when I got back from my vacation, I was so surprised but so grateful! I look forward to many more years with In Home Pet sitting Services!

We are very happy with Gina watching our pets while we are away. Gina is very loving and professional. I really enjoy that she keeps me updated on my pets by sending me emails. The communication is wonderful, and my dogs love her too!!! I definitely recommend Gina and In Home Pet Services of Patchogue Medford for the best pet sitter around!

Mary Jane and John
We love IHPS and our dogs and cat love them too! The owner is very reliable and is running a great growing business. The staff always leaves us notes on how the pets do when they visit. The girls of IHPS also help out with medications for our animals as well. They have no problem handling our two 120 lb dogs, Ozzy and Paisly and are also extremely kind to our 20 year old blind/deaf cat. It's nice to know I have someone to count on. They are always there when we need them!!!!