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Shih Tzu - Maltese Mix - Valley Stream
Jack is a very happy boy who loves to go out! He is always happy to play fetch with his toys when he gets back from his walks :)

Cockapoo - Lynbrook
This little is guy is a sweetie! He loves to go for walks and snoop around the neighborhood and say hello to everyone! Such a friendly boy!

Malley & Riley
Lab & Pug - Lynbrook
These two are too cute! They always give me a warm welcome when I arrive! They just love going out and especially love to play. When they go back inside, they wait by the treat jar - so cute!

Border Collie - Malverne
Cayla is a sweet girl with lots of energy! She always greets me at the door with a very warm welcome! She loves to run in the yard and burn all that energy she has! The cutest is watching her play with her stuffed sheep!

German Shorthaired Pointer - Cedarhurst
Hailey is always excited to see us and go out for her walk. She has lots of energy and loves to run! She especially loves treat time afterwards. Her favorite treat...a piece of cheese :)

Cockapoo - Lynbrook
What a sweet little girl! She is just a puppy but full of personailty already! She just loves to play and has so much energy! We're happy to have her :)

Ridgeback - Lynbrook
This little 4 month old puppy is a cutie! She is still getting the hang of things and is doing great! She loves to play in the yard with the tennis ball :)

Domestic Cat - Lynbrook
Sophie is a silly little girl! She loves to play and is such a sweet little girl! She was a pleasure to take care of! Can't wait to see her again!

English Bulldog - Lynbrook
Spanky is such a sweet boy! He just loves when I come in for his visits! His favorite part of the visit is treat time and belly rubs!

Sunny & Bella
Puggle & Maltese Bichon Mix - Malverene
These two are just as cute as can be! They are both so affectionate and playful! They just love to go on walks and especially love belly rubs!

Moorkie - Lynbrook
Dora is a sweet little puppy with lots of energy! She is always so happy to see us and burn some energy on her walks! She is a social butterfly and loves to say hello to all!

English Bulldog - Hewlett
Ricky is a funny guy! He is always excited to see me, he just loves his walks! He also loves to sit on the porch for a few minutes after his walk and relax - what a character!

Gina, Timmy & Lucy
ChiMix & Pappillons - Lynbrook
I just love this trio! They are always in the window waiting for us to come for their walks! A very warm welcome at the door with lots of kisses! After their walk they go straight to the kitchen for their treat - little smarties!

German Sheperd Mix - Cedarhurst
Derry is a sweet girl! She is always excited to go out for a walk :) She loves to walk and snoop around the neighborhood!

Chiweenie - Oceanside
This little guy always gives us a warm welcome! You can count on Murphy to greet you at the door with a toy! He loves his walks and saying hello to his dog friends!

Brooklyn & Roxy
Dachshunds - Oceanside
This little duo is a match made in heaven! They are so funny together & run straight to the door when they see us! They enjoy their time outside!

Boston Mix - Woodmere
Charley is the sweetest boy! He is always happy to see us for his walk! He just loves to parade around the neighborhood :)

Tabby Cat - Woodmere
Penelope is such a sweet girl! She loves to be brushed and cuddle!

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Jean Hillan
Bayside NY
Lisa has been walking my dog Bear for years. She is the best. Your dog becomes her family and vice versa.....before you know, Lisa will feel like a wonderful part of your family as well. She is wonderful with animals and very dependable. You won't be disappointed!


Lisa has been walking my dog, Lucky, for about 4 years. Lucky fell in love with Lisa immediately. If she sees Lisa in the street on a day that I walk her, she goes crazy for her. You can tell that Lisa loves animals; she is so caring. If she feels something is wrong with Lucky, she will call me at work to tell me Lisa has never missed a day without advance notice. She s the most reliable person I've ever known and we never had to worry about Lucky while we were at work.

Lori and Joe
We highly recommend Lisa as a trustworthy, caring and thorough pet sitter! She made our vacation carefree with her regular updates and amazing treatment of our 13 yr old and 3 year old kitties.

We'd had a traumatic, awful experience with another local pet sitter last year and we were very worried about leaving our pets again.

Thank goodness we found Lisa. She assured us our cats and home would be well cared-for, not only by her words but in how she interacted with our pets. She played with them easily and they quickly warmed to her. She emailed every day at our request to let us know the kitties were doing great and weren't scared to come out and eat. When we got back the cats were happy, the place was immaculate and we'd had a great vacation!

Lisa! Spanky loves you and so do we. We are so happy with Lisa and would
recommend her to anyone. As she knows, Spanky is not much of a walker but she
spends quality time with him to break up his day. Lisa is accommodating,
trustworthy, dependable and genuinely cares. You cannot go wrong with IHPS of
South Nassau. Call her today! -Carol

Cedarhurst / Long Beach
Lisa has been walking my girl, Derry for several months. After being displaced by Sandy, Derry was pretty shaken up and nervous. I was really concerned about further changing things on her by adding a new dog walker. My fears were for nothing. Lisa is so kind and gentle with her and genuinely cares for her. I work long days, knowing that I have Lisa there everyday to care for Derry takes a big stress away from me. Lisa is reliable, honest and just a really nice person. Derry and I will miss her tremendously when we move back to our home!! I highly recommend Lisa.

Shana and Joe
When I moved to Lynbrook from the city a year ago, my first task was to find a dog walker. Lisa stepped right in week one and makes sure that my 6 year old cockapoo Derby never goes too long without a walk and some love. He just loves her and her team. I can highly recommend! Thanks Lisa!

Dawn and Bobby
We were very hesitant to hire a petsitter from the internet after our neighbor could no longer care for our seven cats and dog. We go on vacation two to four times a year, and past experiences with family caring for our babies did not always end well. We are so glad we found Lisa! She is amazing! Not only is she professional, responsible, and reliable, she truly loves animals. Even when we were driving home from Florida with a HURRICANE traveling alongside us, we weren't concerned at all about the wellbeing of our animals. I highly recommend her!

I met Lisa has been walking my dogs, Bella and Sonny for 4 months. A day care facility gave me her number, and I am so thankful that Lisa is part of our family. When Bella and Sonny met Lisa it was an instant "Love" between them, she has a loving, caring, way about her that makes them feel loved, and for me as their owner makes me feel that my little babies are very safe with her. It it just not another job for Lisa she has a true passion towards animals. Anyone can walk a dog, but Lisa truly shows love and warmth toward your pet when you are not around. She is also very reliable, and trustworthy.