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Short Hair Domestic - Syosset
Rocky was part of the family. We will miss him very much.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Havanese - Bethpage
We love Max! He is so much fun to play with. He loves getting his chicken treats and lots of belly rubs. Even though he is a momma's boy, he is the king of the house.

Havanese - Plainview
The Melk Man delivers! Sorry, that was a Yankee reference even though Melky is a Mets fan! This good boy loves running around the backyard and playing tag. He is such a mush and always wants to sit on your lap :)
RIP We will miss him!

Irish Setter - East Meadow
"Grady Dog" is such an amazing animal. His beautiful red coat makes him shine in the sun. He loves going for long walks and playing catch in the yard. He is always happy and wanting to play.
Gone but never forgotten.

Basset Hound - Levittown
Little Owen is such a sweetie. He never wants to be alone so he loves playing with people and other dogs. If you you get close enough he loves to kiss your face! He's our favorite little wrinkly puppy!

Pitbull/Boxer Mix - Levittown
Zoe is just an all around happy dog. She get so excited when we visit and she can't stop wagging her tail. Even though she's a big dog, she loves to sit right on top of you!

Lab/Whippet Mix - Plainview
Where is Edward? Oh wait that's the other Bella. This one is much cuter! One of the sweetest dogs we have, she always wants to give hugs. She is so fun to watch jump off the deck, so must leap 10 feet in the air!

German Shepherd Mix - Massapequa
It is so hard to get a good picture of Lila. All she wants to do is give you hugs & kisses! She always rolls over right away for belly rubs. She loves going for a walk and chasing birds. She would climb up a tree if she could, and she obviously loves the pool! Gone but never forgotten!

Shih Tzu - Plainview
Sparky was one of the sweetest and biggest Shih Tzus we cared for. We will miss him.

Gone But Not Forgotten

German Shepherd - Levittown
Jasper is one of the biggest and most exotic German Shepherds we have seen. Probably because he came from Europe! Even though his paw is bigger than your head, he is a gentle giant!

Cockapoo - Jericho
Remi is such a fun loving, friendly girl! She loves to say hello to everyone she sees on her walks. Nobody can resist her cuteness when they see her pass by!

Havanese - Plainview
Buddy hates walking in the rain! He loves his walks on sunny days and of course loves his cuddles!

Pug - Plainview
Hercules is definitely a perfect name for this little guy. We have so much fun walking him. Even though he hates the heat, the cold, snow and rain, he still walks around like a little tough guy. Gone but not forgotten!

Papillon - Syosset
I wonder where she got her name. Her ears can't even fit in the picture! It doesn't matter, Radar is such a wonderful dog. She was a rescue but now is loved by so many people. She loves running outside with her stuffed animals and chasing the laser pointer, just like a cat!

Greyhound - Hicksville
Sammy Boy! He is one of the most sweet, gentile, loving dogs you can find. He's a rescue hound with a rough past, but now he is with a great family, and is nothing but adored!

Miniature Schnauzer - Hicksville
Little Miss Elsa, what a character! She is definitely a dominant girl, she always knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to go. She doesn't look it but she is strong! She loves making us run after her in the backyard!

Papillon - Syosset
E=mc2...Oh wait that's the other Einstein, but this one is just as smart! Einstein is such a character, he always looks like he's contemplating something, especially when his little tongue sticks out.

Main Coon - Hicksville
Words can't even describe how cute Wilson and his Brodee are. We have so much fun just watching them play. Wilson is definitely the more adventurous one!

Short Hair Domestic - East Norwich
Kitty the cat! She is awesome. Such a cutie and so loving. She loves lounging on a chair and getting a nice back rub. She also has such a cute buddha belly!

Short Hair Domestic - Hicksville
This Annie isn't an orphan. She is loved by so many people even though she's shy. She loves sleeping in weird places like the sink and bathtub!

Shihpoo - Syosset
Hal is such a fun boy. At home he acts like a little lap dog, but once his leash is on and we are walking, he becomes a Boxer! Loves to lead the way and be in charge :)

Main Coon - Hicksville
Brodee is just as cute as his brother Wilson. He has beautiful orange fur and bright blue eyes. Brodee is always on the hunt and curious about everything. How cute! Gone but not forgotten!

Golden Retriever - Levittown
Sandy is so lovable, all she wants is to play and be close to you. She absolutely loves her football. She almost never has it out of her mouth, maybe when she gets a treat :)

Golden Retriever - Levittown
Bailey was the biggest Golden we have ever seen. He looked like a big shag carpet. He will be missed :(

Gone But Not Forgotten

Shih Tzu - Syosset
We have a blast when we are with Boxster. He is such a good boy. He loves putting on his sweaters and going for a walks! Sometime we can't find him because he is in the pile of all of his toys!

German Shepherd Mix - Syosset
Where is Stills and Nash? This sweet boy isn't the famous singer, but he's still a blast. Crosby always looks like he is smiling, it's so cute. Even more when it's treat time!

Beabull - Syosset
What do you get when you breed 2 cute dogs? An even cuter dog. Avery is half Beagle half Bulldog and such a good girl. She can sit and get belly rubs for hours!

Shih Tzu - Syosset
Gio is the man of the house. He needs to know what's going on all the time. He loves laying with his feet out on a cold tile floor. And of course his belly rubs.

Havanese - Syosset
Oscar is such a cutie! He is very friendly and loves to play in his backyard. He may be small but he can jump high! When he is not running around outside he sits very nicely for a treat and has fun playing with his toys. We are so happy to know Oscar, he is one of a kind!

Wheaton Terrier - Syosset
Lily has sooo much energy. A 30 minute walk doesn't tire her out, but she sure enjoys it! She jumps straight in the air when we come visit and needs to inspect everything, what a cutie!

Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pit Bull Mix - Plainview
Wonder why her name is Ginger? This cutie is such a mush. She always wants to sit right in your lap. She has so many toys and loves her favorite stuffed cow, but as much as her tennis ball!

Maine Coon - Hicksville
Jake man was such a great cat. We will miss him dearly.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Cockapoo - Plainview
Lucy may not look it but she is STRONG!! She gets so excited for her walks and if she sees something of interest, get ready to run! She is so fluffy and cuddly :)

English Mastiff - Levittown
Angus was the biggest dog we ever had. In size and heart. Although his time was short, our memories of him will last forever. We will miss him.

Gone But Not Forgotten

The Fish
Salt Water - Hicksville
These guys prove you don't need four legs to be one of our pets. This beautiful Salt Water tank is home for many different species including Starfish & Clams! We love feeding them and giving them some seaweed to chew on.

German Shepherd - Levittown
Nikki has a lot of fun playing hide and seek in the backyard. When she's inside, she always has a bone in her mouth. She looks tough but is a sweetheart.

German Shepherd Mix - Bethpage
Rocky is one of the most lovable dogs you will ever meet. He's always such a happy puppy, and loves giving hugs! All he wants to do is be around people and play. He is so much fun to be with!

Shih Tzu - Hicksville
This little munchkin always wants to be loved. He is so happy all the time. He loves his walks and always looks for adventure!

Maltese - East Norwich
Zoey is definitely a talker! She gets so excited she just barks and barks. But she is such a sweetheart. All she wants is love and attention, and she gets it!
Gone but never forgotten!

American Shorthair - Freeport
Zoe was our first cat to take care of. We will always remember her.

Gone But Not Forgotten.

Australian Shepard - Plainview
Maggie is a lapdog at heart. This quirky girl is loved by everyone she meets!

Chow Mix - Plainview
Our little Happy. She always looked like a cuddly stuffed animal. We will miss you.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Golden Retriever - Syosset
Hurricane Sandy! She is too funny this one. She has soooo much energy and needs to inspect everything! Sandy is one of the strongest dogs we walk but she is so loving too. RIP Sandy we will miss you.

South African Boerboel - Farmingdale
We are so lucky to play with Saber. Boerboels are so rare, no one ever knows what they are. He is gorgeous! Saber loves running around the backyard. His favorite game is fetch but once he runs after the ball, he doesn't bring it back! We get more exercise than him :)

Cockapoo - Levittown
Latte loves to chase leaves on her walks, its her favorite activity! This sweet girl is full of love for everyone she sees!

Greyhound - Hicksville
Lucy, I'm Home! We love taking care of this sweetheart. Lucy gets so excited when we come, her tail knocks over everything! She loves ear rubs and going for a walk :)

Golden Retriever - Hicksville
Sam has SO much energy. He always gives us such a warm welcome. He loves to go for walks especially if it's raining or snowing! And of course he loves getting a treat after!

Frodo & Sam
Maltese - Bethpage
No you're not seeing double. Frodo & Sam are the cutest pair. Named after great characters, they love going for adventures...in the back yard. No wizards or rings back there! They have so much fun playing and of course getting a treat!

Black Lab Mix - Bethpage
Abby is such a sweet girl. We get so excited when we take care of her. All she wants to do is play and give you lots of love!

Pointer/Lab Mix - Plainview
Kodi is such a good boy. He is so smart too! We love hanging out with him. He especially loves when you scratch his neck and back. He makes such a cute noise when you do :) RIP we will miss him!

Yellow Lab - Levittown
Sylvie is a beautiful girl. She loves to play outside on a nice day with her sister. She is a big dog but thinks she's a puppy. All she wants to do is jump up and kiss you!

Jack Russell - Levittown
Nica is an extremely smart girl. She understands her commands in English and Italian! Her favorite thing to do is play catch with her tennis ball. She could keep going for hours! RIP Nica we will always remember this sweet girl!

Sugar Glider - Melville
Charlie is the most exotic animal we care for. He is so much fun to watch. We are surprised he stopped for a second so we could take the picture. He is fast! Charlie spends most of the day sleeping, and is up running around eating cereal at night.

Chocolate Lab - Woodbury
Bailey is so funny. As soon as you go outside she jumps right in the pool, she even dives for toys underwater! She also loves to play with her frisbee. What a cutie!

Rat Terrier - Hicksville
Hercules really should have been named Little Devil. We absolutely love this pup. Even though he barely listens and chews up everything, he is so much fun to play with! He also loves to snuggle.

Hound - Levittown
King Louie was an amazing boy. We will miss him!

Gone But Not Forgotten.

Yellow Lab Mix - Hicksville
Cocoa has so much energy! She loves playing with her ball in the backyard and getting lots of back rubs. After a fun day in the back, she enjoys a nice brushing to keep her fur so shiny :)

Weimaraner - Levittown
Tucker is such a beautiful dog! We love watching him run and play. His coloring is so unique and has awesome big blue eyes. He's a lot of fun to play with :)

Bullmastiff - Levittown
Jasmine is definitely one of the biggest dog we care for. Even though she has a big bark, her heart is bigger. She loves laying in the sun, and won't let you leave unless she gets a belly rub.

Bullmastiff - Levittown
Annie gets so excited when we come visit. Of course the first thing we have to do is give her a treat. She loves playing in the backyard and getting belly rubs. Don't wear sandals because she loves sitting on peoples feet!

Short Hair Domestic - Woodbury
Dude is the best cat. He is almost like a dog. He loves to sleep all day and go outside wondering at night. But he will come running if you shake his food bag!

Yellow Lab - Massapequa
We get our exercise when we are with Bodie. He is always so excited for his walks and never slows down! He loves being with you and playing catch in the yard with his stuffed animal!

Terrier Mix - Levittown
Tucker is so much fun to walk. He is just a happy dog. He loves going for walks and chasing the cat! Sometimes we wonder if he can see through his bangs!

Boxer - Syosset
Look at that smile!! Best smile ever! Mercedes is great to be around because she makes you so happy. She is such a fun and loving dog, we just want to pet and hug her all the time!

Rat Terrier - Hicksville
Lucky numer Seven. She is too cute to handle. She loves playing all the time, she never stops, and adores people. Such a smart and beautiful puppy!

Shih-poo - Melville
All Lilly wants to do is play and give kisses. She loves going outside for her walks and playing with her sister. She is always so soft and cuddly. One of her favorite treats is peanut butter licked right off the spoon!

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I am so grateful that I found Danielle and Tom, I never thought I would ever find anyone to take care of my dogs as well as I do but I did, they are truly a godsend to me and especially Sam and Frodo. Frodo doesn't take to many people but he is so comfortable around Danielle and Tom that he no longer hides under the bed. Thank you both for everything!!

Cindy Small
Words aren't enough for the loving care that Danielle and Tom have given to our wonderful dogs.....they are reliable- responsible- honorable--- compassionate...they have both gone above and beyond and we highly recommend them.

Danielle & Tom took care of my dogs while I was away in florida. I couldn't be happier with everything they have done. My dogs were so happy while I was away, it was almost like I never left.

We are so thrilled with the wonderful care that Danielle gives our little Max. She shows Max so much love and is always available to help us out, even if it is last minute. We feel so confident when Danielle is here with our little guy! How lucky we are to have found such a special and loving dog sitter. Thanks, Danielle!

Linda S
Danielle and tom love my little Toby and he loves them!


IHPS has taken care of my dog Sophie since we adopted her. They are the best and Danielle and Sophie seem to have a special bond. Sophie loves her!
IHPS has been great. Affordable and dependable. They accomodate someone like me with an ever changing schedule. They give me peace of mind when I leave home.
( We found this review online at yahoo..thx!)

My life wouldn't be the same without these guys!

IHPS is an outstanding, trustworthy service. Danielle has been great with my Lab, Lucas. He loves her !!! I have a very hectic schedule and they are very accomadating, even with same day requests.Thanks so much !!

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

IHPS East Nassau took care of my cats Rocky and Fresno. They were so professional and made me feel comfortable. I will definitely use them again. Thanks guys!


After trying a few different dog walking services, I was so happy to find IHPS. Not only are they professional and always on time, but they truly know their job. It isn't just about running a business, I can actually feel the love they have for dogs. Danielle has been walking my dog for almost a year now and I only have good things to say. She is warm and friendly and very attentive to my dog. We wish Danielle lots of luck in her new location :)


I have been using IHPS for over 2 years now. When I moved almost a year ago, IHPS was extremely accommodating and immediately made arrangements to have Danielle walk Sophie. I have been so pleased with Danielle. She is always on time and understands the needs of my dog. Even after Sophie's knee surgery, Danielle was so nurturing. It's clear that she truly loves her job!
We are so happy and proud that she's expanding to Nassau.

Danielle and Tom are so reliable and just awesome people. I know I can always rely on them to treat Liza like she is their own. So grateful to have you guys in my life to take such good care when I can't be home. Thank you!!!

You can tell Danielle and Tom really love their animals. They took such good care of my dog while I was away. Thank you!!