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Lab - Locust Valley
Willow is just over a year as of Nov. 2016. What a playful puppy! She loves to run for hours and play with her toys. She is such a happy and lovable dog!

Australian Shephard - Glen Cove
Watson is such a handsome, sweet boy! We are lucky to have him in our Glen Cove location as a daycare client. He gets along with every dog that walks in and always makes them feel welcome. He is so friendly and loves people! If your pet goes for pet sitting or daycare, Watson makes sure they are ok. He became the watchdog for the house and never misses a beat!

Lacey & Olive
Boston Terriers - Port Washington
Lacey and Olive make a great team. Olive is such a mush and just wants to kiss everyone and be pet and Lacey loves to play all the time and nothing makes her happier than a good fetch or tug of war. They are fun to watch and I am glad that they joined our family!

Black & White Tabby - Locust Valley
MIsti waits for us every visit. She has some appetite! She lives with her doggy brother Giorge. She loves just hanging out by the window!

Lab Mix - Manhasset
Shes very sweet and calm, yet mildly timid. She loves her long walks and gets so excited for the walker to come! She could walk forever. She loves the outdoors and long, slow strolls!

soft-coated Wheaten Terrier - Roslyn Heights
Griffin is a happy, playful soft-coated wheaten terrier who was very excited to meet Heather (and Herbie!) and enjoy their companionship & care while his "family" was traveling... griffin loves playing with his soccer ball, chasing squirrels and the sound of the cheese bin opening! :)

Greyhound - Glen Cove
Cleo is a retired race dog that can still run up to 40mph so we know never to let her off leash. Don't let that fool you though, she is a mush and a couch potatoe and is very sweet and gentle. She loves her lamb/Rice biscuits and gets one after her walks. She enjoys belly rubs and relaxing on her doggy bed.

King Charles Cavalier - Port Washington
Murray, one of my original clients of 5 years is a handsome Cavalier that everyone adores! He loves to walk around town and get his exercise. He is such a good boy and doesn't complain about the rain or snow. Nothing stops him from his walks or his cookies! He is one of a kind!

Havanese - Manhasset
Quinn is the little big brother to Piper and April the cat. He's the man of the house! Quinn's owner knew he was the one the second he saw him! Not just ANY Havanese, it HAD to be THIS Havanese and the rest is history!

Toy Poodle - Glen Cove
Tino is a cute pup that loves to play with his sister labradoodle all day or be held and pet and given lots of love! He loves to run around and play and can be very feisty :)

Lily & Lexi
Lab Huskie Mixes - Roslyn
Lily and Lexi look like twins but they are not. They are both 5 years old and from the same litter. The only way to tell them apart is the little brown spot in Lexi's eye. They both have the most beautiful light blue eyes. They love to go on walks together and be side by side wherever they go. We were stopped many times on our walks for the beauty compliments they get from everyone. They are a pleasure to walk and take care of.

Shihpoo - Port Washington
Charlotte (nickname Charlie) is sweet as pie! She loves her walks! She comes to my house frequently for pet sittings and LOVES to run and play in the backyard. She is like family :)

Madison & Vansen
Weimeraners - Manhasset
These two cuties are former clients of our NE Queens location and now we are lucky to have them move to Manhasset! We love our visits with them while they run and play in the backyard. Madison is so sweet and a big mush! She loves to be pet and hugged and Vanson is the protector and king of the yard and also loves to be pet (when no one's looking lol) We are very happy to have them in the IHPS family!

Bernese Mountain - Sands Point
Chloe is my largest dog so far and the sweetest mush I ever met. She loves to lay around and be pet and just cuddle up next to you. She loves to lay on the lounge chair outside and soak up the sun. She also loves her treats and her brother Rocket the Whippet!

German Shepard - Glen Head
Duke is a sweet German Shepard that loves to walk around his complex and say hello to the neighbors. He is very sweet natured and warmed up to us right away. He is a very good boy and loves his treats!

Mix Breed - Glen Cove
Stella's favorite thing to do is run! She can run for hours! She also enjoys playing with her toy ropes. She's very sweet and loves to play with other dogs and says hello to all her neighbors!

Tabby Cat - Manhasset
Lily lives with her brothers Jackson & Riggs! She is the world champion hide & seek player! After she warms up to you, she is like putty in your hands. Her meow is also very precious!

Short Hair American - Glen Cove
Kevin looks like a little tiger and is always by his brother's side. He likes to play upstairs mostly but knows when it's feeding time to come right to his bowl downstairs. He also likes to sit on the window sill and look outside. He is very sweet and friendly and made me feel right at home when taking care of him. He comes right over to be pet and and is very photogenic!

irish Wolfhound - Pt. Washington
This big girl is just a 7 month old puppy. She is the biggest mush you will ever meet. She is the ambassador for the breed and Port Washington Townies just love her. When I walk her around town I get stopped by everyone!

Mini Goldendoodle - Port Washington
Hudson is tiny but mighty! He is one of our sweetest clients and is the best snuggler we have. He is a very relaxed pup and just loves to chill out.

Goldendoodle - Roslyn
Charlee loves to come over for doggy day care. She plays ball in our backyard non-stop! She can't wait to get out of the car when her owners drop her off.

Oreo & Chip
Cats - Roslyn
Oreo and Chip are a dynamic duo! Chip is a hungry little guy who always tries to find different ways to steal Oreo's food! Oreo is a sweet, well-mannered little lady. She has the tiniest meow and is the cutest little cuddle bug!

Bertha & Tucker
Bulldog/Golden Retreiver - Glen Cove
Bertha is the head of the house hold. Not like your typical bulldog, Bertha loves to play, play, play! Tucker is Bertha's big brother. He loves his treats and walks. He will never let you miss a treat! Loves cuddling and playing with his little sister.

Domestic Short Hair - Plandome
Tigger was brought home from an emergency clinic when she was only 7 weeks old. She loved her family ever since. She is very affectionate and LOVES to sunbathe outside or inside by the glass doors. She warmed up to me the 1st minute I met her.

Vito & Bella
Havanese - Port Washington
Vito is Daddy's little man and stays by his side while Bella is really the boss of the house. They are local celebs in Port Washington at only 1 year's old they have the neighbors going gaga over them. I love walking them because they are so happy and friendly and put everyone in a great mood when you are around them.

Havapoo - Roslyn
He is the definition of half havanese, half poodle. When he walks, he looks like a distinguished gentleman! But in the house and in the yard he runs and plays and has such a huge personality! I love pet sitting him because he plays with my Boston Terrier non stop and they tire each other out! He is such a gem.

Jack Russell Terrier - Glen Cove
Jack is still a pup and all he wants to do is play, play, play! He is so energetic and full of life! We love to run around and play during our visits and get rid of some of his energy for mommy! He is a pleasure to watch and we welcome him to the IHPS family :)

Maltipoo - Overnighter
Pino stayed with us for 2 weeks and really came out of her shell after a few days. She became so playful and outspoken that she seemed like a different dog. She loved playing fetch everyday and lounging on the chair to look out the window. She was a pleasure to have stay with me and she is a cutie!

Shih Tzu - Manhasset
Truffles is a pint-sized ball of energy! She is incredibly sweet and super photogenic. We have so much fun taking care of her. We love seeing her get dressed up in all her different sweaters. She loves hanging outside in the nice weather and she is always ready for belly rubs!

Mix - Port Washington
Charlotte is a mixed breed with a rambunctious personality! She brightens up every walkers day! With her unique look you can't miss her. She is one of the most easy-going dogs we walk. We love having her as a client!

Terrier Mix - Port Washington
Minnie is a spunky little girl! She is obsessed with playing fetch and will do anything for her ball. We've had her since she was a tiny pup and she is the big sister to a deaf terrier named Mack! (:

Irish Setter - Port Washington
Scarlet is still a young pup that loves to run and play. She should be on "America's Got Talent" since she can catch 2 balls at the same time and she is almost up to 3! We love coming to play with her every day. She is so happy and lovable.

Tabby - Manhasset
April pokes her head out from time to time to say hello! She lives with April & Quinn. She is a very sweet cat and is like a ninja! She will sneak up behind you at any moment.

Sheltie - Great Neck Estates
Buddy is a happy and affectionate Sheltie who enjoys socializing on his walks. He loves being outdoors and works hard to keep his family on a schedule. He is very friendly is very attached to his family. He is looking forward to his next sleepover with Heather and Herbie at In Home Pet Services.

Goldendoodle - Port Washington
Gretzky is two-handfuls of fun! He always loves to play and he will tire you out before himself.

Brussels Griffon - Plandome
Cooper (Coopy) is one of our newest clients. He is shy when he first meets you but then he warms up very quickly and wants tons of belly rubs! He loves to be pet non-stop. He is so sweet-natured and loves his walks!

Apollo & Aphrodite
Labdingo & Shepard Terrier Mix - Port Washington
These two cuties have been around town from the Boroughs to Long Island! They got used to the environment easily and warmed up to the neighbors on the first day! They love lots of attention and their daily exercise.

Shepard Mix - Glen Cove
Randy is one of the sweetest boys we walk! We take care of him when mommy and daddy go away. He loves his walks and certainly loves his treats. He is so happy to see us walk in!

Lab-Pit Mix - Manhasset
Rory is still a pup at 7 months old and has so much energy. She loves to run at full speed and play with other dogs. She is very sweet natured and great with people. She loves to go to parks and play and run free!

Shephard/Husky - Port Washington
Precious is a special girl. She is a great and loving girl. Patient with children and other dogs. Extremely smart, one of a kind and a great partner. I am very happy to have her as a client. She is also beautiful!

Goldendoodle - Pt. Washington
KC is only 10 weeks old and knows the ropes already. She is so sweet, smart, curious, and rambunctious. She loves playing with her favorite toy the woodchck and she is already great on leash even though she can't go on walks yet. She is so adorable and I look forward to my visits with her.

Mini Aussie - Manhasset
One of our newest clients, Riggs, A playful pup that loves to just roll around. With his breath taking eyes, this little guy will melt your heart!

Wheaten - Port Washington
Cosmo is a super fast pup who just loves sprinting around his large backyard! Always super excited to see us when we come to play!

Dachsund - Manhasset
Winnie has her routine down pat! She gobbles up her meals and tells you when she wants to go out at the same times everyday. She has a big personality for a small dog. She loves to sit in the warmest areas of the house or under the blanket. She is a pleasure to pet sit for!

Labradoodle - Manhasset
Piper shares a home with her little big Havanese brother Quinn and her sister April the cat. She loves long walks and longer cuddles. She is very smart & alert at all times! She loves protecting her home and family.

Morkie - Port Washington
We watched Luigi while his Mommy was away. He got to know the staff so well and after a couple of days, he was overjoyed to see them! He took tons of photos with them! He loves his walks, belly rubs & treats!

King Charles Cavalier - Port Washington
Rocky is so cute and loves our walks. He loves to talk and we all wish we knew what he was saying. He is so happy all of the time and very playful. He is such a pleasure to walk and is a very good boy!

French Bulldog - Queens/Boarding
Oliver is a 7 months old extremely friendly frenchie. He will brighten up your worst of days. He is just precious, and has a very clown like personality. He loves hanging out with other frienchies especially his friend Herbie, but also loves bigger dogs. He is not afraid of anything, and loves his Lotso teddy bear from Toy Story 3.

Havenese - Manhasset
This adorable Havenese is 9 months old and extremely energetic and playful. She loves people and other dogs and has a huge crush on my little Boston Herbie. Luckily she has been cured of her body slamming into her owners and other dogs. She has a huge personality for such a small dog!

Lab - Manhasset
Abby is a black beauty! She loves to play with all of her doggy friends in Manhasset. We bring her on long walks and play dates at the park and she knows everyone in the neighborhood!
She is sweet and fun. We love having her as a client!

Cavapoo - Roslyn
Chivas is the newest addition to a wonderful family. He made his human brother very happy! He loves going out in his backyard and checking out her new surroundings.

Charlie Cav
Cavalier - Port Washington

King Charles Cavalier - Port Washington
Still a pup, Johnny has begun walks with us and already loves it! We love to get him outside and give him his exercise. He has a large family that gives him lots of love and attention all the time! What a lucky boy :) We are glad to have Johnny as our client!

Ginger & Maggie
Chocolate Lab/Beagle - Rosyln
We take care of Ginger and Maggie whenever their family goes away. They look forward to every one of our visits. Always excited to go on their walk! They just are the sweetest dogs and we adore taking care of them!

Jack Russel Terrier - Manhasset
Don't let Gatsby's size fool you! For such a fun-sized dog, his personality is life-sized! One of our newest clients, also one of the fastest little runners we know.

Tess & Bella
Yellow Labs - Roslyn
Tess always has something in her mouth and it makes her so happy! Bella wants to be in the action at all times and play with you, watch tv, and just lounge around with you. I love pet sitting for them because they are just such happy girls!

Gracie Allen
Toy Poodle - Roslyn
Gracie Allen looks like a little stuffed animal. She is so cute that I can't resist giving her lots of kisses! Don't let her fool you though because she could go for a nice speed walk and barks when she wants her treat! She eats her food within a minute too :) She is a sweetie!

- Manhasset
Jackson is just the sweetest little mush we have! He always greets us at the door when we come in. He's super excited for feeding time and follows us around everywhere! He is the perfect cuddle buddy!

Marley & Maggie
Golden Lab/Black Lab - Port Washington
Marley & Maggie are the closest brother and sister we know! They can't go anywhere without each other. They enjoy swimming, fetch and belly rubs!

French Bulldog - Glen Cove
Mommy says that Chloe is a little diva puppy and is very playful and cuddly. She loves to gather all of her toys and put them in a pile. She is very curious and wants to know everything. Chloe will certainly be the belle of the building!

Cockatiel - Manhasset
Birdie loves is sweet stick treat and chews on it all day. He is a spunky little guy and makes a lot of noise when I come to pet sit. I think he wants to show me how happy he is to see me. He is easy to take care of and is a beautiful colored bird.

Cockapoo - Manhasset
Briscoe is an apricot cockapoo, rescued from a shelter in Pennsylvania. He's incredibly playful, and loves every person and dog he's ever met. His nickname was "the mayor" at his Brooklyn playgroup because he welcomed all the timid new pups, which made his parents very proud! Briscoe loves fetch, swimming, belly rubs, scalp massages, peanut butter and of course, cheese. Briscoe hates getting his face washed during bathtime and when his toys get stuck under the couch.

Shepard Mix - Port Washington
Barron is the perfect gentleman! He loves long walks and exercise. One of the sweetest pups you will ever meet with the cheesiest smile ever. We just adore Barron!

Spaniel Mix - Locust Valley
Molly is so sweet. She was so warm to me the minute she met me. I really enjoyed pet sitting her. She loves her long walks and to play with her toys. She is such a good girl and loved belly rubs too!

Brittany Spaniel - Roslyn
Mommy says she is our best girl and to know her is to love her!

Havanese - Manhasset
Bee is so spunky and vocal :) She loves to play and has fun on her walks! She has a sister named Lucie that she likes to be with all the time and either play in the yard together or go on walks together. They are very close and love to be together. Bee is full of personality and adorable!

Red Rory
Lab Mix - Manhasset
Red Rory is our strongest pup to date! She walks us and loves every minute of it! We've been walking her since she was a small puppy and we bring her to meet her friends at the park. She is very popular in town!

Yorkie - Sands Point
Hulk was a senior foster dog that was recently adopted into his "furever" home. He is an adorable 10 year old without any teeth. He is super cute with his tongue hanging out!

Mini Goldendoodle - Roslyn
Daisy is a fun loving and sweet puppy. She loves when we come for her walks so she can socialize with her neighborhood friends!

French Bulldog - Glen Cove
Cody is a very handsome puppy :) We enjoy having playtime and he loves to run around and play with all of his toys. He especially loves his bumblebee.He is so lovable that we never leave without giving him lots of hugs and kisses!

Bichon - Port Washington
Charlie is the mayor of the heart of Port Washington. When I walk him around town, everyone stops us to compliment his haircut and is all around cuteness! He is full of personality and loves his long walks. I am so happy Charlie became a client of In Home Pet Services! He really makes me laugh at least once per walk!

Coton De Tulear - Roslyn
Baxter is just a sweet boy that warms up to people right away. He loves walking his very own trail in his backyard when he goes out. It's so much fun for him and us! He couldn't be any cuter and loves to just be pet and hangout too. Very happy to have Baxter as a client.

Sheppy J
Cat! - Port Washington
I was told that I might not ever see Sheppy J when I did his pet sitting but he came right up to my leg and rubbed up against me with a very friendly hello on my first visit. He let me pet him and was so sweet. He loves to eat his food and has a great appetite! He is a very happy and affectionate cat.

Yorkiepoo - Glen Cove
Leo is one of the sweetest dogs we've ever met! He loves all people and dogs. His favorite thing is his walk and he is just a big mush who gives lots of kisses!

Mixed Breed - Port Washington
Chance is the definition of a gentleman! He is so proper and well-mannered. His favorite part of the day is his walks. Despite his timid demeanor, he always loves meeting new people! He is as sweet as pie!

Cairn Terrier - Manhasset

Nick & Noah
Lab/Hound Mixes - Port Washington
New to Port Washington but have been in the IHPS Family for years! They are getting used to their home and neighborhood in Port. Overly excited when we come for their walks. They have tons of energy and love to give.

Ragdoll - Port Washington
Beautiful big blue eyed Ragdoll cat. Very vocal and extremely loveable, Mike is usually sure to greet our walkers at the door! He loves to roll around for fun and he lives to eat treats. His favorite hiding place is the closet.

Irish Wolfhound - Port Washington
Fiona is well known in Port Washington since she hung out with her owner Laura at Unleashed Grooming Boutique on Main Street and now you can see her daughter Bridie whenever you stop in the store.They are both sweet and lovable wolfhounds that I have the pleasure to walk and not a day goes by when I walk Fiona that someone stops to see her! Everyone is memorized by her. I love walking her and seeing how excited she gets when she sees me coming to the door.

Havanese - Glen Cove
Ellie is one of our original clients since 5 years ago. We walk her twice a day and we pet sit her when her family goes on vacation. She is so laid back, sweet and takes over the bed! LOL She is always a pleasure to take care of.

Labradoodle - Roslyn Heights
Baylee has been with us since she was 6 months old. She loves cuddling and looking out the window. She has a very sweet disposition and enjoys belly rubs after nice long walks.

- Manhasset
Lulu is the master of hide and seek! We always have to try and find her each visit. When she does appear, she loves getting pet and loves being brushed. She's a really neat and clean kitty! We adore taking care of this little girl!

Goldendoodle - Lake Success
Aubrey is adorable! She stays with Herbie and I when Mommy and Daddy go away. She is so friendly and sweet. She likes to go for walks and play with her toys. She is also quiet except when she is guarding the house and hears outside noises. She is a pleasure to have as an In Home Pet Services guest!

Norwegian Elkhound - Port Washington

Orange Tiger Tabby - Port Washington
Ginger is a little shy but she's a very beautiful and sweet cat!

Milo (Little Man)
Yorkie - Port Washington
Milo is also know as "Little Man". He is the tiniest pup we walk. He is so small that we carry him a few houses down and he then he walks back. He's the handsomest little model.

Short Hair American - Glen Cove
Seve is strikingly handsome and the king of the household. He has 4 brother cats in the home and he keeps everything in order. He has the most beautiful green eyes and is so friendly and playful. He warms up to you quickly and loves to be pet. He loves to play with his toys and run around the house. What a good natured male cat!

Labradoodle - Roslyn
Oscar can be a handful but he is the cutest handful we have! He loves to get into everything so you have to keep a close eye on him. We love taking care of Oscar because of his mischievous personality!

King Charles Cavalier - Locust Valley
Daisy is such a good girl and loves to be pet and just lounge around with you. She loved the snow this winter and had a blast playing it. She has her 2 cat friends with her all day and is content just laying around with them too! She is a pleasure to walk and to pet sit for,

Whippet - Sands Point
Rocket has the perfect name because when he takes off he looks like a rocket when across the yard. He is so fast you can't keep up! He loves to run and play and chase squirrels in the yard. He is very sweet and friendly and loves his treats :)

Weimaraner Mix - Port Washington
Callie is so sweet you can't help but smiling at her as soon as you greet her. She goes right for her belly rub before her walk! She has such a good time on her walk and then gets on her back for another belly rub. This female pup knows what she wants! She is adorable!

Shih Tzu/Bichon Mix - Locust Valley
Friendly little pup, so playful and full of energy! Sometimes leaves us surprises when we come between visits. One surprise was all the ornaments torn off the Christmas tree! But we love visiting him and his brother Thor.

Iron Tail Mastiff - Manhasset
Troy is a big boy! Despite his size, he is extremely affectionate and loves long walks.

Mini Golden Doodle - Roslyn
We met Preston the day after he arrived home! We went through and still are, going through puppyhood with him! He has come a long way :) He is a big boy going for long walks now and is so smart! It is hard to tell him apart from his stuffed animal doggy :) He is such a cutie pie and we are so happy to take care of him!

English Bulldog - Glen Cove
Bella looks tough but she is so sweet and doesn't bother anyone on our walks. She is just a mush and loves to have a nice walk around her neighborhood. When we get back she lays in her bed and takes a nap. She also has a GREAT appetite and loves her food! It was great to meet Bella and have her as a new client.

Boxer-Pit Mix - Manhasset
Angie is a great watch dog. SHe barks before she knows who is entering her home and when she sees it is us she gives us lots of kisses :) She LOVES her long walks with her and she keeps us from having to go to the gym :) she is highly alert on our walks and never wants to come home.She's a good girl!

Bernadoodle - Roslyn
Rocco is a gentle giant. Despite his size, he is a very loving and protective boy! He has a contagious smile. He also is known for the "love lean" where he leans all of his weight on you as you pet him for extra cuddles!

Terrier Mix - Port Washington
Mack's energetic personality is very contagious! Although Mack is deaf, he is very well trained in doggy sign language. He gets very excited every day for his afternoon walk! He loves his big sister Minnie, whom he is very protective of.

Lhasa Apso - Port Washington
Maddie is one of our long time clients. We walk her Monday through Friday every week! She loves her walks and even more she loves her belly rubs before and after her walk!
She knows her routine by heart. She also waits patiently for her cookie.
She's incredibly sweet and we love having her as a client!

Lab Mix - Manhasset
Oscar is full of energy and loves to get to know his neighborhood by going on long walks. He loves playtime, especially with his big sister Chloe. Hes just an overall good boy!

Golden Lab - Port Washington
Bridget is such a happy dog and loves going for walks! She is so affectionate and her energy is contagious. She is very sweet and I look forward to her walks.

Wheaton Terrier - Sea Cliff
Hamish has 2 sister Wheaton's and is the only boy! We walk all 3 together and they love it! He is so full of personality and has become a great listener. He is so easy on leash and with other dogs. We love walking all of them!

Poodle - Port Washington
We've been taking care of Trixie for about 5 years now! Whenever her owners go on vacation, we come see her at least 3x a day. She has weathered every storm and is fearless of all weather. We love taking care of her!

Golden Retriever - Glen Cove
Lucy is 14 months old and named after Lucille Ball. With the idea that everyone loved her comedy. One hundred percent Golden Retriever, Lucy enjoys jaunts, play and the typical shenanigans of a retriever.

Goldendoodle - Roslyn
We've had Charlie since he was about 10 weeks old and boy, has he grown in the last several months! With an appetite that grows just as fast as he does, he's one of our most active dogs!

Beaglier - Roslyn Heights
Sammi is just an adorable puppy that wants to play and be loved all of the time. I love walking her and watching her overnight. She loves to play with my pup Herbie and loves to play with all the doggies she sees. She is so sweet and lovable!!

Cavalier - Plandome

Roxie & Abbie
- Manhasset
Roxie and Abbie go hand in hand. You will never see one without the other. However, they have their own minds and could pull us in two different directions but always end up with a great walk. They can't wait for treats after their walk.

Goldendoodle - Roslyn
Lucky is a fluffy ball of FUN! She is extremely friendly and gives the best hugs ever. She loves long walks around the neighborhood and play dates with her best friend Herbie!

Rottweiler - Glen Cove
Baby is so sweet and a big mush! I had the pleasure of pet sitting her during the holidays and it was a pleasure to get to know her. She was playful, hungry, alert, and protective! I never felt so safe :) She loved playing with her toys and playing tug of war. I am proud to have Baby as a client!

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Logan Klein
Port Washington
I have been using IHPS for 5 years now both in Queens and Nassau and I have always found them to be reliable and trustworthy. Their service is extremely easy to use and I would recommend them to any pet owner in the area.

Roslyn, NY
Zachary and Dana have been taking such wonderful care of our new puppy! We are thrilled that we are able to use them. Chivas LOVES when they come to see him!!

Roslyn Heights
Thank u so much for helping to take care of our furry son griffin while we were gone - you were totally great and you really helped keep our minds at ease so we could enjoy a rare family getaway.
We are so happy to know you are around when we might need you again (and I%u2019m sure we will!) I have already told my friends about how wonderful you were and will continue to do so. One of the photos you sent is now warren's screensaver on his phone! :) The Griffin notebook is so cute!

Sometimes Jordie can be stubborn and not want to go out....she gets so excited to see the walkers that she will always go out with them!

Port Washington
You guys are the best!!! You treat Hulk like family!! THANK YOU!!

Port Washington
We have been using In Home Pet Services take care of Lucky since November. We have been "Lucky" to find them!

East Hills
I HIGHLY recommend IHPS!! My two rescues absolutely love them.