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Mixed Breed - Mineola
Zen loves to go for walks in the neighborhood and greeting anyone he sees! He also enjoys his bacon treats :)

Mixed Breed - Mineola
Gizmo loves to go for walks and sniff everything in sight! He loves attention, food, and treats :)

Mixed Breed - Mineola
Mason loves to go for long walks! He loves getting treats and lots of belly rubs :)

Mixed Breed - Old Westbury
Bently loves walking around his house, especially the backyard! He likes to nature watch during his time with us :)

Mixed Breed - East Williston
Darla loves to see her dogwalkers walk inside the house because she knows its play time! A sweet energetic dog, she loves her long walks, treats, and playing Fetch!

Charlie :)
Poodle - Stewart Manor
He is very playful and very cute, he loves his treats.

Schweenie - Mineola
Zoey is very playful! She loves people, cuddling, and treats!

Poodle - Mineola
Marco gets very excited whenever he sees us! He loves his walks and also playing indoors with his toys. He also really loves belly rubs and his treats :)

Golden Retriever - New Hyde Park
Our big boy loves to go for walks and is always so happy to see us :)

Bulldog Boxer Mix - Mineola
She is a very happy girl! She loves her long walks and enjoys playing with her toys! She is very well-behaved and a very sweet girl :)

Terrier Mix - New Hyde Park
Abby loves going for walks and playing Fetch in the backyard! She is bright ball of energy :)

French Bulldog - Mineola
He likes to go for scenic walks and is always happy to see us!

Chocolate Lab - Garden City
Sophie loves being outside! She likes to lay down on the grass and people watch. She enjoys it a lot when people give her attention and pet her and mix in some belly rubs!

Gyzmo & Mia
Gyzmo (German Shepherd & Akita Mix), Mia (Terrier Mix) - Mineola
Gyzmo and Mia loves going for walks! Mia also likes to prank Gyzmo often. Gyzmo loves belly rubs, and they both enjoy playing with their toys. Their enthusiasm is infectious when they see us ready to go for a walk :)

French Bulldog - Garden City
Milo loves going for his walks! He loves sniffing everything in front of him and would taste it all if he could! He especially loves when it is time for lunch with Maisie, his sister, and starts jumping for joy!

King Charles Cavalier - Mineola
Lexi is a very sweet girl and likes going for walks around the block! She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle! She gets very happy when she sees us coming to walk her!

Cocker Spaniel - New Hyde Park
She has a lot of energy and loves her treats, she likes to play o lot and take long walks.

Terrier Mix - Garden City
He is a very happy boy, loves his long walks, and gets very happy when he sees a treat :)

Pug - Mineola
Jell-O loves her walks and spending time with her brother, Choco! She also enjoys getting into costumes and celebrating!

Mixed Breed - Mineola
This little girl loves her walks and plays with the wind and leaves. She loves to destroy her toys, but she is very sweet and loving!

Rottweiler - Westbury
Cane loves to run around in the backyard and play catch with a soccer ball!

Dawn & Phoebe
- Mineola
Dawn and Phoebe love playing with their toys and eating a lot of treats!

Poodle Mix - Mineola
He is an awesome little pup who is very sweet and loving :)

portuguese water dog - Garden City
we don't see our friend nacho everyday, he is a very playful pup who like to take long walks and have his treats after each walk

Goldendoodle - Mineola
Copper is a lively dog and enjoys playing Fetch in the doggy run!

Mixed Breed - Mineola
Choco is a bundle of energy! He loves his walks and especially our dogwalker, Diana! He plays with his sister, Jell-O, in the backyard, and they enjoy getting into mischief together!

Kodi (a.k.a Cuchimuchi)
Labrador - Mineola
She is an adorable and a very happy girl! She is very loving and gets very happy when we walk in to walk her. She is a very good listener :)

- Mineola
He is a very cute friend who likes to watch TV and likes to sit on our heads ;)

German Shorthaired Pointer - Mineola
Moe is a very happy and energetic dog! He loves to take long walks and spend a lot of time in the doggy park :)

Poodle - East Williston
Rocky loves to go for walks and gets very excited when he sees us! He enjoys playing in the backyard with his toys :)

French Bulldog - Garden City
Maisie is a sweet-tempered girl who loves going for her daily walks! She always looks forward to lunchtime with her brother, Milo :)

Beagle - Mineola
Lola loves going for walks, sniffing everything in sight, and especially when we give her belly rubs and treats!

- Mineola
Fred loves being outside, people watching, and lots of belly rubs! Sometimes we think he thinks he is a dog!

Toy Poodle - Mineola
Archie is a very happy dog, loves long walks, and plays with his toys all the time! He is friendly with people and other animals and loves belly rubs!

Australian Toy Sheperd - Mineola
She is an adorable puppy! She loves to play with her toys around the apartment and search for treats! She is very smart :)

Labradoodle - West Hempstead
She is a big girl who loves her long walks and treats! She is such a loving pup and loves kids :)

Labradoodle - West Hempstead
Our beautiful big girl like her walks and loves to spend time with her friend Tara! She loves to play with her toys :)

Mr. B
French Bulldog - Mineola
This little guy loves his walks and is such a sweet heart! He likes his treats and loves to play with his tennis ball :)

German Shepherd - Carle Place
She is a very cute small girl, she loves going for long walks and run after squirrels. We like to play with her in the back yard with her toys, and she is always full of energy :)

Labrador Retriever - East Williston
She is an adorable puppy, she loves to play in the snow, and loves belly rubs, We are very lucky to have Peppa as part of our furry family. She is such a sweet and well behaved girl.
She loves our daily walks and enjoys meeting new doggies and people :)

Mixed Breed - New Hyde Park
He loves to go for his long walks on Mondays! He has a lot of energy and loves to make new friends :)

Boston Terrier - Mineola
Louie likes to go for long walks with his dogwalker! He likes to snack on his treats and greeting other people!

Sheepdog - West Hemsptead
Wasabi loves going for walks outside and grabbing attention from everyone! He loves cuddling and eating his treats :)

Maltese - Albertson
Mandoo loves seeing us walk in! He enjoys walking around the neighborhood, sniffing all the plants, and eating his treats :)

Poodle - Mineola
Lucy is always very happy to see us! She loves going for walks and visiting her friend, Joe, to get belly rubs from him :)

Maltese - Garden City
Max likes going for walks and eating! He loves sleeping on the couch while family is around :)

Mini Australian Shepherd - Mineola
Pepper has a lot of energy and loves going for runs, not just walks! She enjoys treats and also plays with a friend, Prince!

Havanese - Garden City
We love to spend time with him for the overnights. He is such a loving little guy, he loves to cuddle and gives lot of kisses :)

Boxer - Mineola
Daisy likes going for long walks, playing with her toys, and lounging on the couch :)

Mixed Breed - Westbury
Myla loves to cuddle and go for her walks! She enjoys laying on the couch and watching TV with you :)

- Westburry
he is a very happy pup, with lots of energy we don't see him very often but every time he is happy to see us and play with us

Mixed Breed - New Hyde Park
Our friend T-bear loves long walks around the block! He is always very happy to see us, and his happiness is infectious!

Mixed Breed - Garden City
He is a very cute puppy, he loves belly rubs and play in the backyard with his toys.

Australian Shepherd - Mineola
Millie loves to go for long walks and gets very excited when she sees other dogs :)

Poodle - Garden City
Cody loves going for walks and sniffing everything he can possibly find! He really enjoys the time outside :)

Greyhound - Mineola
Norman likes speedy walks and showing his love! Belly rubs are his favorite!

Beagle - Roslyn Heights
This little guy is the cutest and most loving pup! He loves his walks and likes to play with his toys, and he has a lot of friends in the neighborhood :)

Riley & Levi
Riley (Golden Retriever Mix), Levi (German Shepherd Mix) - Mineola
Levi & Riley are very friendly! Levi loves to play around with his sister, all the time! They love treats, the doggy park, and play with other friends :)

German Shepherd - Garden City
Bella enjoys walks outside and treats. She loves receiving attention :)

Mia & Papi
Boston Terrier - Mineola
Mia has a lot of energy and is a very happy dog! She loves snacking on treats, playing with her big sister, Papi, and going for walks. Papi likes to sniff everything on their walks. They are both very affectionate and love showering it on others!

April & Chili
Mixed Breed - Mineola
These two adorable pups are very joyful and love their treats. We love to take them for daily walks :)

Lily & Lucy
Shih Tzu - Garden City
We are so happy to have these two princesses as part of our Mineola family! They love to go for short walks and get their treats after each walk. :)

Yorkie - Mineola
Prince lives up to his name! He loves to go for walks around the block and let everyone know he was there! He is very playful and especially loves it when you give him attention!

Mixed Breed - Mineola
Toby loves going on very long walks, cuddling, and getting attention!

Mastiff - Mineola
Molly enjoys her daily walks, belly rubs, and cuddling! She stays calm, cool, and collected after her walks :)

Yorkie - Mineola
Leo loves going for walks and visiting friends! He loves to play with his toys and cuddling :)

German Shepherd - Mineola
Faye is the sweetest dog! She is very friendly, loves going for long walks, and playing Tug-of-War!

Bojangles & Kal
Mixed Breed - Westbury
Bojangles and Kal love playing with each other and going for long walks around the neighborhood. They have tons of energy and let loose with each other :)

Boxer Mix - New Hyde Park
Lexi loves to go for long walks around the neighborhood. She likes snacking on her treats and belly rubs!

Golden Retriever - Roslyn Heights
Maggie has a lot of energy and loves going on very long walks!

Teddy Mix - Mineola
Milly is a very sweet girl, friendly with lots of energy! She loves her treats and playtime :)

Black Lab - Mineola
He is our big boy! Very timid when we are taking him for his walks, but he gets very happy every time he sees us coming in! He loves his cheese treats, and belly rubs are his favorite :)

Golden Retriever Mix - Mineola
She is an adorable girl who likes to play with her froggy toy and loves her treats after her daily walks.

Chocolate Lab - Mineola
He is such an adorable pup! He loves his walks mostly when he gets to play with the snow! He fill us with kisses every time he gets to spend time with us :)

Beagle Mix - Mineola
Archer loves long walks and plays with all of his toys! He gets very excited whenever he sees us coming to spend time with him :)

Mixed Breed - New Hyde Park
Our friend Oscar is our Boriqua boy! He is a gentleman and caring pup and is always aware of what is going on with us! He enjoys his long walks and the playing time in the backyard :)

Dachshund - Mineola
Beans loves going on walks and taking a pit stop at the doggy park! She loves her belly rubs, treats, and sitting on the terrace watching the outside :)

Terrier Mix - Mineola
Roxy is a gentle soul! She gets very happy when she sees us and loves to go for long walks in the neighborhood. She also loves to interact with humans and other dogs and is always open for cuddling and belly rubs :)

Pug - Mineola
He is such a cute loving pup! He is always next to us when we are walking him, and he loves his big bones and also playing with his toys :)

Skye & Reagan
Skye (Old English Bulldog), Reagan (Mix Breed) - Mineola
These two girls are so cute and loving, they like to go for long walks, they love their treats and they play dead :) Skye likes to show us her toys, and Reagan likes to cuddle. We are so happy to have them as part of our Mineola family.

Boston Terrier - Mineola
Oliver loves to go for very long walks and spending time with humans! He enjoys playing with his toys and chomping on any kind of food :)

Bodhi & Ruby
Bodhi (French Bulldog), Ruby (Mixed Breed) - Mineola
They are very loving and like to go after squires, their best moment is when you give them a treat, they love to play around and have fun. :)

Mixed Breed - Mineola
Scout loves going for walks! He especially likes when you pay a lot of attention to him and give him treats :)

Samoyed - Mineola
She is a very happy and playful dog! She loves her belly rubs, treats, and play with other dogs at the doggy park!

Poodle Mix - Mineola
Peanut loves to go for walks and eat her treats! She loves to lay on the couch and have someone rub her belly :)

Remi & Dharma
Terrier Mix - Westbury
They are adorable, they love to take long walks and treats,

King Charles - Mineola
He loves his short walks, and he is very sweet and loving!

Mixed Breed - Mineola
Hudson likes to go for walks and sniffs everything! He enjoys playdates and snuggling with his friends :)

King Charles Cavalier - Mineola
Sammy loves to go for walks and sniff everything in his path! He loves his treats and belly rubs!

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Welcome to the In Home Pet Service Family. Johanna is a wonderful lady who shows much love and caring for pets of all sizes.
We have been looking for someone who is the right fit for the Mineola location and without a doubt she is the perfect fit.
She is dedicated on a daily basis to improving the quality of lives for the pets she cares for :)

In Home Pet Services are Skye and Reagans favorite dog walkers! From daily walks to extended overnights, In Home Pet Services does everything. We are always comfortable knowing that our dogs receive the best care everyday. John and Johana are very organized and punctual. They treat every pet like their own. We would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

East Williston
Joanna is an excellent pet walker. She is responsible, trustworthy and very loving. We work outside the home so our puppy sees Joanna twice a day. To keep us apprised of how our puppy has behaved during the day, Joanna keeps a notebook in our home. This allows us to communicate any praises, concerns or other matters with regards to our puppy.

We feel comfortable having Joanna come to our home to take care of our puppy. We know she takes good care of our puppy because we see our puppy's reaction whenever she sees Joanna - she gets really excited and lies on her back for a belly rub! We are fortunate to have found such a caring companion for our puppy. We love Joanna as much as our puppy loves her.

I've been using this service since November of 2015. I'm very happy with the service so far. Johana has been super reliable and flexible. She is great with my dogs, they seem to love her. I would definitely recommend!

To have found an in home pet service was very alleviating of all the stress I had, knowing that I had trips and wondering what will I do with my pet bird. I emailed Johanna she called within half hour, we arranged for her to meet my parrotlet Sebby, , she was very loving and attentive to all the instructions and routine for Sebby. I have been using her services since March of 2016 , Johanna and her partner have always Been available when I need them, weather is for coming early morning to wake up Sebby , in the middle of the day just to make sure he eats or in the evening to put to sleep for the night. They clean up his silly mess and leave notes as to how the visit went. they are loving. I trust them in my home. They are very responsible, I highly recommend their services.

We used In Home Pet Services on Mineola to watch 5 dogs while on a two week trip. Johanna was great with our dogs as well as our house. She took our mail in as well as watered plants. The dogs loved her! She was pleasant to work with as well as great with our furry kids! I highly recommend her!

Kathy & Jenna M.
Thank you Diana for taking such wonderful care of Buddy and Isabella this weekend! It was so reassuring to know that they were in excellent hands and that we didn't have to worry about leaving them. Your day by notes notes were terrific
Wags and kisses from them and another big thank you from us!!

Johana is great! Both my dogs love when she comes to walk them. She cares very much for my children to the point she texts me daily to see how my boy Gizmo is recovering from double knee surgery. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!!!