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Ok not only is Sebastian adorable but he answers to his name!!! Can you imagine. Sebastian loves visits from us. As soon as he hears the keys in the door he is meowing. Who knows maybe that is cat talk for "who is it?" He has a collection of toys that he likes to play with. What an awesome kitty!

Look at this adorable little kitty! Mitzi is 6 1/2 years young and fulll of kitty life! She loves her little yarn ball as you can see! Her brush, laser toy and cat tail are some of her favorites but she really loves snuggling. She was so excited to see me when I came through the door meowing like crazy. Some kitties just find a special place in your heart!

- Crown Heights
Igby is such a fun loving big kitty who can play with you all day long! He looks forward to his food being put down, but once you take his basket of toys out then he's really up for some fun. He loves to meow and hates when I leave :( Don't worry Igby I'll be back soon!

- Clinton Hill
18 years old! Can you believe it! George is like a kitty. I am sure his brother Cable keeps him young at heart! He enjoys a hearty meal and then crawls up in his box for a fast little kitty nap. These two kitties live the life! Lots of love and good care!

Look at this face. I love it! We have fun on our walks although we are waiting for the cooler weather and then our walks will be awesome! I love how when Charlie is on his way back up to the apartment he runs up to the top of the landing to wait for you then runs up the next! He knows there is fresh water and a yummy bone waiting for him!

- Clinton Hill
This kitty loves to greet you at the door and run like crazy. He loves when you come in to visit him. He gives you his belly for you to rub then waits like a good boy near his bowl for his yummy meal. So very handsome my heart melts. Time to play Billie enjoys his string. You would never believe hes 10!

Look at Molly's new little brother all grown up and has his own personality. This little guy loves to hide under his favorite red chair. One day Willy was playing hide and seek a little too well for me! Did you know a cat can give you a heart attack! Little bugger....found him a day later!

- Clinton Hill
Look at this big guy! What a handsome charming little fella! Brutus took to me right away! He meowed me as soon as I walked through the door. He loves waiting in the window for me to come back in from the yard! TOO CUTE! You do know that adorable action got him some extra pounce! Haha! Hope to see Brutus again soon!

These two cuties have the life! Sweet adorable kitties with their tiffany hearts on. They love to see who is coming in to mind them and they love when they hear the fridge open to get a special yummy treat. With all their cat doors I can just imagine what they do when no one is home!

Shephard Mix - Sunset Park
What a great dog! Ty lives with his mom and his grandma and his little cat friend. When his mom is out we take Ty for nice long walks. He leads the way and I follow. Although he likes to see other dogs in the neighborhood he doesn't like to get too close. He is grandmas lucky charm when we go to buy her lotto tickets! When our walk is over he knows he is getting a double treat! One from me and one from grandma! Lucky dog!

Meow meow meow! Smokey would sing to me everytime I walked in the door! She loves to follow you around and wait for you to prepare her feast! A 12 year old kitty filled with spunk love and meowing! It was an absolute pleasure to watch Smokey! Hope to see her soon!

Oh Molly Molly Molly girl! This crazy kitty is so much fun to be around! She plays fetch! Can you believe it. Molly actually sits for you to throw the ball and then she runs as fast as she can catches the ball and brings it back. She also will look for you anywhere you go, can we consider that hide and seek? Molly loves when you crack open a soda. Shes like Curious George in a kitty body. Haha

- Bed Stuy
Katinka is a sweetie who lives with her brothers Stuart & Buddy. She loves to come out to eat but sometimes runs when she gets her meds. Sometimes this crazy little kitty likes to hide under the couch.

Another kitty who loves to play fetch! Wedge is one of the most handsome cats I have ever seen! He has an amazing personality! He is so good about taking his meds and after hes done with that we break into his toy pile. He loves his little feather toys and the little crazy mice toys. Wait till you see his fun pics on the camp site :)

- Bed Stuy
Topaz, Niblet and Gizmo are the cutest Kitties ever! Topaz loves to sit on her mommy's pillow and then when she sees its you, shes gone in a flash! Under the bed she goes and thats about it for the visit!

Tyke and Chico are like two peas in a pod! Cute little kitties who just love to get some attention. Tyke is a champ about getting his meds, and Chico loves to play but when he has had enough a little swipe he will give! Hope to see these two kitties soon!

Cornelius A.K.A Corny
- Park Slope
Look at this kitty! Corny has come such a long way! When we started watching Corny we would find him under the sheets and he would not come out! Now he greets us at the door and he loves when Margot visits! Rolling all around and showing off his handsomeness! We love watching over Corny!

Jazzy Jazz! Jazz is a funny little kitty. Sometimes she will come see who entered her castle and sometimes you have to go find her. Her favorite hiding spot: under the bed SHHHHHHHHH! She loves to play with her fishing pole. After she's had enough she climbs onto the window to look outside to see if anything good is going on.

- Crown Heights
Bing is Igby's little brother and he likes to sit back and observe every little move I make. He loves to watch Igby roll around and play with his toys. I know one day I will be able to pull him out of his shell!

Niblet is a special kitty in so many ways! She loves to play with toys and string and her tunnel! Loves all the attention one kitty can get and trust me all the attention is on Niblet!

- Bed Stuy
Look at this beautiful sweet girl! Gizmo loves to come out to see who is visiting her! I don't know if shes more excited to see us, or that she knows she is going to be fed or if we are breaking out the cat nip!!!!! Whoo hoo cat nip!!!!!! Yes I think that's it!

- Bed Stuy
Stuart lives with his sister Katinka and his brother Buddy. He loves to try to steal his siblings yummy food and sometimes we just have to give in! He loves playing with his feather toy but beware he can get very frisky.

Although I only had a short stay with this handsome little kitty we had much fun! Cervantes loved to rub against my legs round and round. He would come running out of the bedroom the minute I came into the door. He loved when I would throw some treats around he would fetch like a puppy! Can't wait to sit for Cervantes again!

- Cobble Hill
What a sweet little kitty! It took some time until Fiver was used to me but once he was comfy he let me play with him and we even had a couple of head rubbing sessions! One favorite spot for Fiver is his cardboard box! Crazy little kitty! I really hope to be seeing more of Fiver in the future!

This is BB. Handsome little BB. BB shares a house with his two sisters Musti & Zazu. When I had the honors of watching these three little kitties the only one who came to see me was BB. So sweet with the best meow ever!!! BB enjoys greeting you, being fed and then taking a walk in the best backyard I ever saw! I can't wait to watch BB again. Maybe next time his sisters will come out.


Patrick is a sweet little kitty when he wants to be. He loves when you serve him his wet food dinner. Catnip holy cow the best thing in the world! "Sprinkle more!" is what he would say if he could. You know we have to keep the treats locked up or else he would get to them!

Lop Ear Bun Bun - Red Hook
Yeah a bunny! I love bunnies! Zelli loves to see me but stay far away from Zellie with a broom! ATTACK!!!! Zellie enjoys all soughts of greens, apples and carrots! Yum

Tyke and Chico are like two peas in a pod! Cute little kitties who just love to get some attention. Tyke is a champ about getting his meds, and Chico loves to play but when he has had enough a little swipe he will give! Hope to see these two kitties soon!

This is the first sighting of Leo after watching him a couple of times! Thank goodness I had my cell phone handy! Snap! Got the pix! Now if we can only get close enough to meet Leo and to actually get to know him. I'll keep you posted! SOOO the latest James actually got some affection from Leo! Yeay! I'm so excited he is coming out of his shell must be that new little kitty Brooklyn hes sharing his home with!

These two cuties have the life! Sweet adorable kitties with their tiffany hearts on. They love to see who is coming in to mind them and they love when they hear the fridge open to get a special yummy treat. With all their cat doors I can just imagine what they do when no one is home!

Marcus & Luna
These kitties just love when they hear that key turn the lock!!!! They come running to the door to see me!!!! I know why not because they love me because they know they are being fed! Hungry sweet kitties :) And the best is when I get thank you meows from Marcus.

- Clinton Hill
Look at these big round eyes! Cable loves to greet me at the door when I come over. He is so sweet. When I get his dinner ready he is by my feet waiting. After dinner this kitty is so good while he takes is inhaler. What a good little kitty!

- Bed Stuy
Sweet handsome little Buddy. So quiet and sweet. He loves his brother and sister. As you can see he looks forward to his meals and once in a while Stuart moves in ... don't worry Buddy we supervise feedings! Haha enjoy Buddy!

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For many years, Andrea has cared for my dogs in my home. I've been able to go away with total peace of mind, knowing that my dogs were being given the very best care. Murphy, now deceased, was highly medically involved, and Andrea always administered his medication and care plan as ordered by our Vet. She is loving and reliable, and is an absolute godsend.

Margaret Kelly-Kenefick
Andrea's capabilities and experience with animals is only superceded by her extreme love for them. She is a joy and makes leaving your pet at home worry free. Her knowledge and dedication makes her the perfect choice to care for your pet. Our Nikki is a very high strung pup ,but he just loves Andrea. When we return home it is apparent how well he has been cared for. I highly recommend Andrea and her In Home Pet Services. She is the best.

AnnMarie and John
Andrea is someone who truly loves what she does. She is so dependable and our dogs always get the royal treatment when in her care. I call her my "dog whisperer" because in addition to taking excellent care of Heidi and Pugsley she is knowledgeable and helps me solve any doggie problems. Truly "the BEST"!!!!!!

Park Slope
So happy to have Andrea and Margot to help me take care of Charlie. He always loves his walker, and their consistent updates make me feel in-the-loop. I consistently recommend them to anyone looking for a walker!

Erica (Mom of Marcus & Luna)
Clinton Hill
I am so happy to finally have found the perfect pet sitters! Reliable, flexible, and willing to deal with my last minute life are only the beginning of what I value in the service. They really go above and beyond and when i come home, the cats could care less I'm there (a tell tale sign they've been well attended to.) One instance Marcus needed meds and one of the sitters went out and bought pill packs for us to make administering them to our cat easier! Really was a great sense of ease to know they had only our cats' best interest in mind.

We can go away with peace of mind because of Andrea. We know that our Allie is happy and well taken care of. This is not only because of her knowledge of animals but because she truly cares about and loves them. The best place to leave your pet.

Joan and Gary

Kim Shamoun
I absolutely adore Andrea! This company is amazing! I knew from the start that my lil Bow was in the best care imaginable! He is surely a handful and I feel so blessed that she has so much compassion for animals and knows exactly how to care for them, especially the shelter dogs , that were abused and have special needs , as my Bow does.I knew that he would be taken care of as her own.Words cannot express how thankful I am ! Bow can't wait to see you again By the way! xoxo

Ryan, Dixon's father
Andrea is the absolute best dogwalker. She is kind, caring, extremely flexible (I can't tell you how many times I have called her last minute and she always comes through) and wonderful with dogs. She is always attentive to Dixon's needs and leaves me a note everyday about how the walk went. Most important Dixon loves her!

Jade & Bobby Munday
It is our pleasure to write this feedback on behalf Andrea and In Home Pet Services of Marine Park .Andrea took our dog Katie for two nights and three days, and we couldn't be happier with her services. She is dependable, flexible,loving and caring. Not only was my dog loved and cared for she was kept in a situation like her home where she was walked ,loved, played with, and spoiled rotten. My husband is so thrilled to know now that we have a place to leave our big girl , when we go on vacation, and we know that she is in the best hands. Andrea has been highly dependable and we would recommend her services to all dog owners!!

Thank-you Andrea, these pets need more people like you in this world!!!

Andrea has been walking and caring for my boy for a few months now and I couldn't be happier, not to mention how happy he is. She is a big help and makes you feel comfortable from the start. I love that she's fills me in on the little details of their visits and Avery assures me that he's enjoyed her company by how thrilled he is after she's been with him. If your looking for the right person for your pet I am pretty sure you'll be happy with Andrea too!

Elin Kinberg
Andrea is GREAT!
I was a nervous wreck going on vacation because I was afraid our cats would fight and we would come home to disaster.
Instead, because of Andrea's special touch, our cats were happy, healthy, calm, and getting along better than ever. It is so comforting to know that we can take vacation and our girls will be in the best hands. Thanks Andrea! You and your company are the find of a lifetime!