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The Staff

Diana started this business in January 2011 but is no stranger to the world of professional pet sitting. She was a full-time staff member of In Home Pet Services of Northeast Queens for over 3 years. Her unconditional love for animals helped her make the decision to start a business that would benefit both pets and their owners. She is also a lifetime pet owner and she previously did volunteer work with the ASPCA with walking and socializing dogs, as well as caring for cats.
Diana is also trained in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Diana Isabel
Dog Walker / Pet Sitter
Diana has been around pets her entire life and she is currently the owner of beautiful doggie named Lola.
Diana says in her own words, "Having pets make your life full of happiness and unconditional love. Everyone should have the possibility of sharing their days with a pet"
She is trained in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter
Maria has been part of our team since 2011. Her love and dedication to our clients makes a difference in their lives and families.
Maria has been a pet owner all her life. She knows how to medicate and handle special need pets.
She loves the out doors and enjoys spending time with them.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter
Nicole has grown with animal in her family since she can remember.
She has taken care of her own and her family pets when they are away.
Nicole loves to be around pets and wishes to make them happy and comfortable while their owners are not present.

Pet Sitter
Alexia is a natural pet lover.
She has helped taking care of her neighbors' dogs many times and helped raised her mother's dog as well.
Alexia is the proud owner of a cat, turtle, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders.
She is attending school to be a Veterinary Technician and she can also administer medications if needed.

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter - Assistant Manager
Maria was a member of In Home Pet Services of Northeast Queens for 2 years and she is now part of the staff of In Home Pet Services of Forest Hills. She has a degree in Biology and understand the importance of taking care of all living things.
Maria takes care of the majority of our feline clientele.
She is trained in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter
Wendy grew up with dogs ( Border Collies ) and was always very involved in their care, from walking, medicating, grooming, etc.
She is also highly experienced with cats.
Wendy loves the outdoors and enjoys deeply taking care of our clients' pets.

Andrea has been part of our team since October 2014.
She is our main boarding/sitter and takes care of our furry friends in the comfort of her own home.
Andrea loves being able to give all the love and attention our clients need from her home and our clients enjoy being pampered and loved without having to be crated :)

Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter
Lupita has been around animals all her life.
She grew up in a farm where she helped taking care of her own caws, horses, chickens, pigs, and other farm animals.
As an adult living in the city, she has always owned dogs, cats, fish, and other pets.
Lupita enjoys the outdoors and she specially loves being able to help taking care of our four legged friends :)