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Dalmatian - Gerritsen Beach
Pepper is a sweet girl who loves to greet you at the door. She likes to go for a walk but when her business is done she heads right back home! She is a rescue and is probably so happy that her owners took her in. She gets A LOT of love!!!!!

Schnauzer - Mill Basin
Schnauzers are outgoing, lively, trustworthy dogs and that in a nut shell describes Gretchen. Gretchen took to me right away. I picked her up and she sat in the seat like a big girl enjoying the car ride. When she entered camp she went up to each dog, almost as if she was introducing herself! Its no surprise to me that she is super friendly, for she shares her kingdom with kitties, birds, and turtles. Being the only doggie in the house, and having a great day socializing with the other pups, Gretchen loves her stays here at IHPS.

Rat Terrier - Breezy Point
Jasper is such a good little girl and is very adorable once she gets to know you. She loves to be praised when out on her walks. When she gets in she goes right for her bed and then quickly remembers that she is supposed to get a treat!!! Love that little face!

Teddy & Rosie
Pitt Mix - Breezy Point
Where do I begin with these two sweeties? Teddy is a big sweet mush ball who just loves to get all of your love and affection. One day with Teddy and he will win your heart! He loves to play with balls and enjoy when his sister Rosie starts to whirl things up!
Rosie is such a sweet little devil! Her adorable face with that one ear always flapped over is her weapon!!!! This little girl is filled with mischief, spunk, energy and some naughtiness!!!! I love when Teddy & Rosie come to visit it brings the "big puppy" life to town! They run around like they are 5 pounds each! Haha

Shih Tzu - Marine Park
Fillmore is just an adorable dog who loves his blankie and his crate! He would wait to see that his brother Mookie was settled and then out comes the blankie! Wherever Fillmore wanted to lay was where he would drag blankie to!

Pug - Breezy Point
Oh what to say about Mugsy. She has such a great personality. She goes along with anything and likes just about everybody. I think she was looking for sand on her walks -it did take some time to get used to the grass! You know what they say you can take the girl out of the beach, but you can't take the beach out of the girl!!!

Bam Bam
Silky - Gerritsen Beach
Bam Bam is a 1 year old Silky just like my Priscilla. He is a lilltle ball of fire! One of his favorite things to do is sit on your lap and give you kisses. He loves to follow his big brother Boo Boo all around. We can't wait to have these little guys back at camp!

Yorkie - Belle Harbor
Chloe is a 5 year old rescue who came to live with the best owners ever! She lives in Belle Harbor but also takes frequent trips to her home in Puerto Rico! Can you imagine that! I really hope that she gets to stay with us a little more, or maybe she will need our services in Puerto Rico!!! Should I start packing? Ha Ha !

Baby Madigan
Beagle Mix - Marine Park
OH MY OH MY!!!!! Baby Madigan is what I call a Devilish Angel! She is soooo sweet and at the same time a real wild child! She loves to be around you and have all of your attention. She really likes to go on play dates with just about any size dog! I often wonder if there is anything in the world that will tired her out! Oh and the angel side of her loves snuggling on the couch with you!

- Marine Park
Felix my boy! I just enjoy visiting with Felix! He lives with his mom and definitely is King of His Castle. Felix hangs on his favorite recliner with a couple of stuffed kitties, or sometimes he hangs upstairs and when that can of food opens up you can hear him coming down the steps! Too cute!! Felix has found it in his heart to accept a rescue kitty from the storm into his home. It took some time but I know deep down inside he loves Taylor!

Black Lab - Bergen Baech
OOh boy Jax. Our little pup is a ball of energy! He loves to great Colleen and when he sees his leash watch your nose! He gets soooo excited he can't help himself jump all around! He loves the park, the pool , the treat jar, and we even learned he likes the pillows on the couch! hahaha Anyone who walks Jax needs to be ready for some fun!

Heidi & Pugsly
Puggles - Marine Park
Can you imagine that a year ago these two guys lived in seperate houses with people who didn't love them as much as the family they live with now? They love playing with their brother and sisters and taking walks with their dad. It's so nice to see two rescues be so happy!

Beagle - Marine Park
Casey is a creature of habit. As soon as she hears her name she comes carefully down the steps for her walk. Casey likes to lead the walk. She loves to walk up Flatbush Avenue, I think it's the McDonald french fries she smells, and then comes right straight home after her walk. She loves getting her 2 bones as soon as she gets in. She loves her home!

Golden - Bergen Beach
Look at this big mush ball! This is how I find Pheobe every day when I come in for her walk. She looks at me as to say "do I really have to get up?" but then i say "wanna go out?" Pheobe jumps on up and away we go. She has her own agenda for our walk...I don't mind, you do know you have to respect your elders!

Yellow Lab - Bergen Beach
OMG where do I start with Maggie! What a crazy, silly, fun puppy! Maggie stayed with us at camp while her family was away and I think she had more of a vacation than they did! She mingled with lots of other dogs, played in the backyard, jumped in the pool, and then returned to the couch after her fun filled dsay! She loves the company of other dogs! I hope Maggie will be back soon!

Chow Mix -
Charlie is a very handsome pup according to myself and his girlfriend Peaches. He loves people attention nd loves to mingle with other pups! Outside time was his favorite part of camp. Running all around and then returning to me for some kisses!

Shih Tzu - Gerritsen Beach
Teddy fell into the lap of a wonderful lady who has given him a beautiful life. He gets really excited when you show him his leash. He has a big side yard that he would run around in all by himself until he met Telly! We now have play dates almost every day of the week! What a lucky dog!

Dachshund - Midwood
Dexter is a shy timid dog until you show him a ball! He can play fetch for hours!!! He loves to jump on the couch and sit with you. It takes a while for him to get used to you, but once he does he is a snuggly one!

Mastiff - Mill Basin
OMG!!! Can you say GINORMOUS???? Jack is one of the biggest puppies I have ever seen in my entire life! Jack has become Jimmy's best friend. He loves to go out on his walk simply for some exercise! He likes to jump up on you to let you know just how much he loves you! Brace yourself this boy can knock you down! So when he grows up he will a good -natured docile companion. We will keep you posted! :)

Maltipoo - Mill Basin
Meet Willie the smart dog. Not only is he hansome but very, very intelligent. If you tell Willie to get a specific toy he will search around until he finds that toy! He came to stay at dog camp and went absolutely nuts with the ball bin! His best friend is CoCo, whom he finds comfort with when he is here. We hope to see more of Willie everyone here just adored him.

Toy Chihuahua - Mill Basin
Chico has to be one of the sweetest Chihuahuas I have ever met! He loves to hang out with you on the couch and can really be a snuggle bunny at times. His little sister loves to bite on his legs but he is so sweet he just lets it go. He rather play fight with his brother Oliver.

Basenji Boxer Mix - Marine Park
Kansas born now living in Marine Park! Talk about a change. This is Missy. Missy loves going on walks "talking" throughout the whole walk. Yup Missy talks to people, other dogs, pigeons, squirrels, and sometime even leaves. Haha. My girl Missy loves her brother Nanook and has the biggest kisses to give him!

Boston Terrier - Brighton Beach
Look at this handsome little guy! Willie has a lot of new wonderful things going on in his life. He is a bit shy when you walk in, thats ok :) Once he has his leash on he is ready to go! He loves to take a skip hop and run along Ocean Parkway! What a great little personality on Willy.

French Bulldog - Rockaway Park
The perfect little buddy. Dexter loves to take a walk on the boardwalk and look at all of the action going on. He is super friendy with other dogs. Can't keep Dexter out too long he is not a fan of the heat. Not to worry Dexter loves to play in the house with all of his toys. They are like his little treasure! He is so much fun to visit.

Groucho & Stella
- Gravesend
These kitties are just so cute! They love their home and their special cat trees their daddy made for them. Mommy makes sure they are well taken care which is why she hired us to care for her kitties! Groucho is so funny! Has a great personality and you will never know where he is unless you look up! Yes up! On his special kitty tree or even up on the cabinets in the kitchen! WOW how did he get up there! Stella on the other hand would crawl up in a ball on Colleen jacket during her visit, after she was served her chow of course. A real queen of her empire.

Maltese - Marine Park
Busta what can I say! I don't get to take this sweetie out on walks I am just the meanie who comes over to give him his shots :( When I get to grandmas house Busta runs from me, but after his shot I get his favorite toy and he plays with me!!! Barking, wagging his tail and running around the table makes me happy ... he does love me!!!!!

- Gravesend
What's not to love about Axel, Big & Strong Yes, but as gentle as they come. He knows when he see's his's a mad dash to the door, flying down the steps, does his business (what feels like all in the matter of seconds for me), to only turn back so that we can have playtime & belly rubs. Axel!!! I could do without all that drool, but hey, I guess it comes with the territory.

- Kensington
Another kitty who loves to play fetch! Wedge is one of the most handsome cats I have ever seen! He has an amazing personality! He is so good about taking his meds and after hes done with that we break into his toy pile. He loves his little feather toys and the little crazy mice toys. Wait till you see his fun pics on the camp site :)

Harry Potter
- Marine Park
So when I first met Harry, he would come out as soon as the door opened expecting his mommy. Once he saw it was me, in the shower he went! Well a lot of things have changed since then!!!! Harry greets me when I come in and even waits for a little treat! I am sooo happy he is lovin me these days!!!!!

Mutt - Gerritsen Beach
My Logan boy!!!! Such a sweet pup from day one! He had a rocky start but we found the solution! A nice walk over to camp to roll around with Beagle and campers for a half hour or so!!!! This is just what the doctor ordered!!!! He now shares his home with Joey a sweetie little black cat that mommy rescued from a car engine!!!!!

- Bay Ridge
Sassy is a sweet 18 year old kitty who loves to just hang around. I think meal time was her favorite time of the day! She wouldn't even wait for me to put the dish down and her licker was already in the bowl!Sometimes when you can't find her you can look into the closet to see if you can find a set of eyes! Too cute!

- Mill Basin
Sunny is such a sweetie once you get to know him!!!! He was a big show off at the consult in front of mommy and daddy but once grandma is around he is a sweet boy waiting for Michael or Nicole to come for his walk! He definitely has puggle energy!!!! Love this little man! He found a great home and is clearly KING of his castle!

- Kings Highway
My little Missy and Westy. Two of my most favorite senior pups who always need extra loving and attention when their mommy is away! Missy always stays by Westy's side and Westy always keeps an eye on Missy. They loved being in camp when mommy left them here! They played outside in the yard for hours!!!! Don't worry mommy I didn't forget their sweaters!

- Bergen Beach
Bubbles, Blossom & Buttercup! Love the names and love the kitties!!!!! Bubbles has an awesome personality meowing and snuggling up to you like she knows you forever! Maybe she just senses that we are animal lovers!!! Blossom & Buttercup creep out when we are playing with Bubbles. They eat their yummy meal and peek to see what we are up to. I am sure after a couple of more visits they will be in our laps just like their sis!

Cee Cee
- Madison

Doberman - Rockaway
Hero is a handsome show dog who loves his daily walks on a Friday. We walk along the avenue and everyone knows who Hero is. Hero loves to walk and is very good with all his commands UNTIL he sees a squirrel! Oh boy hold on tight!

Chewy & Daisy
- Gerritsen Baech
Are these guys just the cutest? They all love to just be home bodies and they enjoy their back yard. Their mommy takes such good care of them and hates leaving them so it is a big complement to us that she leaves them in our care. Not often enough but when she does we eat it up!

- Kensington
Oh Molly Molly Molly girl! This crazy kitty is so much fun to be around! She plays fetch! Can you believe it. Molly actually sits for you to throw the ball and then she runs as fast as she can catches the ball and brings it back. She also will look for you anywhere you go, can we consider that hide and seek? Molly loves when you crack open a soda. Shes like Curious George in a kitty body. Haha

Pitt Bull - Gerritsen Beach
Our hearts melt when we go to walk Soleil! At 12 years old she is more excited than ever to go on her daily walks with us! Tracy found her new best friend. Like I said before she has a very special place in our hearts. Soleil knows exactly where she wants to walk when we go out and when we return she sits like a little lady waiting for her paws to be cleaned. This sweetie even gets her teeth brushed every night after din din.

Husky - Marine Park
Where do I begin with Niko? Well we had a rocky start but now I get love from my big boy. Niko loves to hang in the yard and really hates when playtime is over! You have no idea what I have to do to get him in! Thank god we have 4 hours outside time! After a long day Niko lays on his back with his feet up in the air. He kills me!

Rottweiler - Marine Park
Carla is the biggest, sweetest Rottie around. She loves taking long walks and meeting new dogs. She plays with her favorite friends, Cody and Amber on her block. Although she was a rescue she became very comfortable in her new home right away. She has a mean bark but no bite! Thank goodness!

Koda Bear
English Chocolate Lab - Belle Harbor
Did you ever meet a dog who just walked around, wagged his tail and got along with everyone? Well meet Koda Bear. He definitely has a great time here with all of the other dogs. Big or small it really doesn't matter just as long as we were all together! It's no wonder he has his CGC certificate with the AKC!!!! That's Koda Bear for ya!

Boxer - Rockaway
Look at this face! We can't get through one walk without being stopped a few times. Everyone loves Ginger! She is very affectionate and loving. Enjoys her walks on the boardwalks, loves all the attention, and really loves to get positive reinforcement when all her business is done! I'm sad when the walk is over but soon Ginger will be joining us at Doggie Day Camp!

Maltese - Bay Ridge
AJ is the sweetest little Maltese I ever met. I didn't get to spend too much time with AJ but I am hoping he comes back to stay so we can become close friends.

Corgi - Marine Park
YEAH!!!! My first experience with a Corgi and boy is it great!!!!! Harlie lives with amazing people and amazing people deserve and amazing dog! After we pick out the proper attire for Harlie to wear, we are out for our walk. He loves to meet and greet all of the neighbors. He is like the little mayor of Marine Park! He also loves to have his tummy rubbed. I tell ya this is one cute little guy (must be the ears!!!! Love them!)

Lab Mix - Bergen Beach
Handsome Max! Max took some time to get used to going out on walks with us. Shows the loyalty to his owners like a good boy! At times he would look back at the house and I would imagine he was saying " hey this isn't right my master is at home" haha! Lucky for us he can't wait for Steven or Lori to get there and sometimes he doesn't want the walk to end!

- Marine Park
OH CHLOE!!!!!! Beagle is waiting for you come out and play!!!!! Chloe came to stay and fit right in! She made a best friend in a matter of two minutes! Beagle loved Chloe they chased each other and played with an empty soda bottle for hours out in the yard! I loved listening to both of them howl while they chased each other! Haha

- Gerritsen Beach
Missy as sweet as pie! Loves to greet you with a bone but its all over when she sees her leash she knows shes going for a walk! What a good girl! She loves to meet and greet people on our walk!

Cockerlier - Gerritsen Beach
Oh my goodness is this the most adorable dog you have ever seen? Jackie is the sweetest thing around. She loves coming to doggie day camp and playing around with all of the other dogs. She is also a huge snuggle bunny, and she has the softest coat ever - she will definitely be warm in the winter! I love when Jackie comes to see us!

- Gravesend

Bun waits patiently for his Big Brother Axel to return from his walk, the minute we come back you better have his food ready or else! Once din din is done, we have a mild mannered kitty who just loves to sit on top of the sofa waiting for his turn to get all the attention. Even Axel throws Bun a couple of Face Licks his way.

Chow mix - Mill Basin
Oh Angel baby! Sweet princess with just a hint of witchiness! A brief walk in the morning and nice night strolls and hanging on the porch. A lover of treats and chickie nuggets, she always looked forward to our visits! The best is how she attacks the swiffer. She made us laugh. Tracey and I just love visiting Angel she loves our attention!

Bichorkie - Marine Park
What a spunky little boy! Mikey came to stay with us for a week and we enjoyed him soooooo much! He took some time to adjust to the crazy doge here at camp but after a while he was fine. He always knew when it was bed time...he would crawl right into his cage and wait for his cookie before bed :)

Fox Terrier - Marine Park
Just how lucky is this handsome pooch to find such a wonderful home to live! Mookie is outgoing, and soooo much fun to be around. He loves to go on walks and my favorite is that he loves playing with balls! We had hours of playing catch! Fillmore his brother just sat and watched and gave a Shih Tzu howl or two when things were getting hairy!

Husky Mix - Marine Park
Nanook! Another Kansas born pup who is trying so hard to get used to city life. What? whats that? Oh a leash haha yes our boy Nanook loved running around Kansas but here in Marine Park we have to walk our guys on leashes haha. Our boy is sooo handsome. Walking him is a lot of fun. I think he might be one of Tracy's favorites.

Chihuahua - Bay Ridge
Did you ever wonder of what is on the other side of a rainbow? Did you ever think it could be a dog? Well meet Bow (named after rainbow). Bow was a rescue who fell in the lap of a girl who needed to give love to another dog and Bow was the dog who needed not only a home but lots of love. He is the cutest little Chihuahua and I think he knows it. I love the way he snuggles on the couch or bed after a nice walk. So cute!

French Bulldog - Georgetown
Sweet Charlie girl came to stay with me for a couple of days. It took her some time to break out of her shell and I am not quite sure I experienced the real personality of this sweet doggie. I do hope Charlie comes back to stay so she can mingle and play with the other pups! Don't worry Charlie I will keep your favorite seat warm for you!

Max & Lucy
- Gerritsen Beach
OH my Max and Lucy!!!!! I had the honors of watching these two honeys while mommy enjoyed a trip! They loved every minute of our walks, playtime and even some camp time! Max was such a good big brother watching over Lucy and boy she does play the little sister act! Crazy Lucy never missing a beat of any action going on! Loved spending time with these two! Cant wait for these two to come back!

Beagle - Bay Parkway
Do I have to get up off this comfy couch? Do I have to go out? No but I dont want to, unless.................. can we go near the bakery and smell the fresh bread? Haha this is exactly what Rosco says when Colleen goes to walk him. He definetly has beagle attitude. Some day he enjoys his walks and some day he likes to just relax. Colleen likes the days when he likes to walk!

German Shepherd - Bergen Beach
Look at this face! Our boy is growing up and boy is he handsome and a gentleman! Patton enjoys his walks but he can't wait to get back home to play with you! Round and round the living room we go! Always a puppy at heart!!! LOVE HIM!!!!

- Mill Basin
Ok so we all heard of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but for this darling pup someone special was in the right place at the right time! Trixie was abandoned in the park and Christine took her in with open arms! Lucky Trixie! Trixie loves sleeping in laundry but pops up right away when I come for her walk! She enjoys her walk with her sister Patti and both look forward to their treats when done!

French Bulldog - Mill Basin
Oliver is the oldest brother in his household and definitely acts like it. He gets so excited when you get his leash. He knows he will be strutting his stuff around the neighborhood. When he gets back he knows he is going to have some "ruff" housing fun with his brother Chico.

Terrier Mix - Georgetown
Allie is one beautiful dog! She takes her time getting used to new dogs but once she does she is their play friend for life! She loves to chase around with dogs just about her size! Running, jumping, chasing-it's all fun!!!!She has a little corkiness to her though: she loves to chase down busses and bikes!! Haha what a burst of energy!

Cockerspaniel - Marine Park
My darling little Sandy! Her favorite hobby is relaxing! Thats fine by me I am sure she was a real spunky girl in her younger days. We took a couple of short walks which she enjoyed so much. Funny Sandy would remind me when it was dinner time, another part of the day she just loved! Can't wait for Sandy to come back and stay with us again :)

Shepherd Mix - Eastern Parkway
Moose is one of those dogs that just have a special place in your heart. He was a rescue from a kill shelter and is up there in age but you would never know it! He came here peeked around and started to feel comfortable in minutes! He loved the company of the other dogs and omg he can keep up!!! When he had enough and wanted some loving he came over and crawled under my desk. Time to shut down my computer work and give this sweet thing some lovin!!!!!

- Marine Park
These kitties are just the sweetest around! Jake lives with his sister dog Mia and his two brother cats Elwood and Mickey. Jake loves to hang on his cat tree and look out the window. When he hears the treat bag he comes running! He loves to purr and rub against your legs. Such a loving kitty!

- Kings Highway
My little Missy and Westy. Two of my most favorite senior pups who always need extra loving and attention when their mommy is away! Missy always stays by Westy's side and Westy always keeps an eye on Missy. They loved being in camp when mommy left them here! They played outside in the yard for hours!!!! Don't worry mommy I didn't forget their sweaters!

Boxer - Marine Park
Look at this face!!!! Did you ever so such a beautiful little girl? Roxie came to stay with us for the first time and she was like a pro! She is a very good listener and loves to be played with! At first her owner thought we wouldn't be able to tire her out, boy was he wrong! She had a blast here with all of the other dogs! We can't wait to have her back!

Buddy & Peanut
- Gerritsen Beach
Awe Buddy & Peanut!!!! Buddy found a special place in my heart the minute i met him!!!! A sweet boy who goes with the flow and just loves to be loved! Peanut hmmmmm where do I begin???? Well lets just say I still have 10 fingers sooooo it seems to be working out! Hahaha its ok peanut you are lucky your soooo cute! We love our walks around the neighborhood as long as its not too hot! Buddy leads the way! Hope to see them again soon!

- Gerritsen Beach
Petey my bud! Loves to hang at Uncles house and stays for a week or two. Petey loves to walk by the park and see the kids having fun on the jungle gym and likes to watch the older kids at skate park! Hes such a good boy!

Pitbull - Madison
Yahoo is an old timer, and very set in his ways. He likes to go out to do his business, and then comes right back into his house and onto his bed! There is no messing with him in the morning-I think he really likes to sleep in late. I can't wait to get to know Yahoo little bit better! Hope to see him soon. I see us being good friends in the future!

Old English Bulldog - Marine Park
Look at this cutie pie! Bedford was a puppy born in the storm. He has a great home with a wonderful family! When mom and sis dropped him off for boarding they had tears in their eyes and didn't want to leave. Don't worry they were sent pictures of their boy running around and playing with the other pups! All good fun! Hope to see him again soon!

Chocolate Lab - Gravesend
Avery is definitely the classic energetic lab. He is 8 months old and wants to have all of your attention. He loves to go out and greets just about everyone that passes by. Avery is doing so wonderful on his walks that he deserves to be "Pet of the Month." I am so proud of you Avery!

Yellow Lab - Flatbush/Ditmas Park
Peachy girl!!!! Sweet beautiful and filled with energy! My kind of dog! Peaches loves to come to day camp! I love when she walks into daycamp its like she looks around almost to approve of the dogs that are here! Hahahaha Leash comes off and its party time! She is very good at listening! A lot like me she loves to eat! My kind of gal! Its a good thing she likes to take walks in the park! You know us we need to keep up our girlish figures!

Victorian Bull Dog - Rockaway
Well Buster definitly enjoyed himself here at the Marine Park Spa! Buster relaxed all day literally on all of the pillows he collected on the couch. He would lounge all day untill he saw his leash! Watch out baby this guy will knock ya right over, and yes I am talking from experience! Haha I hope Buster comes back soon we really enjoyed him here.

German Shepherd Mix - Mill Basin
Bailey Bay Girl! Love the energy and play time! Bed time is a different story haha! My little rooster wakes up the farm at 5 AM! I know puppies love attention and this little girl found the right house! She has plenty of human sisters and lots of activites to follow them to! I heard she loves the softball games! An all around family dog! Who can ask for more???

French Bulldog - Gerritsen Beach
Oh my goodness...just look at that face!!!!! Axl is totally adorable. We have many lunch dates throughout the week. He just loves walking through the neighborhood looking at all of the cats and dogs around. He even knows what houses to stop at! He is well known around the beach, it must be hard being so darn cute!

Chihuahua Mix - Ocean Parkway
Look at this sweet sweet little face!!!! I can't help but kiss this little one all day! Kylie comes to doggie day camp a couple of times a week and she LOVES it! All the dogs love her and she is just so simple and sweet. She loves squeak toys and when shes had enough she crawls into her pink princess bed! Wait till you see pix!

Boo Boo
Yorkie - Gerritsen Beach
Boo Boo is a 6 year old sweet Yorkie. He is very mellow and loves to hang out on the top of the couch. He is always looking out for his younger brother Bam Bam. He loves to have his belly rubbed. His favorite toy is his stuffed squirrel.

Tea Cup Chihuahua - Mill Basin
Ok this little girl might be small but she has a really big personality! She loves to run around, jump on her pillow and bark at her brothers! She gets them wild when they play fight and thinks she can join in, but she really is too tiny!

- Brighton Beach
Martini is a beautiful cat that loves to enjoy sitting on her cat condo and making sure all is ok. Once in a while she watches her brand new sister Remy to make sure she is not getting in too much trouble. Martini is like the watch cat of the house! I am sure if she could talk she would report to mom and dad all of the events that occured while the were away!

- Ocean Parkway
What a sweet little kitty Shayna is! She loves, loves, loves to play with my hair clip when I change her food! As soon as I go to the sink she follows right behind! Sometimes I think she is actually watching what I do to see if I am doing it right! She lives with 2 other kitties that we don't see much, Poopy and Stinky. Maybe one day we will be lucky to see them out from under the bed!

- Bergen Beach
Although I only watched Rusty for a day or two you can tell right away he is a very sweet kitty! He was once the only kid kitty in the house and then came two little boys so you can imagine how Rusty loved the attention from me! As soon as I came in he was rubbing himself against my legs. I can't wait to have some more quality time with Rusty...whens the next family vacation????

Lab mix - Marine Park
Longfellow is one of our dogs who we see everyday for his daily walk. He is a 14 month old rescue and is a ball of energy. He LOVES to chase squirrels while on his walk around the neighborhood. As soon as we get back into the house he waits patiently while we wipe his paws clean. What a good little guy!

Rottie Doby Mix - Bay Parkway
Sweet Cookie! I am not sure they come any sweeter than our Cookie girl! She greets you every walk with the same enthusiasm, doing her little dance, stomping her paws. If she could speak she would say "let's go already" lots to see and do out there!

Beagle - Gerritsen Beach
Susie is the sweetest howler ever. We get to visit Susie when her dad is away. Her tail wags constantly and she loves to go on long walks. One of her favorite activities is snuggling on the couch - I love it too!

Westie - Manhattan
Toby is a spunky little guy who is staying with his big pal Longfellow while his owner is away. He loves to go on his daily walk and when he gets back into the house , it's all fun and games! He knows how to push Longfellow's buttons. Thank goodness he is small enough to run right under the table! They love to chase each other all around the house. What great pals.

Goldendoodle - Gerritsen Beach
Oh Tuna! What a pal! He loves to go on his walk sooo much you need to bring a cookie to lure him back to home! He enjoys long strolls along the creek and is very handsome! What more can you ask for? :)

Terrier - Marine Park
Life can change drastically in one hour, and it did for Dakota. Dakota is a rescue who found the perfect family for himself. He is as sweet as pie and was brought into a family with such great love for him. He loves to stroll around the block and he even likes to bird watch. Life is very good for Dakota and believe it or not he knows it. Oh and did I mention he loves Beggin Strips!

Cockerspaniel - Georgetown
"Puzzles, and carrots and balls all around, walks and running and don't forget my kong. These are a few of Lucky's favorite things." La la la la. Lucky looks forward to his walk everyday. When he is done on his walk he likes to sit in your lap. He is such a good dog not only with manners but with doggie commands. My favorite is when he rolls over ugh it tugs at my heart!

Rott/Doberman Mix - Sheepshead Bay
Rocky is a rescue who found a home with a very loving owner. He is a very sweet and loves to jump on the couch and get a rub down. He likes to go to the park, and for the most part likes nice calm dogs. He loves his rope bone and an old sneaker his master let him have. He truly defines the meaning "mans best friend."

Maltese - Mill Basin
Oh my goodness!!!! Yapper of the hood! When I take Ace out for his walk the whole neighborhood knows he's out of the house! Haha! Poor Prince who just wants to take a nice walk! Well Ace is one active little pup. Its great he keeps Prince young and I am sure he keeps his family on their toes! I love watching these guys!

- Bergen Beach
Buttercup! Love the name and love the kitty!!!!! Buttercup creeps out as soon as she hears the door open. I think she is expecting her mommy. She looks at me and then when I tell her its chow time she almost smiles and stays on the table waiting for me to serve her. I even get some pets in every once in a while!

Great Dane - Marine Park
Oh my what a BIG puppy! Lady is one of the most beautiful dogs on the planet! She is full of puppy energy! Lady loves to play with the other dogs here at Doggie Day Camp. I don't think she knows exactly how big she is! She definitely loves to get all of our attention. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Lady.

Boxer - Bergen Beach
Have you ever seen such a handsome dog in your life???? Rocky defines the true meaning of being a playful puppy! He loves, loves, loves other dogs his size BUT they have to be just as playful and they have to box! We had a great time with Rocky at Doggie Day Camp and we are sure he will be back!

Pug - Midwood
How can you resist loving this little girl with her tongue hanging out all the time? Roo is a sweet little pug who just loves to hang out with her playmate Piglet. She follows him all around! These two are like two peas in a pod.

Mutt - Marine Park
So lets start with the first couple of times we met Freddy. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not! I am so happy it ended up with him loving me!!!! Now instead of teeth, I get kisses and licks! Freddy loves to play fetch and chase in his backyard. Watch out for the holes he's a real digger!!!!!

Pitt - Bay Ridge
My my my look at this sweet face!!!!! Tequilia came for camp for a day as a trial and I was in love!!!!!! She was so funny she sat back and watched the little guys run around and bark and she would keep her distance. After a day of being with them she was loving running around and jumping on the couch with them! Tequilia would take her rope toy to the couch run off and then come back to get it! She also enjoyed walking in the park but hold on tight when she gets the urge to run haha she forgets your at the other end of the leash!!!!

Coco, Gigi, Pepe & Michelle
Bichons - Marine Park
Coco, Gigi , Pepe & Michy are the reason I followed my passion in caring for animals. I have been watching over them for years. Pepe loves to play with his ball (sometimes we even have to remind him to breathe). Gigi loves to have her belly rubbed. Coco and Michy love to snuggle with you on the couch. They have a very special place in not only my heart but my son Coolies heart too! He LOVES to go see "Coco,Gigi, Pepe,Michy!"

Lab mix - Marine Park
Ok so Longfellow needed a sister and The Hermans got him a sister. They probably didn't notice the horns under her ears! Charlie totally meets the definition "puppy." The energy, the spunk, the habits... but I can tell you one thing - Longfellow would be lost without her! Charlie girl keeps him on his toes. She is still a little shy around people but she loves her brother! Watch these two play fight you'll die laughing!

Conure - Marine Park
Sweetie is actually my little brother, and I think he is definitely my mom's favorite! He loves to have eggie in the morning and roam around on the couch with his mommy. Sometimes if he wants your attention he will scream his little head off!

Yorkie - Belle Harbor
Gizmo is a 5 week old puppy who is like a little firecracker! He loves to jump around and play with the other puppies. His best buddy ever is Chloe for they are always together. He is very big into giving lots and lots of kisses and still has that "puppy breath" that I love! We hope to see him soon!

English Bulldog - Marine Park
What can you say about Patches?? She is a princess with a lot of energy. She loves to run around in her backyard and she loves her human brother and sister. Don't let her pretty little face fool you - she is a guard dog and is very serious when it comes to protecting her home and her loved ones!!!!!!

Bichon Frise - Marine Park
Logan is the biggest Bichon I have ever seen in my life! He definitely is a momma's boy. Logan likes hanging out on the porch with all of the ladies. He can't wait to play with other dogs he sees. I hope he comes back to play at Doggie Day Camp again!

Collie - Marine Park
Ginger is an amazing dog! When we walk around the block everyone greets her! They all know Ginger! So so sweet and apparently the whole neighborhood knows it. She loves to hang out in the front yard and watch everyone go by.

American Bulldog - Georgetown
Oh how cute Axel was when he was a puppy! I actually got to see him grow up into a big boy! He is such a gentle giant and can mush with you all day long! I can't say he loves to go on walks but he loves hanging with the humans! Look at that can you not fall in love?

Chihuahua - Far Rockaway
My little pooch! We are best buds! We take nice walks on the beach, I serve him nice meals, share a carrot or two, and have lots of fun running around the house. I hope we spend many nights like this! Lots of fun :)

Black Lab - Manhattan
DJ is an awesome dog! He comes all the way from Manhattan to stay with us. He loves his stuffed toys, and playing fetch. He is a great snuggler too. He is so smart he even knows a little "sign language." DJ enjoys his daily walks and being around other dogs. Oh and lets not forget how handsome he is!!!!

- Marine Park
Taylor is so lucky to come across Marilyn and Fel;ix! She is a rescue from the storm and everytime I look at her I smile thinking of how happy she is to have a wonderful home. She was so intetested in her new brother Felix, it did take some time for Felix to accept her. She always snuggles on the bed and when I come upstairs I get a sweet greeting! Felix might be king of the castle, but this castle now has a princess!

Bull Terrier - Madison
We all know who is boss here. High energy doesn't sufficiently describe him. Colleen sure does get her workout during playtime with this honey. But in the show ring Mack is focused- took 2nd place recently -No doubt 1st place is just around the corner.

Standard Schnauzer - Bergen Beach
Big dog with an even bigger heart. This adorable pup loves exploring, each one of our walks brings new adventures for the both of us. Tosca picked out her favorite bench in the park, where she proudly sits and takes in the sites and sounds. This gentle giant is still a bit shy, but look out world, Tosca is coming right along side of her favorite walker Colleen!

? - Bergen Beach
London is a sweetie under neath it all . We had a rough start but how can I blame her for protecting her mommy? London is a rescue and her mommy has been very patient with her and London knows it! Every time she comes to camp it takes a while but by the end of her stay she is comfy here :) Heres to many more camp days and sleepovers!

Shihpoo - Marine Park
OMG look at this handsome little guy! Rico is so cute with his bff Lola! Rico loves to go on his walks. Jumping all around but always stopping to check that throughout all his fun Lola is still there by his side. Our best walks are in Marine Park. Take out the long leashes these 2 love to run, jump, and tackle eachother!

Chip & Prince
Yorkies - Belle Harbor
OMG look at these two!!!! We had soooo much fun with Prince and Chip. Chip was such a sweetie totally loving the big dogs that were here. Prince was happy as a pig in mud with his big doggie pillow and his squeekie bone! Hope to see these guys again soon!

Cockapoo - Manhattan Beach
OHHHHHH BENNY!!!!!! This little boy lives at home with his master, mommy and two sisters so when Benny got her with a whole camp full of dogs I bet you can figure out just how excited he was!!!! I can not believe how much energy this guy has! He had a ball with Darwin running and play fighting like crazy. By 8 PM these babies were totally ready for bed!

Cockapoo - Marine Park
Cute, adorable, fluffy, and sweet - when shes out of her cage! Lola is a baby cockapoo who is learning all about life with humans. She knows how to protect her cage and once shes out she is a little hairball of fun! Lola loves to romp around in the backyard. She has this little yodel she likes to do when she is ready to come back in. I don't know what she is going to do without all this snow for she is the queen of snow mountain climbing!

Shih Tzu - Mill Basin
Adorable, well behaved,sweet, and lots of fun! Just a couple of ways to describe CoCo. Our little lady comes to us every day for doggie day camp. She loves to be around people and other doggies! No dog too big or too small for CoCo she enjoys them all! Her real passion: looking out the window enjoying mother nature. Oh and did I mention she loves to sing!

Lab/Pit Bull Mix - Marine Park
Did you ever meet such a handsome boy? And to think he understands Italian!!!! Well Gino came to stay for a night with us and we had a great time with him! He had so much fun while he was here. I actually think by 8:30 he was exhausted and ready for bed! I hope Gino comes to stay with us again. I better brush up on my Italian :)

- Marine Park
These kitties are just the sweetest around! Elwood lives with his sister dog Mia and his two brother cats Jake and Mickey. When I come in Elwood is either perched on the computer desk or in the laundry room in his favorite crate! He comes out to make sure I am serving breakfast the proper way and then enjoys his meal. Elwood loves to be petted and I make sure I leave enough time for that!

Yorkie - Marine Park
Look at this sweetiepie! I had so much fun with BooBoo when I looked after her! BooBoo has some allergies which limits her being outside but we had sooooo much fun running around inside. She would run all around the table and up the steps waiting to see me looking for her. I don't know if my favorite part is when she ran from one side of the couch to the other waiting for me to play " I catch you" or when I saw her in the window waiting for me in the mornings to come see her.

Dachshund - Midwood
Daisy is a little lady who loves to be with you at all times. She can give you at least a hundred kisses in a minute!!! She loves her brother Dexter and follows his every move. Besides licking you to death her most favorite thing to do is rip apart a squeak toy.

Maltese - Mill Basin
Prince is prince of his house! Prince shares his house with Ace his much younger brother. Prince loves his family and tries very hard to keep up with his brother. They love to take nice long walks when I watch them, then back in the house they wait for their treat!

Mutt - Far Rockaway
Puppy days are here again!!! Wow this puppy looks forward to his walks! He is still in the training mode but is doing super! Dexter loves when the lawns are being watered by the sprinklers. Back and forth his eyes follow then he gives a chomp to the water! We are going to have fun with this puppy for sure!

Harley & Fatty Boy
- Far Rockaway
Meet Harley & Fatty Boy! They share their home with Puma their brother. These kitties have such character! Everyday I went in Fatty Boy would meet me at his bowl and give me a couple of meows as to say whers my chow? Harley just the opposite! I would have to look for her and wake her snuggling little butt up! She was a cutie to wake up though meowed and stretched and then followed me into the kitchen. All kitties fed and loved... their meows let me know I did a good job!

Chocolate Lab - Bergen Beach
Look at this girl! She is actually sisters with Maggie the yellow lab! And boy are they different! When Lexi first came to stay with us she really fit the saying "lost puppy" It did take a while and being with her sister here helps! She is a quiet gentle sweetie who loves to sit back and watch all of the pups having a good time. I have to say one thing she loves when her daddy and mommy come to get her! She knows just how much they love her!

Shibu Inu - Rockaway
My little guy!!!!! I had the joy of meeting Darwin when he was a little white puff ball puppy! He has now grown up to be such a playful, sweet, handsome boy! Darwin LOVES when he sees me! He knows we will be taking a walk for him to do all of his business and then maybe a stroll on the boardwalk to greet everyone who passes him! Did I mention he is a ham???

Boston Terrier - Marine Park
Oh my where do I start with Charlie? We only had Charlie for one day and we are already wondering when he is coming back! Charlie is like a dream dog come true! Good boy, cute, well behaved, and an all around fun loving dog! It was so nice having him stay with us and we look forward to future doggie day camp days!

Sister of Chewy & Daisy here's Madison! They all love to just be home bodies and they enjoy their back yard. Their mommy takes such good care of them and hates leaving them so it is a big complement to us that she leaves them in our care. Not often enough but when she does we eat it up!

Chocolate Lab - North Woodmere
Remy came to stay with us with his friend Rocky K. What can I say they think their parents were on vacation? Well they had a blast here as well! They were like 2 peas in a pod and boy does Remy love the snow! Thank goodness hes not a little poodle! After a long walk in the deep snow, Remy would come inside and wait for his favorite treat - a carrot!

- Bergen Beach
Max likes to sleep eat and look out the window at his two friends who sleep in the backyard. I think he is secretly digging a tunnel to escape.

Mix - Msrine Park
Holy cow! Do you ever forget puppy days? Well one visit with Ginger and it brings it all back!!!! Adorable, crazy, hyper, hates her cage, and has her whole family wrapped around her little paw! Hahaha including me! This sweetie is used to sacking on her mommys couch at work. She prefers not to be left alone and she makes that very clear! Haha Can't wait for spring to have this baby walking the streets like a big girl!

Doxie - Madison
Handsome, sweet, and very well mannered-who can ask for more? Lester is so cute. He loves to play with other dogs, and when he sees his leash he is ready! When we go out walking we ALWAYS get stopped. If you look at his handsome pix you'll know why! He actually reminds me of a baby seal!

Golden Retriever - Marine Park
Hmmmmm where to start...ENERGETIC, SPUNKY, LOVING, HANDSOME, and truly MANS BEST FRIEND! Buddy is all of the above and more! Oh and did I mention BIG??? Haha. Buddy loves to go outside and get some fresh air! I think he can actually walk for hours! It is pretty cool walking such a big handsome dog!

- Gravesend
Can you please look at that face!!!! I can't stand how adorable he is! Another special kitty who found a home right around hurricane Sandy. This cutie pie was a bit skiddish but warmed up very quickly to us! As soon as he heard the food can open he sat at the chair and looked at us preparing his meal! I love it! So happy Groucho and Stella welcomed him in!

Pitt - Marine Park
Jackson is a funny story. I would see his mom walking him almost every day. Jackson was so adorable gave a look but kept his distance. Then came a time when mommy had to leave him here for a slumber and boy was I surprised! Jackson came in and took his time warming up but when he did he was a rip! He loved the other dogs and I think had a crush on Rosie. He also thinks he is about 5 pounds jumping on my lap on my chair! We both went flying it was hysterical! I was so happy he enjoyed staying here and I hope he comes back again! And I have to mention I love his little howl "whooo whooo" he gives me!

- Bay Ridge
Meet Ernie! Quite a fella. Watching Ernie is very interesting. I almost feel as if he is watching me! I think he has to get used to me a little more. Luckily we have some more time to get to know eachother and when we do I feel like we will be life long friends!

Chow Mix - Geritsen Beach
Imagine walking out your front door and seeing this adorable fur ball playing on your lawn...well thats how Sangria found her new home! She is a very frisky puppy who loves to torment her brother Coal. She really likes to go out for walks and sometimes you might feel like she is walking you! Oh the young ones - they sure keep you on your toes!

Puggle - Breezy Point
Can you say I am the man of the house??? Sami is the man of all men. He looks after his 2 sisters Mugsy and Jasper. Some of his favorite things to do are eating, sniffing the ground for some new smells, playing with balls, and protecting his sisters from other canines. He reminds me of Jack from Three's Company!

- Far Rockaway
Oh my Puma boy! Love those eyes! Puma greeted me at the door everyday when I came in. He would look at me with those eyes and I would just melt! Mommy told me he would be the one that might not come out but boy was she wrong. I couldnt wait to get there everyday to see him! He waited for me to feed them and after he would come over for some petting!

- Bergen Beach
Bubbles, Blossom & Buttercup! Love the names and love the kitties!!!!! Bubbles has an awesome personality meowing and snuggling up to you like she knows you forever! Maybe she just senses that we are animal lovers!!! Blossom & Buttercup creep out when we are playing with Bubbles. They eat their yummy meal and peek to see what we are up to. I am sure after a couple of more visits they will be in our laps just like their sis!

- Marine Park
These kitties are just the sweetest around! Mickey lives with his sister dog Mia and his two brother cats Jake and Elwood. Mickey was very skiddish at first when I would come in, but now he is actually warming up. He is not so quick to run under the bed anymore and sometimes he'll even hang on the dining table while I'm doing my thing. I have a feeling he will warm up even more! Can't wait to see these kitties again!

Poodle - Mill Basin
Zena is such a sweetie who was so scared of taking a walk at first. Her owner is home and as soon as she left the block she broke my heart! She would keep looking back at the house and halfway down the block would pull us back. It took time for her to trust that we would always bring her home! Now months after walking her she jumps up as soon as we get to the door and boy does she enjoy her walks! She still loves to head back but atleast she is enjoying the nice fresh air and the love that Janine gives her on her walks!

- Manhatten Beach
Can you say crazy, hyper kitty????? Scotchka is such an active little one! She would greet me near the door meowing like crazy then she would bolt out of sight! She loves going through her play tunnel and playing with her favorite toy mermaid! She would wait patiently for me to get the treat bowl and throw a couple of treats around! She would go wild chasing the treats to eat! She is such a really fun kitty and I can't wait to watch over her again!

Cockapoo - Marine Park
Rooo Roooo Roooo! Thats how we start our walk. Professor brings me a toy and starts her Rooo Rooo Rooo-ing to go out. She tells you where she would like to walk for the day. I prefer walking along the creek but shes the boss! When we come back its rooo rooo rooo for her treat! Everyone LOVES Professor!

- Manhattan Beach
Oh he'll be coming around the mountain when he comes he'll be coming around the mountain when he comes. This is what I sing to Benny when he come. He runs all around the outside of the house looking for his family who just dropped him off and drove away haha. That's ok Benny they will be back soon go have fun with the other pups!

- Belle Harbor
Oh my oh my! Meet Holly one of the most fun loving kitties I ever cared for! Holly has 3 legs and no tail but that doesn't stop this kitty from running jumping off her cat condo when I come in! She loves to roll around and get kitty massages. Holly is filled with spunk and found a special place in my heart!

Bailey (aka..BaileyBellyMeatball)
Maltese - Belle Harbor
Oh my BaileyBellyMeatball!!!! Bailey is a Maltese that I actually placed in a home. He has the cutest snaggle tooth and can play fetch for HOURS! He never gets tired. He loves to take long walks on the beach with his daddy and then comes home to snuggle up with his mommy. Oh and he loves his Auntie Ang (me!)

Shih Tzu - Georgetown
Look at this sweet little girl! Allie's family was looking for a sister for Allie and if you ask my opinion they couldn't of rescued a better pup! Kylie is a gentle yet has a whole lot of spunk. Once Allie and Kylie get some play time the fun begins! This little pup can hold her own!

Mix - Marine Park
Look at this such a beautiful little lady and she won't smile for the camera! Daisy and I had a little bit of a "ruff" start but in time she became my little lady friend! Her favorite kitty follows us on a walk and when we return she goes to her bed and awaits her treat. Her mom was right she's a diva but a very sweet one!

Boston Terrier - Bay Ridge
Active, playful, excitable, sweet are just some ways to describe Frida. What a perfect little lady Frida was when she visited In Home Pet Services Doggie Day Camp. She came in practically introducing herself to the rest of the doggies here, then found herself a favorite little toy and she was in heaven for the rest of the day! I really hope to see more of Frida and I know Jackie and Coco can't wait for her to come back!

- Marine Park
Janice is a sweet older kitty who loves to have me come over, chat, clean her water and give her some fresh food. She greets me with her beautiful meow singing and waits patiently for me to give her some treats. You know if I am not quick enough she tries to open the cabinet door on her own! Too cute!

Bix & Ella
Pugs - Flatbush
Look at these two silly gooses! Bix is our older guy and Ella is the carefree little spirit! They love going for walks and passing everyone in the neighborhood. All the neighbors know what good little guys they are! When we are done with our walk we are inside to eat the gourmet chicken daddy has prepared for them! Way too adorable for me!

American Bulldog - Marine Park
Katie is definitely quite that litle lady(or shall I say big lady). When you grab her princess blanket she knows you are heading straight to the couch for some snuggling. She loves to play with all soughts of toys, and on her walks she loves to meet new dogs. Not only is she beautiful, but extremely smart. She is as sweet as pie!!! I can't wait for her to come stay with us again.

- Gerritsen Beach
Shadow is definitly a good name for this cat! When I first started cat sitting for Shadow you would only get a peek here and a peek there. After a couple of years Shadow now comes down the stairs to greet me with a meow meow. Shadow loves to be petted and then goes right back into hiding.

American Eskimo - Marine Park
Pooka is a delightful dog who just loves to hang around. When we go for a walk, everyone stops to look at Pooka with her fluffy white coat it is hard not to stare! Her best friend is Teenie the Chihuahua. We can't wait for them to come stay a while!

Standard Poodle - Mill Basin
So we have a dual personality going on here! Barkley is so adorable! His long lanky legs are my favorite! On walks he is a perfect little boy, but take that leash off and give him space holy cow! And if you add a pup or two holy holy cow hes a wild child!!!! I love it a big crazy wild puppy makes me smile all the time!

- Belle Harbor
Look at this handsome kitty! When I first met Scooter, his owner told me he might have to take some time to warm up to me - that wasn't the case! She says I might not see him he will hide - not the case! When I come in Scooter is sitting on the couch all comfy. He takes his medicine like a big boy and then its on the floor for some play time.

Danica & Digi
Beagles - Mill Basin
Beagle Babies!!!! A favorite of Tracey's walks! The beagles LOVE to walk around Strickland park! They just can't get enough of the out doors! Noses never leave the ground unless they see another dog then wild beagles they become! Haha

Shih Tzu - Gerritsen Beach
Telly is a handsome, fun loving little boy who can play fetch all day long. We have lunch dates every afternoon if the weather is nice and we walk all around the neighborhood. Our favorite place to visit is the farm. The horses love to see us, but the geese just hiss and honk at us till we mosey on our way. Telly is probably the best lunch buddy I've ever had!

Yellow Lab - Mill Basin
Oh Tucker ... what a mush sweetie pie! Lori loves to walk Tucker in the afternoons! Some backyard time and then off to a walk to learn the neighborhood! Sometimes he loves the walks so much we can't get him back in! Haha

Shih-tzu - Marine Park
What can I say about Riely ...he was an absolute pleasue to have with us at doggie camp. He has so much energy being the puppy he is. He really loved playing with the other dogs so much I hope he comes back to hang out with them more often! Smiley Riley we miss you! Come back soon!

Cockerspaniel - Marine Park
To grandmas house we go!!!!! Leo stays at Grandmas house when the family is on vacation! I am sure he loves it! Grandmas always spoil pups when they have them! We had nice walks to the park and back. Sometimes Leo would stop on the corner of his house and I would say "no no Leo we are going to grandmas!" and back to grandmas house we went! What a smart little pup! And I love the Mohawk!

- Mill Basin
Charlie is mommy's little boy so when Charlie stays with me its extra special attention he gets! He loves to be by my side at all times! As soon as outside time comes Charlie does his business and spends the rest of the time on my lap! OK so I spoil him a bit!!!!!

Golden Mix - Bergen Beach
Bella Bella Bella!!!!!!! Where do we start with Bella! Well for starters she waits by the window all day and all night for someone to come play with her! She loves her walks and she loves playing around in the back yard! She is a real puppy at heart!!! She occasionally chases her feline siblings, its so entertaining to watch! I laugh till I am on the floor! Chad loves to visit Bella, they have a true friendship brewing over there!

Pitt - Sheepshead Bay
Oooohhhh meet my new bestie! Gia is her name and she was rescued from her life at Liberty Humane Society in Jersey! She was there for such a long time until Ruth fell in love with her! She now lives with a wonderful mommy who adores her! She loves to lay on the couch with mommy's homemade blankets! Its almost like she lived there forever! A happy ending for Gia which makes me smile!

Collie-Spaniel Mix - Marine Park
When Bailey came to us his owners were sooo nervous that he would have a hard time being without them. He definitely does not like to be alone for long! He really loves to be around people and we can't wait to tell his owners that he loves to be around other dogs! He is sweet and gentle and likes to jump up on you when you walk in the door.

- Brighton Beach

Chocolate Lab - Breezy Point
My oh my words can't express what a good boy Lucca is. He is used to running around the beach, but adjusted very well to a Marine Park lifestyle. He is very playful and loves stuffed toys-one in particular named Skyler. Lucca can come and stay with us any time. We really enjoy having such a big, playful doggie around!

Mutt - Gerritsen Beach
Sweet Macy who was actually named after the Macy's Day parade is a sweet rescue who is just loved and adored by her owner Beth. She loves to come and play with all the dogs in doggie day camp and then at the end of the day returns to her castle filled with love, doggie beds and treats! Eddie my Jack Russell waits for her every Wednesday!

Chihuahua Doxie mix - Gravesend
Little Schnitzy girl! Our walks with this little sweetheart are so much fun! When we enter we either have to look for Schnitz in the closet or under the covers in bed! Just call and she'll come running out, rolling over to give you her belly and very ready for her walk! We enjoy our visits with Schnitz and we always end the walk with a treat.

- Mill Basin
Meet Gemini a scrumptous little cat who loves to play and sing. Gemini loves to roll around with a cat nip toy and meows along while he does. Occasionally Gemini will jump up to the window to see what is going on in the world, but comes right back down to play with Gypsy. I never really knew cats can be so entertaining!

Pitt Boxer Mix - Sheepshead Bay
OMG! Where to begin with Slinky? Did you ever meet a dog that just went along with anything? Slinky came in made friends with everyone here, played with all the toys in the toy bin, ran around , had fun, & walked like a big boy on his leash. Who can ask for anything more? So sweet. Slinky is welcomed here anytime he wants! A total pleasure to have. Hope to see Slinky soon!

Schnoodle - Gerritsen Beach
Meet LuLu the serenading schnoodle. She is such a happy sweet dog who by day likes to take long snoozes on the couch and by night loves to sing! Her tail is always wagging and she has so much fun playing with the other dogs. LuLu can stay with us anytime she wants, she is a delight to have around.

Golden - Manhattan Beach
Look at this beautiful lady! Sugar is as sweet as her name and is invited back at camp any day! She has the one of the best personalities I guess she got it from her mommy and daddy. I love the way she rests her head on my leg for love! Can't wait for you to come back Sugar!

- Brighton Beach
Remy is by far one of the cutest kitties I have ever taken care of!! Her life starts out a little something like this: she was thrown out of a window when she was a kitten, was in a foster home with 15 other cats and some dogs. Her horrible past has left her with some minor physical problems, but her spirit is amazing! She craves for attention,loves to play and be held close. She most definitely fell into the hands of the right owners! They love her very much! I can't wait to kitty sit for Remy and her sisters again!

Chihuahua - Marine Park
Teenie sure lives up to her name! Her favorite place to hang is on the top of the couch. Pooka her sister plays around and Teeie makes sure everyone is playing well. She loves to be scooped up and held and only goes out to do her business and then comes right back in and up to her spot. We really hope these guys come back to stay with us again!

Jack Russel - Madison
Look at this face she is sooooo adorable and those little eyes just say "love me!" and we do! Josie gets lots of love from her mommy her aunt and her walkers! Crazy little girl loves walking around the neighborhood taking in the beautiful weather. Wish she could come stay for day camp one please???????

Danica & Digi
Beagles - Mill Basin
Beagle Babies!!!! A favorite of Tracey's walks! The beagles LOVE to walk around Strickland park! They just can't get enough of the out doors! Noses never leave the ground unless they see another dog then wild beagles they become! Haha


Yellow Lab Mix - Bergen Beach
Whoooaaaa what a ball of energy our little Nell is. She LOVES to play with balls, stuffed toys. squeaky toys, but most of all other dogs! I think that Nell was a bunny in her previous life-you should see her jump those baby gates! Nell just wants to always be part of the crowd. She is a beautiful, well behaved dog and is welcomed to stay with us any day.

Big Earl
- Mill Basin
Look at this big boy!!!! He is just the sweetest thing ever! He loves his walks with Lori and a true gentleman will lead the way! The best part is when he has had enough he makes his way home and plops on his back on the grass for some belly rubs!!!!!! Gotta love the belly rubs!

- Rockaway

Pug - Midwood
Piglet is Roo's night and shining armor! Haha. Wherever Roo is, Piglet is not too far behind. Piglet loves to go for walks, and hang out on the couch, and play with toys. I can't wait for Piglet and Roo to come back and stay with us.

Chocolate Lab - Bergen Beach
Did you ever meet a 10 year old dog who still thinks he is a 10 month old puppy? Well here he is - meet Buster! Buster is such a happy go lucky dog! He loves to go on walks,even in the rain, loves the car and really loves hanging out with other dogs. If your ever at Doggie Day Camp with Buster, you know you'll have a good time!

Shorthair/Whippet Mix - Mill Basin
Our Patti girl is a star! We did know that before she won a medal in the Doggie Olympics, but now she has the medal to show all! Funny she always did walk with her head up high like she was a star! She is a sweet pup who recently opened her home to her new sister Trixie after finding her abandoned in the park. If you ask me mom deserves a medal too!

Daschound Mix - Georgetown
Ever have a breakfast date with a sweet dog before? I love walking in and seeing Angel snug as a bug in her bed. I creep a little closer and she wakes. She LOVES going on her walks. I get her leash and she does this little "gallop leap", we take a nice walk and she is friendly to anyone who passes by. Back into the house and Angel has her morning kibble while I have my tea. She loves to be around you, watching you at all times. A total sweetheart and an absolute pleasure to watch!

Rat Terrier - Mill Basin
Where to start ... Brooke is the all around "happy to see ya" Rat Terrier! She loves to go for walks, even in the rain! Get her appropriate clothing on and she is ready to head out! She walks around the neighborhood like she's the litle mayor. I could just imagine what Brooke would say if she could talk. I can't wait to sit for her again.

Shiba Inu - Marine Park
Look at this face! This little fella keeps you on your toes from the minute he is let out of his crate to putting him in his harness! He loves going on his walks and he investigates EVERYTHING! A leaf blows Koichi sees it! Keep your eyes peeled or he might just grab something to take home with him!

Yellow Lab - Bergen Beach
Where do we start with Vegas? Older with a lot of spunk! Vegas found a new best bud this summer...James! Two old dogs set in their ways! Hahaha. As soon as James walked in Vegas was sitting by his chain waiting for his walk! LOVES HIS WALKS! He also loves his dinner! We hope to see a lot more of Vegas throughout the year!

Pitt Mix - Marine Park
Talk about luck... this little lady found a wonderful home with an owner that can't give her enough love! Bella loves to go to the park and hang out in her backyard. She also loves to play tug-o-war with her towel. My goodness once she gets it its very hard to get back! She enjoys watching Ranger games with her dad on the couch! A real sweetie of a dog I am so happy she got a second chance in such a great home!

Basenji - Gravesend
Oh the experience with a Basenji is soooo much fun! Payton loves to let us hear that famous Basenji yodelling sound! This is a trait Basenjis have when they want to express themselves. Lets just say Payton likes to express himself in the car, on our walks, and while playing in doggie day care! When he is done expressing himself Payton likes to hang on the red chair and chill out. Very very cute!

Poodle - Mill Basin
Its so weird to think of Barkly as a puppy but do not let his size fool you! A big hyper puppy with long lanky legs! Barkly loves to go on his walks and loves even more to play in his yard! Uh oh here comes Colleen and Tosca! Be good to your friends Barkly!!!! He adores the time Colleen spends with him!

- Marine Park

- Bergen Beach

Shepherd/Doberman Mix - Marine Park
Although Patty is 12 years old, she really turned back the time when she was here at Doggie camp! She loved running around and playing with the other dogs. When she just about had enough of them, it was to her bed she went. She is really a precious dog and I hope she will visit us again soon.

Pomeranian - Ocean Parkway
Nikki has a special place in my heart, not only because he is soooooo cute and fluffy but because his owner is a close friend. Nikki is a 9 year young puppy! He is so good about going out to do his business and hopping right up the stairs to his food bowl. Nikki is very easy going, but the one thing he does not like is thunder! That is a story all of its own!

Pug - Mill Basin
LOOK AT THIS FACE! I nearly died when I saw this adorable little cutie! Chutley is so cute! He loves his mommy and daddy and the nice home they provide for him! He can't get enough of being outside and he is quite the stick collector! Sometimes he carries the stick and forgets that he is outside to do his peep and stinky business! Haha

Doxie - Bergen Beach
Oh my goodness what a little ball of fire! Shane loves to go out for walks. She starts of walking and then gets faster and faster and she is running like a little Doxe in a race! She really is soooo sweet. I hope I get to spend more morning walks together with her.

- Brighton Beach
Can you please just look at this crazy cat! Margarita is one of those cats that rarely come out until she hears the bath tub water dripping! She loves to drink the water from the bath tub spout. When I can't find her, I walk into the bathroom and there she will be waiting in the tub. Once in a while she will be in the mood for a little petting. I love these silly kitties!

Dalmatian - Gerritsen Beach
So you thought rescuing Pepper was Coal! He is also a rescue and is Pepper"s little brother. Still very timid but such a joy to be around. He loves to run around the backyard but always comes to make sure someone is watching him. He will roll over so you can rub his belly (which I love to do!). I'm guilty for Coal has a very special place in my heart. I just love the kisses he gives me!

Pinky & Brain
Quakers - Queens
These 2 guys are the cutest Quakers around. They talked to each other all day long. They loved hanging out near the window looking at everything that was going on. I hope that they come to hang out with us again. Who ever said you needed 4 legs to stay with us at In Home Pet Services !

- Mill Basin
Gypsy is a fun loving cat who greets you at the door when you come in. She knows you are coming in to feed her so she waits by the food dish for you to fill it up with some yummy food. When Gypsy is done it is play time! Rolling around the carpet purring and meowing away. Gypsy loves being petted. I can't wait to hang out with these guys again!

Dalmatian Pointer Mix - Marine Park
Did you ever meet a Princess before? Well Freckles is the Princess of her castle. She loves to greet you at the door as she knows she is going out for a walk. When we return Freckles sits like a little lady near the cabinet for her treat. When done with that one she sits by the freezer for another treat-an ice cube! After her day is done she reminds you in a very polite way that you need to brush her teeth. What great hygiene!

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See & Hear What Our Clients Say

Peggy & JoAnn
Mill Basin
Andrea and James are truly amazing people! It is a pleasure for us to go off to work knowing that Coco is at Doggie Day Care, playing with all of her friends in a safe and loving environment. Andrea goes above and beyond and no words could express our heartfelt gratitude to her for all she does for us -- from giving meds to even providing transportation to and from the vet. Andrea's love and compassion for all animals is a gift to be treasured.

Marine Park, Brooklyn
For many years, Andrea has cared for my dogs in my home. I've been able to go away with total peace of mind, knowing that my dogs were being given the very best care. Murphy, now deceased, was highly medically involved, and Andrea always administered his medication and care plan as ordered by our Vet. She is loving and reliable, and is an absolute godsend.

Marine Park
This service is fantastic! I recently hired them to care for my (multiple) cats while I went on a 2 week vacation. I usually worry about the cats when I'm away, but after meeting Andrea I knew that they were in very capable and caring hands. I didn't worry about them at all, and they were happy and content when I returned home.
I will use them again in the future and can recommend them without reservation.

Marine Park
Andrea is the best caretaker we know. We would not be able to go away and relax if we were not confident that our pet family were happy and well cared for. In Home is much more than a pet service, Andrea truly cares about each and every pet!

Susan Welsome
Marine Park
Andrea is the best!! She takes great care of Casey,my golden doodle. She is always accommodating to my erratic schedule. Thanks , Andrea!!

Jade & Bobby Munday
Marine Park
It is our pleasure to write this feedback on behalf Andrea and In Home Pet Services of Marine Park .Andrea took our dog Katie for two nights and three days, and we couldn't be happier with her services. She is dependable, flexible,loving and caring. Not only was my dog loved and cared for she was kept in a situation like her home where she was walked ,loved, played with, and spoiled rotten. My husband is so thrilled to know now that we have a place to leave our big girl , when we go on vacation, and we know that she is in the best hands. Andrea has been highly dependable and we would recommend her services to all dog owners!!

Thank-you Andrea, these pets need more people like you in this world!!!

Oiver Schwimmer
Marine Park
Is it possible that the staff is so great and so fantastic in the way they treat all their four legged clients, that one pet can actually become jealous of the others?! YOU BET!!!!!! I am Colleen's pet Old English Sheepdog - I sit quietly and listen to all the stories about the wornderful pets she walks and the great times she has doing so - day in and day out. Frankly, I am tired of hearing about it already, but I sit quietly and take it because I know that Colleen loves what she does and her pet-clients are so much better off because of that.

Rosanne Matassa
Marine Park
I would recommend anyone I talk to to Andrea. My two year old Boxer, Roxie adores her. All I have to do is say Andrea's name and Roxie starts running to the door. Roxie stays with Andrea for "day care" and also for overnight stays. We couldn't be happier.

Melissa & MiTchell
Mill Basin
Michael is amazing!!! At 1st our puggle name Sunny meet him and did not like him and started to attack , this was so unlike him to do this. And I though oh my goodness what am I suppose to do. Michael came with treats to walk Sunny and now they are best friends. If Sunny see's Mike on the street he pulls me to him and Sunny goes crazy wagging his tail. This takes a lot off my mind. Thank you to Andrea and Michael. P.S how do i send a picture of Sunny

Jennifer Bernhardt
Bergen Beach
Andrea and her staff are wonderful! We left Maggie in camp while away, and she had a blast! Being she is just a puppy, and a very big, energetic one... , we were nervous since this was her first time away from us. Well, she had her own vacation and then some!! It was so nice receiving updates and pictures from Andrea while away! We were able to relax knowing Maggie was having so much fun! Andrea clearly loves animals, but she is also extremely professional in her role and ensures all are safe, content and having a great time when you are not there. The journal she keeps is a fantastic touch and memory of Maggie's stay! We are looking forward to all our future stays with Andrea and team!

Annamarie & Terence
Far Rockaway
Andrea did a great job. We were a little nervous at first as this was the first time we used her services but she put us at ease and texted and sent pictures throughout the time she was taking care of our kitties. The kids were well taken care of and loved! I don't even think they missed us - she did that great a job!

Jessica D'Amato
Bergen Beach
Our boy Jax loves Colleen! She is an amazing dog walker and is so helpful. We feel such relief knowing that she's taking care of Jax. He's a handful and she does so well with him. Thanks, Colleen!

Andrea has been walking and caring for my boy for a few months now and I couldn't be happier, not to mention how happy he is. She is a big help and makes you feel comfortable from the start. I love that she's fills me in on the little details of their visits and Avery assures me that he's enjoyed her company by how thrilled he is after she's been with him. If your looking for the right person for your pet I am pretty sure you'll be happy with Andrea too!

Let me say that my three cats had the best time of their lives while I was on vacation. I think they were probably a little upset to see me walk in the door and not Colleen, who was our sitter.

I would use Andrea and Colleen again in a heartbeat. In Home Pet Services of Marine Park is a wonderful, professional, thoughtful, thorough and outstanding pet sitting service.

Susan Omalley
Marine Park
I absolutely LOVE & TRUST Ericka with my dog and cats. She sticks to her commitments and does a great job. I highly recommend her.

Luisa & Sandy
Bergen Beach
I can not thank you enough for sending us Lori!. She is amazing!!!!!!! Our pups adore her just as much as we do! She always goes up and beyond what is expected and we appreciate all she does for us!


mill basin
jack literally waits by the window for jimmy or andrea. he loves his walk and i can have a peaceful half hour. i appreciate having people that i can trust with him. he is not easy to handle, but they do it. thank you both for taking care of him. he enjoys his walk and so do i.

I absolutely adore Andrea! This company is amazing! I knew from the start that my lil Bow was in the best care imaginable! He is surely a handful and I feel so blessed that she has so much compassion for animals and knows exactly how to care for them, especially the shelter dogs , that were abused and have special needs , as my Bow does.I knew that he would be taken care of as her own.Words cannot express how thankful I am ! Bow can't wait to see you again By the way! xoxo

Travis & Lisa
Rockaway Park
Andrea is amazing! We left our dog Dexter in her care for 2 days and absolutely loved reading the journal she made about him when we got back. She responded to our texts wondering how our little guy was, and is incredibly friendly. We will absolutely use her again anytime we need someone to care for Dex. She gained our trust immediately and has found a new client!

Elin Kinberg
Brighton Beach
Andrea is GREAT!
I was a nervous wreck going on vacation because I was afraid our cats would fight and we would come home to disaster.
Instead, because of Andrea's special touch, our cats were happy, healthy, calm, and getting along better than ever. It is so comforting to know that we can take vacation and our girls will be in the best hands. Thanks Andrea! You and your company are the find of a lifetime!

Margaret Kelly-Kenefick
Andrea's capabilities and experience with animals is only superceded by her extreme love for them. She is a joy and makes leaving your pet at home worry free. Her knowledge and dedication makes her the perfect choice to care for your pet. Our Nikki is a very high strung pup ,but he just loves Andrea. When we return home it is apparent how well he has been cared for. I highly recommend Andrea and her In Home Pet Services. She is the best.

Marine Park
I am so proud that my boy Felix was selected as "Pet of the Month", thank you to Andrea and staff. I feel blessed to have found Andrea and her staff. When I go away I know that everything will be taken care , my kids Felix and Taylor are in good hands etc. I love the notes and updates on Andrea's visit it is most informative and I know how things went. I have peace of mind when I am not there just knowing Andrea is taking care of everything. Thank you Andrea and staff for being there for my kids and myself,

Kathy Wiktor
Brighton Beach
Andrea is a great find. What a relief to have someone who really cares about my baby girl Koko. Koko had her first walk with Andrea and everything was great. I love the journal that Andrea leaves because every Mommy is a nervous Mommy and wants to hear about how their baby is doing. Andrea is my A-list from now on.

Marine Park
Andrea has been taking care of Lola for about 6 months (since Lola was about 4 months old) and it has made our lives so much easier. It's so hard to leave Lola in the morning and go to work, but knowing that she will be walked and loved while I'm gone makes me feel so much better about it. Matt happened to be home one day when Andrea came and he said Lola was so happy to see Andrea. He said she was so affectionate to Andrea and couldn't wait to go for her walk. This is a great service and I'm very grateful for it.

Madison, Brooklyn
We had our first experience with leaving Lester in Andrea's care this weekend. When we got back, after 2 days, we found Lester happy and healthy. We couldn't believe that Andrea found the time to create a very sweet journal for our little Lester. This goes above and beyond just caring for him, it shows her love for these animals and her knowledge that we are putting our "loved one" in her very capable hands! We won't hesitate to call on Andrea again!

We can go away with peace of mind because of Andrea. We know that our Allie is happy and well taken care of. This is not only because of her knowledge of animals but because she truly cares about and loves them. The best place to leave your pet.

Lily Pineiro
Belle Harbor
My babies Chloe and Gizmo stayed with Andrea while I attended my sons engagement party. Since Gizmo is a baby I was really worried but I knew he was in the best hands. The 2 of them had a ball with Andrea. She is terrific with animals. I have told friends about her and how great she is . They have pets that they need someone to watch overnight and they dont want to put them in a kennel. They cant wait to use Andrea because I told them how wonderful she is with the animals. Gizmo and Chloe will be back for a sleepover when we have the wedding. I love you Andrea. You love and treat my babies just like I do. I dont have to worry anymore because I know they are in the best hands

AnnMarie & John
Marine Park
Andrea is someone who truly loves what she does. She is so dependable and our dogs always get the royal treatment when in her care. I call her my "dog whisperer" because in addition to taking excellent care of Heidi and Pugsley she is knowledgeable and helps me solve any doggie problems. Truly "the BEST"!!!!!!

Marine Park
Andrea and Andrea ROCK! I went on deployment to help the people of Haiti and they went above and beyond to take care of Baby Madigan.

Don't hesitate to hire them.

LCDR Murphy

Marine Park
Andrea takes care of my 2 feline babies-Janis Pearl and Harry Potter. This past Saturday, my Janis Pearl, who was just about 17 1/2 years old, passed away at home, while I was not there. I do not know what I would have done without Andrea..she came over, consoled me, cried with me, and drove me to bring my best friend, Janis Pearl, to a 24 hour vet. Andrea-I will never forget how special you are.


Lucky can't wait for andrew to come walk him. Lucky was a rescue and is a bit nervous at times with new people, causing him to pee. Now that he's comfy with his new pal Andrew no more tinkle when being leashed. I'm so happy and grateful to have found Andrea and Staff I also love the detail notes that Andrew leaves each day, thanks guys!!!