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Yorki-Poo - East Moriches
Lucy is a little cutie with a big personality! When she hangs out with her friends, we all know who is in charge. Her spunky personality endears her to everyone she meets!

Rottweiler - West Hampton
Sassy short for "Sasquatch" is a sweetie who loves a good belly rub! Everyone who meets her falls in love with this gorgeous girl!

Havanese - Center Moriches
This little guy is not only adorable but super sweet and snugly. He is one playful pup who loves his big bro Bentley! We love it when they both come to visit!

Pit Bull - Blue Point
When you first meet this handsome guy, he is a little shy. But once he gets to know you, he is a lot of fun, and smart too! He knows all his commands and loves to show off his skills for a treat or two!

Old English Sheep Dog - Hampton Bays
This sweetheart is always ready for a snuggle. She also loves hanging out with her older brother Zeus!

Toy Poodle - Blue Point
This is a little guy with a big personality. Charlie likes his walks short and sweet but he is always ready for a treat and a snuggle!
We love Charlie!

Miniature Schnauzer - Manorville
This spunky little guy will steal your heart. When not exploring his backyard, he loves to play chase or tug of war!

Golden Retriever - Center Moriches
This shy guy is a sweetie. He is so obedient and knows all his commands. Hudson loves to hang out with his cousin Ziggy!

Cat - Center Moriches
This majestic kitty is named after the Disney movie character in Frozen. Like the snowman, Olaf brings smiles to everyone he meets.

Golden Retriever - Center Moriches
This pretty girl is super sweet and friendly. If she is not relaxing on the couch she is playing catch! We love visiting her and her big brother Riley!

Tabby - Center Moriches
Pickles is as sweet as she as cute! She is always the first to the door to greet us when we come to see her and her 6 brother and sisters.

Pug - Center Moriches
Ziggy is one chill dude. When he's not relaxing on the couch, he can be found sun bathing on the patio!

lab/daschund mix - Riverhead
This little darling is proof that good things come in small packages. Minnie is a playful pup who loves to take long walks.
We love taking those walks with her!

Basset Hound - Westhampton
Daisy is the sweetest Basset Hound you'll ever meet. Her friendly and outgoing personality make her a joy to be around. After a day of exploring the yard she's always ready for a snuggle.

Old English Sheep Dog - Hampton Bays
Splash is a sweetie that loves to play all day and take long walks on the beach with his two big sisters!

Cat - Manorville
This serene beauty has the most striking green eyes. Sofi is reserved but sweet and friendly coming to greet us at the door when we visit.

Standard and Toy Poodles - Bluepoint
These sweet sisters love each other very much. They also love their walks with Ivory and Florence. Shyla and Daphne love to explore the outdoors and say "Hi" to all the neighbors!

grey and white - Center Moriches
Elsa is strikingly beautiful and Queen of her castle!

Long-haired cat - Center Moriches
This dark beauty is mysterious and reclusive yet will always come out for a quick "hello" when we stop by,

Standard Poodle - Blue Point
Nathan gets so excited for his daily walks! He can really go the distance! He is also a love and a great cuddle.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Center Moriches
This little darling is the cutest puppy you'll ever meet. She is affectionate and playful. She especially loves her walks with Florence. She had a lot of fun in day care and now in her daily visits with big brother Riley and big sister Bailey!

Labradoodle - Center Moriches
Bentley is a cutie who loves to chase a ball! This easy going guy also loves long walks where he really gets into the "zone." We love it when Bentley comes over to play!

Cat - Manorville
AJ is the nicest kitty! He is such a good boy and always takes his medicine like a trooper. His easy going personality makes him a joy to take care of.

Chocolate Lab - Jamaica
Indiana Jones loves adventure like his namesake. He loves to run and play with his "cousin" Sadie out in the country.

Black Lab - Center Moriches
This handsome guy loves a good game of fetch and going for a swim with his dad and brother Hudson,
We love it when Moose comes to visit!

Pit Bull - Westhampton
This cool dude is super smart and fast! He loves to run and chase a ball but will always come on command when he's needed.

Cat - Hampton Bays
Swifty is an outdoor cat that is loved. Her striking black and white markings and distinctive "bark" make her truly special. We love how she always stops in to greet us when we come for a visit!

Basset Hound - Manorville
Sampson is the cutest and "fastest" basset hound around! He loves his easy chair and treats. We love taking care of him while his family is on vacation!

Standard Poodle - Bluepoint
Teddy is a gentle guy that loves long walks. He is such a good boy and Ivory and Florence love their walks with him.

Tabby - Center Moriches
This gorgeous Tabby is not only good looking but very sweet. He will always come to say "hello" whenever we stop by. We love taking care or "Tiggy" when his family is away.

French Bull Dog - Center Moriches
This playful pup is proof positive why Frenchies are so popular.
This cutie can play all day! Loki also loves to snuggle which makes him an all around good boy!

Golden Doodle - Center Moriches
Cali is a cute and fun loving Golden Doodle! Her playful and spunky personality will always make you smile. We love it when Cali comes to stay with us!

Old English Sheep Dog - Hampton Bays
This fun loving girl is the life of the party wherever she goes! Her favorite past time is fetch!

Doberman - Hampton Bays
This handsome dobie has a lot of spunk at 14 years young! He loves to play ball and is always ready for a treat!

- Center Moriches
Even though this beauty never misses a meal, Beets is so fun and playful that she always works off all those extra calories :)

Calle Cat
Tuxedo Cat - Manorville
Calle Cat is ready to party whenever you come by!.
She keeps you company wherever you go and always comes up for a pet or leg rub.

Italian Greyhound - Center Moriches
This debonair guy loves to run like the wind. But his love for speed is equally matched with his love for children. He loves to play and snuggle with every child he meets and they feel the same way about him!

German Shepherd - East Moriches
Mack is a handsome guy who loves to chase the ball any chance he gets. His favorite pastime is going to the dog park with his Daddy! We love it when he comes over to play with his favorite chocolate lab - Sadie!

Golden Retriever - Center Moriches
This "Golden" boy is the perfect big brother to two little sisters! When he isn't taking long walks with his daddy he can be found lounging on the patio!

Puggle - Islip
Miss Hazel gets the "Good Citizen Award" for the canine community. Her easy going and obedient personality make her a pleasure to be around - for pooches and people! Her friends Daisy and Sadie love when she comes to visit!

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Center Moriches
I had an excellent experience with In Home Pet Services of Westhampton! Florence was an absolute pleasure to work with. It was a safe, friendly, fun environment for my puppy. He clearly had an excellent visit! I would highly recommend Florence and In Home Pet Services of Westhampton!!!

Natalie Lewis
East Moriches
In home pet services is a God send!!! After years of trying various pet care services and family favors, we have found the best care of all!! Cali usually complains when we pick her up from previous over night stays and we could tell she wasn't happy. In the care of the Dixon Family ( In Home Pet Services ) when I picked her up, I saw her calm and happy. While I was away, the photos and videos sent to me keeping me posted on her activities was a great touch! I will always place my golden doodle in their care and highly recommend them!!!

Florence and Ivory are so nice! They've done a wonderful job of pinch-hitting for me when I've needed it. My dog's a little crazy but they handle her real well and you can tell that they just love what they do. And my dog really enjoys her walks with them. Definitely recommend!

I have used Florence and Ivory twice and couldn't ask for a better place for Hazel to stay. She had friends to play with and a beautiful backyard to explore. Could not have been happier with this service. Will use again!

Center Moriches
The absolute best care I have found for my sweet, anxious pup. Professional. Clean. Kind. Made my Roman feel like family. Highly recommended! Thank you Florence.

East Islip
We couldn't find anyone to feed our cats before going on vacation, so I contacted Flo and she was very accommodating and took the job last minute. She was so sweet and everything went great while we were away! I would definitely recommend this service if you need someone to look after your pets!

East Moriches
Mack received the utmost supreme care from Florence and Ivory. We were extremely satisfied with the love, attention, and kindheartedness he was given. They treated him like he was part of the family. We would highly recommend In home pet services of West Hampton to everyone!

Jeanne Speir
We have found our dog's home away from home at Florence's In Home Pet Services. A relaxed,personally attentive, loving environment for our two furry buddies. Special needs are addressed and accommodated. My old dog just isn't that into other dogs, so he's safely kept separate without losing quality time playing, taking a walk, or hanging with his big little sister. While we were away it was wonderful receiving a picture of the pups to let us see their smiling, happy dog faces. When we picked them up they were happy and relaxed. I love this special place. Thank you Florence. In the past we've had some pretty funky experiences with kennels. Now it's a relief to know we have an "in home" home for the times we need to be away.

Center Moriches
Florence and Ivory are wonderful people and true animal lovers. I can always rely on them to take excellent care of my pets in a loving environment. I highly recommend In Home Pet services of Westhampton!!!

Connie Providoshin
Blue Point
Ivory and Flo are simply outstanding!! I can finally leave and know my babies are taken care of just as I would!! What wonderful, caring and loving people Ivory and Flo are. So glad I found them