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Dog Walking

When you think of a dog walker, what pops into your head?
A person being dragged by 6-8 dogs at the end of a leash?
This image is not what In Home Pet Services is about.

We Provide:

All walks are private to your household unless otherwise requested. Your dog(s) can do their business at their own leisure. Morning, mid-day, or evening walks are available and range from 20-60 minutes. If you have an exercise needy dog and live near a park, we will be glad to "tire him/her out" with run and play sessions!

Pet Sitting

Let your pet(s) stay in the comfort of their own surroundings while you are away. We are highly experienced with all types of animals including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, and other small animals and exotics.1-3 daily visits are available providing your pet with a customized routine including feeding, cleaning, walking, playing, etc. If your pet requires medication or a special diet, these services will be provided at no additional charge. For those who need some extra companionship, overnight stays are available as well (in some locations).

Not only will your pets be safe and happy, but your home will be secure as well. We will take in your mail/newspapers, water plants, and alternate lights to give your house the "we're home" look. We are also familiar with many types of alarm/security systems.

Upon request, we will be glad to call or email you while you are away with regular updates on how things are going. You may also call us - we want you to have the same peace of mind your pet will have while you are gone. All of this at no extra charge!

In Home Boarding

Let your dog stay in the comfort of our home while you are away!

He/She will have fun being spoiled by:

Dogs will not be crated unless requested.
Your dog will enjoy his/her vacation while you are on yours!
All dogs must have proof of up to date vaccinations of Bortadella and Rabies.
*No Exceptions.

Please visit our individual Locations for details

*NOTE we cannot take any dogs that have a cough.

At IHPS of Westhampton, we have 3/4 of an acre, all fenced in for your dogs to run and play and get lots of exercise! :)
Our family has a friendly Golden Retriever and Chocolate Lab, so your furry family member will never be without companionship.

Please email us for all the details and requirements! :)

Pet First Aid/CPR Instruction

Click here for more info and a schedule of classes.

We offer a hands on training covering topics such as CPR, Rescue breathing, Bleeding, Poisoning, Choking, Heat injuries, and so much more!

You will be able to handle ANY emergency situation that may happen with your pet after this class - and your pet will thank you for taking it! It's also a fun way to network and meet other pet owners in your area.

For pet owners and pet professionals

Other Services

Each IHPS LOCATION may offer additional unique services in your area.

At this location, we offer:

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