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Toby & Maggie
Rotty Mix & Lab Mix - Holliswood
Toby was so gracious to let giant Maggie into her home and now they are buddies. They love running in the yard and playing ball forever and ever and enjoy going on their walks around the neighborhood. They both get SO excited when we come in the door but they are such good calm walkers.. that is unless we see a C-A-T!

Chinese Crested Hairless - Glen Oaks
Don't let anyone tell you you're not pretty Peaches because you are adorable!! :) Peaches is such a sweet girl and gets so excited when you tell her we are going for a walk. She trots around her development smelling all the scents, just being the happy girl that she is. She loves to play with her stuffed toys and loves when we pet her. We love you Peaches!

Cava-Poo -
Fleetwood is a cutie pie and he knows it. He thinks if he stares at you long enough he can get anything he wants! He stays with us at Camp IHPS when his mommy and daddy go away and him and Brownie love to cuddle at the top of the stairs in the sun.

Miniature Schnauzer - Bayside
Just look at that face! This puppy is too cute. He is a member of Camp IHPS and loves to play with Brownie and Cookie. They can play and wrestle for hours. He has a funny high pitched bark and likes to alert us when he sees another person or dog. Dogs beware - if you talk to Jake he'll always have something to say right back! He;s still learning to walk down the stairs on his own so for now he gets human elevator rides down to the doggie play area -who can resist him!? :)

Cockapoo - Bay Terrace
Mickey gets daily walks while his mom is at work. All the humans in his building love him and can't resist petting his fluffy head. He loves going on our walk and smelling the scents, but we are always on the lookout for his arch enemies - pugs and chihuahuas!

Ricky & Riley
Havanese - Fresh Meadows
Ricky and Riley are 2 of a kind! Ricky loves to eats his mealls very quickly so he can try and steal some from his brother - but we stand and protect Rileys food while he eats ;) They love going on their walks and they make sure to announce to the neighborhood when another dog passes by! We love when their parents go away so we can come take care of them! :)

Dixon a.k.a. Dixie
Mixed - Floral Park
Dixie spends half her time in Brooklyn and half her time with us in Floral Park. 'In Home Pet Services of Clinton Hill' is lucky enough to walk her while she is at her Brooklyn home! She was once featured in a dog calendar and had her own page! We have a star among us! She loves Annemarie brings her dogs on her walks and she loves my Brownie too - in fact, she always inspects our cars when we walk outside to see if we brought anyone. We love you Dixie!

Maximus & Juba
Poodle Mixes - Jamaica Estates
Meet Maximus and Juba - 2 small dogs with huge amounts of energy! They look forward to their walk every afternoon. Once outside Maximus puts on a show by doing the majority of his walk on his hind legs! Juba may be small but he will bark and yell loud enough for everyone to hear when he sees another dog he wants to play with :) They love to greet all the adults and kids who want to pet them and are very popular on their block!

Collie - Fresh Meadows
Flynn is a spunky boy that can always keep himself entertained. He loves to play fetch and herd his toys like a good working Collie! He is always jumping over his cavalier sisters and prepared for a game. We love that we get to see him everyday while his mom goes to work!

Himalayan - Auburndale
Rocky is certainly a ham. He loves to pose for the camera! His favorite toy is a red coffee stir stick! Depending on the day and his mood, like a typical cat he chooses to be shy or friendly. Overall a very sweet boy and we love when his mom goes away so we can take care of him!

Cockapoo - Bayside
We get to walk Buddy every day while his dad is at work and he just Loves his walks! He loves being Mr. social and says hello to anyone who lets him. After our walk he always get a treat, and his favorite is definitely the peanut butter filled Kong! You're just adorable buddy!

Lexi & Chloe
Mini Doodle & Poodle Mix - Hollis HIlls
Lexi and Chloe are two amazing girls. They stand by the door and then race outside into the yard! They love to play ball in the yard and will fetch the ball and drop it at your feet wanting more! They love to chase each other, and both love belly rubs on the grass. They are so much fun and such well-behaved girls, and we love visiting them each day while their parents are at work. Sometimes they get to come stay at camp with us and they are always a joy to take care of!

Mixed - Bayside
Maggie is defninitely a special girl! She prefers women to men (smart!) and once she gets to know you, she is a mush. She is sometimes a nervous girl and likes to run back to her house for safety when she gets scared of loud noises or even the wind. We love you maggie and hope to be able to give you more belly rubs soon!

Belle & Chloe
Poodle Mixes - Bayside
Belle & Chloe are two loves and are both very smart girls! We get to walk these two every day while thier owners are at work. Belle loves back rubs and Chloe loves belly rubs.
Chloe wants to befriend every human or dog we meet by running up to and chasing them around. They anxiously await a Milkbone after their walk and their walkers love them!

Pit Bull - Flushing
Lila is a bundle of happy energy! When we come for her weekly walks she is so excited that she jumps up to our heads to try to lick our face. She runs around like a crazy girl but when it's time for her walk, she is a well behaved princess. We give her lots or excersize on her walks and when we come back she just wants to sit next to us on the couch. Lila - you're a crazy girl and we just love you!

Mixed - Auburndale
Roger is a combo of smarts and cuteness. He is the most well behaved puppy you will ever meet and he is quite popular among the humans and dogs on his block! For fun, he likes to eat raindrops and chase leaves blowing in the wind. He loves to play and wrestle but is also a great cuddler. :) We're happy we get to see you every day while you're mom is at work!

Mixed - Flushing
Ariel is definitely a bundle of energy! We give her 30m walks/runs each morning to help tire her out for the day. After, she enjoys cuddling on the couch. She is a happy girl - just don't let her see other doggies!

Pit-Lab Mix - Floral Park
Midnight gets daily visits while her family is at work. She is especially lucky to have some company during the day from her grandma. Saying she is energetic is quite an understatement, so she is so happy when we come for his walk. His favorite part is running and playing fetch in the yard when we get back. Our mission - to get her tired!

Mixed - Bayside
Shadow is a cute confident little guy who we are lucky to walk every day while his mommy is at work. He loves walking around "his" neighborhood and seeing his friends - especially Bear. Now if we can only get him to like wearing his winter coat!! Your too much Shadow :)

Boxer - Kew Gardens
Well, what can we say about this big handsome boy! He is definitely a handful but he means well. He loves to "hug" us when he's standing on two legs and is as tall as us too! But once his Halti is on, he becomes a perfect gentlemen. He just loves going out for his long walks around the neighborhood every day, marking every tree he can find. His family rescued him and he is so happy in his new home!

Golden Retriever - Bayside
We've been taking care of Chloe for almost 10 years! We've watched her grow up into a beautiful adult and she is the most popular girl in town! While out on our daily walk, her favorite person to see is the mailman, and it seems to make his day too! She's a happy to just be pet all day. Just don't forget to give her a greenies when she comes back to the house!

Mixed - Bayside
Mackenzie is such a sweet girl. We get to visit her every day when her dad is at work and take her for a walk to the park. She loves smelling all the scents there and sometimes we are lucky enough to see other dogs... but her favorite....is strollers! She just loves kids and knows that a stroller equals little ones! While she loves her walks, her favorite part might be coming back to the house for her treat!

French Bulldog - Bayside
Words can't describe the cuteness of this little guy! We are so lucky to be caring for him each week while his mom is at work. He's been growing up so fast and is starting to get more and more confident with himself....including his little loudmouth! lol He is now a member of the smushed faced meetup group and we just love love him!

Mixed Breed - Bellerose Village
Sadie loves to say hello to every human she meets when she is out for her walks. She is working on feeling the same way about the friendly four leggers we meet when we are strolling around the neighborhood. Sadie loves to cuddle & give kisses. She also loves to play & will bring you one of her toys to throw so she can bring it back to you. She will fetch for as long as your arm is able to continue throwing the toy for her. How can you say no to that adorable face?

Poodle - Bay Terrace
Aviya stays with is at Camp IHPS when her family is away. She became attached to us very quickly and got along well with all the doggies. She was nervous at first but quickly came out of her shell. She just loved going on long walks - and barking at the dogs we passed by! She is a great runner and will run right by your side without trying to trip you :) See you soon Aviya!

King Charles Cavalier - Bayside
This little guy cannot be any more adorable! At 3 months old he has plenty of energy and loves to play all day - and he's so smart too! We get to visit him twice a day while his mommy is at work and help him with his potty training. His long legs that are too big for him, along with his tiny bark, makes him an especially cute pup!

King Charles Cavalier - Great Neck
Logan may be named after a fierce superhero..Wolverine from X-Men!... but he's a sweetheart through and through. He loves climbing onto in your lap after he walk for some snuggles. Logan loves to chase birds and is an expert when it comes to making new friends be the human or another dog.

Cheyenne and Comanche
Dobermans - Floral Park Village
Well, when we first came to visit Cheyenne and Comanche I think our hearts dropped to the floor. When we realized they wouldn't eat us, we came to love them! These 2 characters are always excited to see us when their parents go away for the weekend. I think they know they will be getting extra treats! You definitely can't miss these 2 "walking us" down the street! :)

Pekignese-Beagle Mix - Great Neck
We are so happy to get to visit Lucy every day while her parents are at work. She always takes time out of her walk to "smell the flowers"...literally! She is too cute and her favorite things are belly rubs and carrots. Her biggest dislike is the rain and we know better than to make her go out in it!

English Bulldog - Bay Terrace
Stella is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. We get to have sleepovers with her at her house while her owners go away on business. She loves other dogs and while she is a little timid around new people, if you bend down to pet her she will run up and start licking your face. Her favorite weather is snow and she's just adorable! :)

French Bulldog - Bayside
Edgar is a personable guy! We usually find him sprawled out on his couch and faux fur blanket when we arrive for our daily visits. He loves to smell all the trees on his block to see whos been passing by and when he gets tired in the heat, he just stops for a break until hes ready to go again. Edgar also comes to our camp when his parents go away. While he enjoys playing mostly with larger dogs, he's always ready to meet new friends

Sheltie - Great Neck
Jasper is a funny guy :) We get to visit him 3x a day when his mommy is away and he loves our visits so much that he does not want us to leave - he nips at our ankles when we try! (Yes, we know he's a herding dog :) ) He loves to wrestle and play, - even with his cat brother! He's just adorable!

Cocker-Lhasa - Great Neck
Oreo is a foster dog but we hope his temp mommy keeps him because we just love him! He loves his daily walks and has the cutest butt wiggle! :) He is the sweetest boy - as long as you don't go near his food! See you later Oreo!

- Bayside
Luna is just a bundle of energy. When we aren't visiting her in her home, she comes to our doggie camp to play the day away. She's the only dog that stay with us that still has energy when she goes home!

Shephard Mix - Bayside
Kenny is a very loved puppy! He loves affection and going on walks or jogs and is super friendly and just loves to play! When we come back from our daily walks he waits and rolls over for his belly rub - he also sits and waits for his treats and gives his paw too :) Such a smart little pup and cutie too!

Black Lab - Douglaston
We get to walk Marley when his parents have long days at work, and he gets to visit Camp IHPS when his family is away. He is a good boy and likes to explore his neighborhood on our walks. He especially loves getting his treat when we come backt o the house!

Yorkie - Douglaston
Tuck is a 40... oh, I mean 4 ...pound fellow. He loves to hang out with his other dog friends when he comes to Camp IHPS as long as they know he's really in charge :)

Miniature Schnauzer - Great Neck
Kennedy is such a great girl! Quiet, petite, and shy at first, we usually find her sitting in her living room amid her stuffed toys. Once you put on her leash and she knows it is time for a walk she is ready to move! Kennedy loves to walk, sniff around, and occasionally greet another dog. She loves her treats and gentle affection- just such a sweet young lady - we're so lucky to care for you!

Oz & Persia
Huskies - Whitestone
These siblings are just absolutely beautiful! We watch them in their home while their parents are away and it's hard for us to leave! Their sitter spends extra time playing with them in their backyard- they just love to wrestle and run around and play with eachother! Oz especially loves his walks and he can't wait to run out the door to explore the neighborhood and find squirrels and birds to stalk!

Chocolate Lab - Bayside
When we first tried to walk Maggie she was very protective over her home - she wouldn't even let us in the door! We worked with her and her caring owners each day, and now we are part of her family. She gets to go on daily walks with us in the park while her parents are at work and she loves it - and she's also a big mush! :)

French Bulldog - Kew Gardens Hills
Dexter is one of the neighborhoods favorites. His charm catches the eyes of many. Everyone stops for some dexter affection, and he gives it! This frenchie loves his walks but also his scheduled cuddle time. After a nice walk he waits on the couch for a cuddle and rub :)

Siberian Husky - Bayside
We take care of Silver when his family is away and we just love him! He loves taking his walks around the neighborhood and then coming back to play inside and get his snack. I have to keep telling his sitter "Ashley" that she can't take him home :) He is just an all around loveable guy!

Airedale Terrier - Bay Terrace
Bertie is such a cute old woman and a sweetheart... unless your a loud car! While she has arthritis, it totally doesn't get her down and she is playful and loves her plush toys. We get to take care of Bertie when her owners our out of town and we are so lucky because we love her!

Maltese-Shitzu - Flushing
Gizmo comes to daycare every week and loves to meet up with his little friends - although his favorite thing is to sit on our lap as we work! :) He always dresses for the season and is such a sweet boy!

Red Nosed Pit - Kew Gardens Hills
Miss Red is a.k.a couch potato She is nervous about new friends but with plenty of love and lots of carrot bribes she's become such a sweetheart and a new favorite of ours! She's tough to get off the couch but bellyrubs seem to motivate her to go out : ). After walks she likes to sit on our feet with her big butt and get a nice head/ear massage and gives lots of kisses.

Kerry Blue Terrier - Douglaston
We have been caring for Keano since he was only 10 weeks old! Now he has grown to a big boy of 10 months. He has the sweetest personality, but don't let his good looks fool you - one look away and he'll grab your food from the counter! Besides getting daily walks, Keano is also a Camp IHPS member and loves coming to play with all the dogs and running and leaping! outside. We love you Keano!

Havenese - Glen Oaks
Otis is a super sweet and playful fellow that we are lucky to get to see everyday while his mom is at work. He always greets you at the door, and is ready for his walk. While he loves being outside, he also loves playing with his toys and getting lots of belly rubs too!

Longhaired Dachsund - Great Neck
Marvin gets daily walks while his family adjusts to caring for their new arrival. He is very happy when we arrive (paper towel needed!) and he loves when his walker brings her dogs to join him. When we get back, we get in a little cuddle time on the couch, complete with lots of belly rubs - oh what a life!

Goldendoodle - Great Neck
Murphy gets daily walks while his mom is at work and his sister is at school. Our nickname for him is Kangaroo Man! When he sees his friends he hops on his hind legs like.. you guessed it! Everyone in the neighborhood knows him and he is just the sweetest. After his walks his favorite thing to do is plop down under the kitchen table and relax.

Havanese - Flushing
We're so lucky to get to visit this guy every day and watch him grow up! Milo loves his walks and when we come he loves wrapping his body around your ankles. He's a quick learner and knows if he does his business on his walks he gets a treat and tummy rubs :)

Mixed Breed - Glen Oaks
What a sweetheart! Trixie gets daily walks while her mom is at work. She shares her domain with 3 cats and never complains - even when we give them a little attention and some treats! We look foward to seeing Trixie each day. She however, looks foward to being finished with the walk - that's when she gets her puzzle cube toy filled with yummy treats!

Golden Retriever - Douglaston
We are so happy to get to walk Rudy during the week while his parents work. He is always happy and excited to go on his walks around his complex. He loves to explore his neighborhood, and is very excited when we run into other dogs, or people! He is very active and enjoys playing fetch with anything, but especially his tennis ball!

Lhasa Apso - Bayside
Grace is a sweet girl who we are so lucky to walk every day while her parents are at work. She loves to get belly rubs on her cushion and likes to run fast and explore all the trees on her walk.
Little Grace so friendly to humans and other dogs and will be celebrating her first birthday very soon! We love you Grace!

Bunny! - Kew Gardens
This little guy is the best! He has the run of the house and is litter box trained. He is always very excited to get his morning greens and he follows us around watching everything we do. His fur is so soft, you can pet him for hours... and I don't think he would mind!

Golden - Floral Park
Ruby is one of the sweetest dogs - she loves seeing people and wants to meet everyone. She is so pretty and gets lots of pets from everyone who meets her. She absolutely loves her walks and is happy to go out no matter the weather. Her favorite hobby is squirrel & bird watching! We are so happy we get to walk her every week while her mom is at work!

Brooke and Lyn
Cats! - Great Neck
Brooke and Lyn get pet sitting visits 2x/day when their mom is away. Their favorite toy is the string-on-a-stick and they love their little treats. They are still a little shy and sometimes hide under the bed but some extra attention (and food!) usually gets them to come out.

English Bulldog Mini - Douglaston
Chloe is a 2year old female miniature bulldog - yes, that's right! a mini bulldog! She is absolutely adorable and looks and feels just like a stuffed animal. We get to give hour visits to Miss Chloe during the week and she gets very excited when she sees us! She runs around the kitchen until it's time to go. She likes to lead the way on her walks around town, and chase squirrels up trees. After, we get lots of cuddle time inside - We are happy she enjoys our company!

Poodle Mix - Bayside
We take care of Candy while her owner go on vacation. We is a bundle of energy and a sweet girl too! She loves her walks and after we get back, she loves running around very fast in the yard, and playing with her toys. She will set on the couch with us and get lots of belly rubs. You're a great dog Candy!

Sage and Shylo
Mixed Breeds - Alley Pond
Sage and Shylo get daily walks in the park while their mom is at work. Shylo is a new arrival, and while not knowing all the pillows and furniture in the house weren't her personal chew toys, she gets along famously with Sage and now knows the rules of the house. She loves chasing squirrels in the park , and Sage is happy to have some companionship throughout the day.

Maltese - Bayside
There's so much to say about this little guy who is full of personality. We get to take him on walks each week and sometimes pick him up from daycare. He loves to lift his leg and mark up his neighborhood and is always very curious about everything going on. His favorite thing is to play with the squirrel toy when we get back and run and jump on everything. He is affectionate & playful once he knows you....just dont be in HIS lobby when we come back from the walk - he'll let you hear about it!!

Puggle - Downtown Flushing
Lucy has lots and lots of energy and gets hour walks from us while her family is at work. She also is a member of our daycare and gets to spend her days with us at Camp IHPS several times a week! There she gets lots of walks and gets to socialize and play with other dogs - she is great at making friends!

Wheaton Terrier - Floral Park
Bailey just loves her walks and she can't get out the door fast enough! We think that she thinks she is a sled dog because she always tried to drop her head and pull pull pull! Good thing we come each day to walk her to drain some of her energy. Bailey, you are a sweet special girl and all your human and doggie friends love you! But squirrels beware - Baileys coming! :)

Pumpkin & Teddy
Cockapoo & Lhasa-poo - Bayside
We love all the time we get to spend with these two cuties. We take them to the park for an hour each day which they love. They love to sniff all the interesting scents in the park and always get a lot of compliments (and pets!) from people we pass. When we get back they know right where to go - to the kitchen to wait for their yummy treat! See you later Pumpkin and Teddy!

French Bulldog - Kew Gardens
Meet Mabel! This silly girl has so much energy. We get to take her on hour long walks during the week while her parents are at work. She loves meeting people and dogs, chasing squirrels and her favorite - biting and carrying sticks! Just when you think she doesnt have any more energy, she head butts your face for some love. We sure do love this cutie pie!

Happy and Molly
Cavalier and Spaniel - Bayside
Happy and Molly are quite a pair! Molly is very sweet and Happy is very bossy! When they come back from their walk Molly waits patiently for her treat while Happy barks at you until he gets what he wants lol. Happy loves to steal the remote control and sit on it so you cant have it back! He also steals laundry! They both look forward to their walks everyday and the belly rubs after! :)

Boxer - Kew Gardens
Ella is such a pretty girl. We used to walk her in Bayside and we were so sad when her mom was moving - but she moved to Kew Gardens! We were so happy we would still get to see her each week for her aft. walks. She is so sweet and her face just cannot be resisted.

Nunzio & Aros
Pom Mix & Shep - Bayside
Aros and Nunzio are 2 great dogs! Aros looks forward to his walks everyday. As soon as you come through the door he grabs his stuffed toy and comes running to you! After the walk the boys can't wait to get their treats. Nunzio starts licking his lips when he sees you getting the treat jar! They are too cute and a joy to see everyday :)

Bichon mix - Little Neck
Happy Cookie! She never seems to have a care in the world. We get to sleep over Cookie's house while her family travels and sometimes she stays with us at Camp IHPS. Don't tell the other campers, but Cookie is Brownie's favorite!

Chelsea & Hannah
Mix and Pit Bull - Bayside
Just like a little sister, Hannah tries to copy everything Chelsea does...but Chelsea doesn't think it's annoying :) They play together, cuddle together, and nap together. We give them lots of exercise on their 1hr walks and they both love to run. You have to admit - Hannah is the cutest pit bull puppy you hav ever seen!

Mixed Breed - Bayside
Beethoven is what you would call a gentle giant! This fellow is over 100 lbs and his best friends are his 2 little cats that he likes to lick clean! We get to visit Beethoven every day while his mommy is at work and he enjoys walking around his whole neighborhood. RIP 5/15/98 - 1/28/11

Golden Retriever - Bellerose Village
Murphy gets regular walks several times a week, to give his busy mommy a break! We walk all around the village and he enjoys exploring his neighborhood and finding new scents to smell. You're such a good boy Murphy!

Toby and Clover
King Charles Cavaliers - Kew Gardens
Dog Walking ,Pet Sitting, Overnight stays - you name it, we've done it with these siblings! This pic says it all - they love each other! They are super playful and affectionate and we love picking out toys from their box and having fun with them!

Lucie & Ethel
Havaneses - Floral Park
We are so lucky to get to visit little Lucie every day while her parents work so they can buy her more toys! :) She is a little furball of energy. She loves to run around and play with her toys after our walk and is the sweetest girl ever. We love watching you grow up into such a great doggie! **She now has a little sister Ethel too!

Miniature Poodle - Auburndale
Ebbe stays here at Camp IHPS when his family is busy. Brownie really loves Ebbe and usually hangs out with him all day. Ebbe doesn't seem to mind and enjoys the company. This little guy is just too cute!

Shephard Mix - Glen Oaks
Marlie is a cold weather loving sweet girl. We think she may have been a sled dog in her previous life :) She loves saying hello to her doggie friends while we are our for our walks, which we are lucky enough to do every day with her while her mommy is at work. She also does her best to keep the squirrels in check around her home. She will sometimes surprise us by deciding to lay down in the grass and sun herself. She is such a funny girl! She loves to lead us in different directions during our walks so she can keep an eye on her neighborhood.

Yellow Lab - Great Neck
If you look up energy in the dictionary, you will see this pic of Cheyenne! We are privileged to pet sit for this crazy girl when her mom goes away and we always have a blast with her. She can play fetch forever in the yard but often can't decide if she wants the stick, frisbee, or ball - and sometimes takes more than one at a time! She's a sweet lovable girl - even when she gets a little mischevious!

Coonhound - Bellerose Village
This big guy gets to see us 2x every day while his family is at work. He always lets us know when he is ready for his dinner (I think he want the whole neighborhood to know!) and he grudgingly shares his home with Schweenie the cat. He loves visiting his neighbors to see if they have any treats for him!

English Bulldog - Bayside
Lola is the underbite queen! She is a very laid back bulldog who enjoys nice easy strolls along with her good buddy Egon the outdoor tabby cat who loves to purr and rub against Lola for affection. If we start walking Lola and Egon sees us he meows from down the block as if he's saying "wait for me!" And Lola is happy to sit her butt down in the shade a wait patiently for her kitty friend. Most adorable cat/dog combo? Definitely!

Coco & King
Yorkies - Bay Terrace
Coconut and Kingston are special little dogs for sure! They were very shy with us at first but now get so excited when they see their sitters. Full of energy , they can't wait to go for their walks and have lots of outfits they like to dress up in. Only the best for these two and they get chicken, string beans and sweet potatoes during meal time, then apples and blueberries for snacks. They also love going for rides in their baby carriage when the weather is nice! These 2 cuties are so much fun to care for and are very loveable :)

Beagle - Hollis Hills
Sophie gets daily walks from us while her family is at work. When her family goes away, she gets to stay overnight at Camp IHPS with us! She is so sweet and all her neighbors lover her. Sophie's job is to tell the entire town when she sees the mailman or delivery person - she's a beagle through and through!

Ridgeback Mix - Great Neck
We just love Sophie! We give her lots of love and exercise every day. She walks and runs right by our side and gets so excited when we walk in the door. Sometimes we get to see her best friend Doodle the Poodle on our walks and it's so cute seeing them play together. When we get back to the house she is ready to eat up all her dinner, a treat, and plenty of fresh water.

Mixed Breed - Whitestone
Trixie is a shy girl - but after only a couple of visits with lots of playtime and hugs she's wagging her tail when we arrive! She follows us everywhere in the house and after walks she loves to play fetch and watch animal planet. She thinks she's a lap dog and loves to cuddle. She's a very sweet girl and has the face and demeanor to prove it. We love when your mom goes on vacation so we can take care of you! :)

Mixed - Bayside
We love this cute little girl - just look at her face! She has the most innocent eyes and she loves being admired by anyone passing by. We get to walk her at least once a day every day while her parents are out at work making money to spoil her :) She loves to trot as fast as she can down the street, only getting sidetracked by the most interesting of scents. After eating a hearty dinner it is always playtime as scheduled. Don't let her small stature fool you! She will play tug of war with you so hard your arm is sore afterwards!

Bearded Collie - Bellerose
Barley gets daily visits from us while his mom is away at work. While he appreciates his lunch and fresh water, Barley has lots and lots of energy so his favorite part of the visit is his walk. He especially likes when he gets to meet new human and dog friends along the way!

Cockapoo - Great Neck
Bella is a cute ball of energy and fluff! We get to see her every day and run around with her while her family is at work. When her family goes away, she stays with us here at Camp IHPS and boy does she love her vacation! She has lots of friends to play with and lots of people attention all day. Although she can be mischevious, one look at that face and all is forgiven!

Puggle - Great Neck
Stewie gets walks from us 2x/week when his mom works late - and when he need some extra exercise! While his favorite pastime is barking at big scary trucks, we try to turn his attention elsewhere - with a good old fashioned run around the development. When we return, he rewards himself by picking a toy out from his box - you deserve it Stewie!

Mixed - Glen Oaks
Fiona loves her walks and she does a happy dance every time we come - her head and tail go in opposite directions as she walks sideways across the room :) She loves greeting neighbors as we walk and is a very good listener!

German Shephard - Flushing
Just look at those ears! Turok is the biggest cutie in a small body - but not for long! This little pup is growing by leaps and bounds and we are loving watching him grow and giving him lots of exercise! We take him for hour walks every day and we explore the park, trails, neighborhood and have an adventure every time. He loves exploring, and running and walking and is just a great dog! We're so lucky to be caring for you!

Sam and Winnie
King Charles Cavaliers - Little Neck
This brother and sister team are two peas in a pod. We get to take care of them at their home, and they also come here to stay with us while their family is away. They love going on long long walks on their leash for two, and get along great with all the other dogs. They get special food cooked for them for their meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. They are definitely a spoiled pair! Well... how can you resist them with those faces!?

Goldendoodle - Hollis Hills
Curly is a great running partner and gives us lots of exercise every day when we see him. He is full of energy but is also such a polite boy - he is so good with everyone he meets. I mean everyone, because he does not want one person to pass by without saying hi to him and giving him some love! His mommy adopted him and loves him so much. You're a special boy Curly!

Sharpei - Kew Gardens
Spencer is the man of the town! We get to walk this handsome fellow around his neighborhood each day while his parents work, and we always attract so much attention! He always walks proud with his head up high - I think he knows hes a stud and enjoys the attention! Spencer loves to slobber on us when we put his leash on so we're always ready for a leg and arm bath when we get there. We practice his good manners in the elevator and on the walk and he is a quick student....well as long as we have his yummy snacks with us! ;)

Border Collie - Bayside
Crazy Maggie is one-of-a-kind for sure! She is the most energetic dog I have ever seen! She gets so excited when we come for our walks and is almost as tall as us when she stands on her hind legs. When we first started walking her she was uncontrollable on the leash (she was a rescue) but we've worked with her a lot and she is much better now now.....just don't let her see a cat! :)

Pit Bull Mix - Flushing
Tori gets daily walks while her mom is at work. Tori is very picky about her friends, so we are happy to have gained her trust and become a leader in her pack.

Miniature Schnauzer - Bellerose Village
Reggie gets daily walks while his family pack is at work. We are always able to leave cute notes for his family about our walks because well... just look at that face! He loves exploring the neighborhood and is excited to meet anyone - dog or human! If you see him around, come say hi - he'll be disappointed if you don't!

Cat - Bay Terrace
Tiffany is a special little girl! She always waits for me right by the door when I come in and if she thinks its time for her pill she will hide away under the couch - smart girl! ;) She likes to be brushed sometimes -s he'll tell you when she doesn't - and is a very pretty girl and knows it!

Australian Shepard Mix - Kew Gardens
Shelby is such a pretty and sweet girl - she just doesn't know it! She is shy and nervous so we try to help her gain confidence on our walks. We love getting to see her 4x/week while her family is at work - even though we always have to clean her little "pee piles" when we put her leash on! She loves going out for her walks and is such a special girl :)

Maddie & King
Yorkie & Minpin - Kew Gardens
What a pair. We love to walk these cuties every day while their mom is at work. Maddie loves to take her time and smell all the scents and enjoy her walk while King loves to go go go! He does little handstands after he pees which makes us laugh every time. As long as we don't see another dog, our walks go smoothly! lol

Girly Girl
Cat - Flushing
We visit Girly Girl when her mom is away. If she's not following you to the food, you can always find her laying on her favorite spot on the corner of the bed, or in her chair in the living room. She is a good girl and we love taking care of her!

Boston Terrier - Bellerose Village
What a face! Red gets weekday walks from us when his mom has to work late. This playful fellow loves meeting other dogs and people on our walk and we are enjoying watching him grow up!

Mixed - Whitestone
Olive is a cute girl that has bursts of energy that can only make you smile - and we get to see lots of them on her 1hr daily walks! She is smart and knows all her commands....the stay command is a work in progress! Olive is always loving and playful and I think she enjoys watching us clean up all her mischeif. As long as she remembers our fingers aren't her chew toys then all is great. We love you Olive!

Chocolate Lab - Floral Park
Latte is a very friendly & happy boy who loves his walks & loves saying hi to everyone he sees. The only thing he loves more than his walks are tennis balls! The more, the better! He is an excellent catcher & a great goalie when playing ball hockey. He is so cute because he pushes the ball back to you with his nose so the fun can continue.! We love our visits with this sweet boy! :)

Goldendoodle - Bay Terrace
one look at Jessie and you'll fall in love. She looks forward to her walks in the morning followed by lunch time! In the backyard she loves to play with the basketball chasing it around in a circle. She's very smart and listens to you when you talk to her. Jessie gets complimented by people on the street all the time during her walk. Sometimes she likes to just be held in your arms and carried like a baby...you can't help but to give in. She's just too cute :)

Pit Bull - Kew Gardens Hills
Rambo LOVES to cuddle up our lap and just hang out. He likes to sit and watch us prepare his food he's very patient and likes to eat a little then cuddle then eat again lol. When he grows up, he's going to be the sweeetest most handsome man ever! :)

Shih Tzu - Great Neck
We get to care for this character when his parents have plans after work. We feed him dinner and take him on a walk around his neighborhood, where he pees on every tree and kicks up all the dirt! What a male! :) He loves meeting new friends and he is also a member of Camp IHPS! He loves to stay overnight at camp where he thinks he is on vacation!

BJ and Gizmo
Pekignese and Pug - Great Neck
We stay overnight with these boys while there parents are away. Staying up late and watching TV on the couch together is their favorite....shhh I promised I wouldn't tell their parents I let them stay up past their bedtime! They are a pleasure to care for!

Mixed - Bayside
Bear is always napping on his couch when we arrive for his daily walks - we think he is saving up energy! :) He just loves to be outside and we often see him sitting outside with his mom after work, watching all the people and doggies go by. His favorite toy is his red wubba which he must play with every day before lunch! Check more pics of this handsome little man on our facebook page!

Chloe & Porsche
Shih Tzu & Mixed Breed - Kew Gardens
We get to walk Chloe and his older brother Porsche every week while their parents go to work. When meeting them for the first time they greeted us with so much love! Chloe is always spinning around and prancing on her walks, while Porsche likes to trail behind. While Porsche doesn't always complete his walk and gets carried half of the way, these two always make us happy upon seeing their eager faces along with their cat Bella who always get a treat too!

Mixed Breed - Beechhurst
We love when we get to walk Gigi! She is such a good girl and waits patiently in her crate when we come in. She makes us smile every day, either by running around the apartment and playing with her cat brothers Fred & Barney, or when she stalks the outdoor squirrels. She just loves her walks and being outside and is friendly with everyone she meets. She has one ear that flops over and we just love her!

Shih Tzu - Fllushing
A picture just doesn't describe Sadie's cuteness! This little furball of energy loves to run around as fast as she can and she always puts a smile on your face. We visit and play with Sadie each day while her mommy goes to work and we just adore her!

Pekignese - Queens Village
We are lucky to care for lion when his family pack goes on vacations. At first he was a little unsure of us, but now he can't wait for his family to take trips so he can be spoiled - especially now that he has to share his time with a new brother! He has so much fun running around outside and we just love him!

Golden Retriever - Jamaica Estates
Whitney is a sweet 10 month old golden retriever. She will welcome you with her sweet face, and hold you physically with her cuddles :) She became a fast favorite with her loving personality! She loves her walks, but LOVES being petted, and hugged way more!

Miniature Schnauzer - Little Neck
Winston is a character. He loves going out for his walks and sniffing all the scents as fast as he can - he doesn't want to miss a thing! :) If you get to see him on our walk, he'll probably greet you with his high pitched schnauzer bark! He loves getting his treat when we get back and he always runs to his big pillow to eat it.

Greyhound - Great Neck
Mookie is a rescue and we just love him! He is getting used to his surroundings and becoming more confident each and every day. He is loving his new mom and home, and enjoys his daily walks around the circle.

Poodle - Fresh Meadows
This little guy is a bundle of energy and he always puts a smile on our face. He stands on his hind legs so we can put his harness on and take him on his walk around town. He loves his walks and equally enjoys chasing us around the yard nipping at our pant legs!

Bacardi & Malibu
Mixed - Floral Park
We get to walk these two characters every day while their parents are at work. They are very sweet dogs with lots of personality! Bacardi is a gentleman, who makes sure to wait for you to walk with him, while Malibu says hello to nearly everyone on the streets. Both dogs love being outdoors, whether to interact with new humans, or to take in the sights and smells!

Basset Hound - Briarwood
Valentino is a funny and lovable dude. We get to see him each day while his family works to provide for him :) He loves to use his nose to find breadcrumbs left for the birds and likes to decide which way to walk and if he feels like walking - a stubborn fellow but nothing that a yummy biscuit couldn't change! Just watch out the you don't get in the line of fire when he shakes his head - or you'll be covered in drool! :)

Basset Hound - Whitestone
Monty was referred to us by his veterinarian and we are so happy to know him! We get to visit him several times each week while his owners are at work. He enjoys going outside and his nose ltells us where to go! He is a sweetie with an adorable stare! Monty was lucky to be rescued by his new owners who love him a lot - and so do we!

Theo & Wicket
Pomeranian Mixes - Bellerose
We are lucky to get to walk these kids every day while thier parents are at work. They love their walks and love to pee and mark every tree to everyone knows they were there - after all, they do think they own just about the whole town :) They love to bark at every person, truck, and doggie they see but please don't tell them that they're not scaring anyone! :) You guys are definitely characters and we love you!

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Marilyn Pitzer
Little Neck
Robyn is wonderful. She is a real life saver. I have used her only a few times when I go on vacation but all 8 of my animals are well cared for when I do go. She plays with them, feeds them and cleans theri cages on our specified schedule. She is as trustworthy as a good friend. I have 1 dog (a Boston Terrier, Puffy), 2 cats (Pepper and Putter), 2 birds(Peka and Peanut), 2 fish(Pepe and Paco), and a hedgehog(Penny). She is very patient with the pets and owners alike. She does a wonderful job. I highly recommend her services.

Jessica G
We are so grateful for in-home pet services and all they do for our dog. They are very accommodating and so very helpful in ensuring he gets walked everyday. Between the personalized notes they leave to let us know how the afternoon went and individual attention they offer him we could not ask for more. We are so very happy with Robyn and our walkers we would recommend to anyone in the area. Thanks Robyn!
---we found this review on Google.. thx!!!

LIttle Neck
Robyn has, for many years, taken such good care of our dog whenever we go away on vacation. She has always comes through for us even when we've had to ask for last minute help. We've left our dog at her home for extended periods and have also asked Robyn to come to our home to walk and feed our dog when we're away on shorter trips. She is wonderful with Cookie and very reliable!
(I copied this review from LinkedIN! - Thx Elissa!)

Erica and Ryan
Great Neck
Robyn and her services are so wonderful! It was so nice to find caring people that we can trust to take care and walk Diesel while we are at work. I love the notes the walkers leave! I look forward to reading them everyday :) Sharmyn has walked Diesel the most and he is very happy. I think its so cute that the walkers fight over who gets to walk him. Thank you Robyn, Sharmyn and anyone else who walks diesel! It has been a pleasure knowing Diesel is in good hands while I'm gone!

Carrie & Asaph
Great Neck
In Home Pet Services is simply awesome! They are super user friendly (quick response times through email or phone), punctual, and love our dogs (and cats) as much as we do. We have come to depend on them a lot in recent months, especially with a change in our work schedules. Robyn and her team leave detailed notes on what they did on their visit. We feel confident leaving our babies in their care. Our vet also had great things to say about Robyn and her team; can't get much better than that! We love you guys! And so do Zoey, Lucy, Baby, & Skittles (and Shadow in spirit) :)
--We found this review for us on Angies List. Thanks!

Kew Gardens Hills
This is the service to use if you are looking for a pet sitter. Robyn is kind and patient and her staff is phenomenal. My indoor and outdoor cats were well taken care and everything was kept very neat and clean!Plus their rates are outstanding!!!
--we found this review on Yahoo Local!

Great Neck
Max knows Megan's name now and got excited when I said she was coming! He really enjoys his walks with Megan and has been happier and less of a crazy max when we get home on days she comes!

Glen Oaks Village - Bellerose
Thank you for all you do for my crew Blaise, Beasley and Bradley are so happy and it shows. I never have to worry about them when I am at work. You guys rock!!!

Kelly et al.
Thanks so much for cat sitting so last minute! The cats were so relaxed when we arrived, always a relief! It's so nice to come home and everything is so taken care of! We all love you!!!!!

Hedy LaViola
Glen Oaks, NY
I have been using Pet Services for several years now and have only praise for the reliable services we received. My cat stays with my elderly mom in the winter and Kathy from pet services is a Godsend. Not only does she care for my cat a few days a week to help my mom, my mom looks forward to her visits. Thank you, Robyn, for creating a wonderful company that gives peace of mind knowing my cat is being cared for properly.

This is my first (and if possible) last pet service. Growing up my parents never would have allowed a stranger to come into our home to walk out dogs, so to me this was a scary prospect. But In Home Pet Services are true professionals. Robyn and a walker came to our home for an initial meeting. They asked us questions, got to evaluate our dog and answered any questions we had for her.

In the 3 months since, our 18 month lab has 2 different walkers that split the week walking him, which he loves. He s a happier dog because he gets to be outside during the day and when we get home he s much more mellow. He always greets us with a smile and a wag and not storming the door like before.
Thanks you Robyn, Kelly and Kristen!
---we found this review on Yahoo! Thanks so much - we love Albee!

Great Neck
I have been with Robyn, Megan, Sharmyn, Nicole P, Nicole S. and others for probably 13 of your 16 years. Robyn your pet sitters are terrific, well trained and well prepared to handle my dogs. You were there for Cody, CJ (cat), Charlie, Cheyenne, and now Riley. Your service is fantastic. The care and love you have given my pets is and has been insurmountable. Everyone one of my dogs and cat always were so content when I come home, therefore I know how much attention is given to them. The added bonus is my house appears lived in and checked as well. There are not enough woods to thank you.

Oakland Gardens
Words can't express how greatful I am to Robyn and Vanessa for taking care of my little princess Chloe! Their daily pics and updates on Chloe kept me at ease when I was away. I appreciate the time Robyn took to help Chloe eat since she is a picky eater! She literally fed Chloe by hand until Chloe was eating on her own:-) I recommend Robyn for her professionalism, love of animals, and her expertise in caring for them! Absolutely love her! I know now that my Chloe will have a safe and loving home when I need to travel! Thank you sooooooooo much Robyn and Vanessa:-) xoxoxo

In Home Pet Services is a life saver of a company. When I moved to NY I lost all of my cat sitting regulars and didn't know what to do with my feline friend. When I first met with Robyn and her team it was immediately clear that they were professional, caring, and accommodating. Every time I've gone out of town I have been so happy with the care that my cat receives (and it's clear that he thinks everyone is purr-fect as well). I don't know what I would have done this year without Robyn and Kathy, who leaves such nice notes about how everything went while I was away. These folks care about the animals in their charge and they are nice enough to deal with the onslaught of questions and emails that come from the pet owners. Passionate and professional, this is a stellar pet service team!
---we found this review for us on Google. Thx Erin!

Fresh Meadows
In Memory of Kitty and Joan - Kitty was a 25lb black cat who required medication twice a day and close monitoring of her medical condition on a daily basis. Joan was my mother who, although she loved Kitty very much, was unable to care for her "special needs", mainly due to the fact that Kitty could be extremely uncooperative and prone to bouts of unprovoked aggression. Robyn was the answer to a prayer when she began to care for Kitty during my frequent business trips. Robyn even helped me to bring Kitty to the vet several times (not an easy task with a 25lb cat who does not like to leave the house) and offered to stay with Kitty when the time came to ease her suffering and let her rest in peace. While I was away on business travel my mother would call me every day to give me an update on Kitty and the creative and inventive way that Robyn had devised to give Kitty her meds that day with as little stress as possible. Joan passed away last year and Kitty soon followed, a devastating time for me to lose two such special relationships so close in time. Robyn now cares for my new family, (Judy, Angie and Frankie) and helps to keep the memory of Joan and Kitty close in my heart.

Floral Park
I have been using Robyn's service for over two years now for my cat Maxie. Robyn and Annmarie have taken great care of her. I know that when I have to go away, she's in good hands! Thank you Robyn

Bay Terrace
Thanks again for taking care of my cats Arnold and Sammy on such short notice. You provide such a great service, and I do appreciate it. You are in my "prayers of thanksgiving"!

Alison and Don
Floral Park Village
Robyn has been a lifesaver. We have two dogs, Alpha and Beta, and two cats, Dinky and Sebastian. Alpha is going to be 12 years old in August and for a dog her size (Great Dane Irish Wolfhound mix) she is getting up there in years. Robyn is always there to help out in a pinch as many emergencies have come up in the past two years. Alpha had a stroke last October and Robyn was able to help us out but coming more often to check on her and offer her support. Also, Robyn is great with Alpha's little sister Beta (4 years old) as well. My husband and I would be lost without Robyn's valuable service. This allows me to go to school with a clear conscience that my dog and cat children are being well cared for. Thanks again for all of your help! Alison and Don (Alpha, Beta, Dinky and Sebastian's parents)

Glen Oaks
I went to visit the dogs on Sunday and they were very happy and in great health! I know this what you do, but we have never used this type of service and didn't know what to expect. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with the level of service and care provided by your company. Again, thank you very much for taking such great care of my mom's dogs. She can breathe easier knowing there is an option like this should she decide to travel again.

Heather Alexander
Floral Park
I'm new to In Home Pet Services, but let me tell you, they are a GODSEND! For years, I have never left my Westie with anyone except my mom; so to trust my precious baby to someone new had me panic-stricken. But our everyday sitter/walker Kim is AMAZING! She and my Emma love each other. Kim leaves me detailed notes about their time together during the day (which includes lots of games and walks) and it gives me such peace knowing that Emma is not only being taken care but loved as well.
--we found this review for us on Google!

Marion Conway
Douglaston Manor
We don't know what we we do without Robyn.We were first introduced to Robyn through an article in the Little Neck Ledger.In the past we have always put our dogs in a kennel when we went away.We realized that it is much better for an animal to stay in their own surroundings.Robyn is wonderful.Our Nellie ADORES her.We can finally go away and not worry that Nellie is not getting the correct attention and love that she deserves because Robyn gives her plenty!!Thank you Robyn for all you do for our family..

Bay Terrace
IHPS saved our lives! We needed to find someone to walk our new puppy, Jessie, in the middle of the day. Robyn and her team swooped in and saved the day. They are not only reliable and professional, they all love dogs! I know Jessie looks forward to her time with her dog walker and I feel confident knowing that Jessie is happy. Jessie's daily report, written in her notebook, always makes us smile. Their enthusiasm and love of animals is so apparent. The best part is that IHPS is flexible, Adding a day or removing a day is not an issue. We are eternally grateful! --We found this review on Google - Thx Jackie!

Fresh Meadows
4 cats were provided with food and water. Litter pans were cleaned at the time of each visit . "Outside" cats were provided with fresh food and water as well. House was kept clean of any "accidents". Mail was gathered and house appropriately secured . Instructions were followed perfectly!
Member Comments:
Very competent service. Requirements were reviewed, in person, prior to the service being performed, at no charge. Highly recommended!!
---we received a call from Angies list that this review was received! :)

Gregg Matalas
Fresh Meadows
Just the best thing. Robyn and her staff took care of my Dutch while I was away for Christmas. I couldn't be happier!

My wife and I used In Home Pet Services (IHPS) for one year. Robyn and her team were absolutely wonderful; I would give 10 stars if I could. They (specifically her wonderful walkers) made it possible for me to raise a golden retriever puppy on my own at first, and then helped us manage to insanely busy schedules towards the end of our time in New York. My wife, the dog, and I recently moved to DC and I am very worried knowing that we won't be able to replace IHPS or their walkers.

Where to start? IHPS' walkers were like second parents to our dog Bruce. Bruce has been known to misbehave occasionally, has a lot of energy, and when he was a puppy required more than a few frequent vet visits. All of the walkers were wonderful but Catherine in particular would care for Bruce as if he were her own; she even drove him to the vet once for us after hours (unscheduled) and sat with him until we got home. IHPS was incredibly flexible with me (I forgot to send my weekly schedules by the Saturday goal on a regular basis) and was always able to accommodate schedule changes or last minute requests. As an example, in February I had to have emergency hand surgery; not only were we able to call the walker to come and help us with unplanned walks that evening, but the walker also hung out with me while my wife ran to pick up some pain killers at CVS. While I was there she fed Bruce, played with him to get some energy out, and brought in all of our packages.

I can honestly say at no point in time was I ever unhappy with the level or quality of service provided by IHPS. I really wish I could have brought them with me to DC (Robyn, please open a franchise here). If you have the opportunity to use this company for dog walks, I strongly encourage you to give Robyn a call.

- chris

Dakota's Mom
Alley Pond
Robyn and Stacy are two of the most caring and dependable people I know. I feel so much better knowing that one of them is coming to take Dakota for her afternoon walk, this way she gets exercise and has some company during the day. It's also great that I don't have to put Dakota in a kennel when I go on business trips but she can stay in her own house and feel safe. Thanks Robyn and Stacy.

Jill and Adam
Great Neck
Robyn, Sharymn, and Ann Marie have taken such great care of Skippy. He really loves them and looked forward to his daily walks. Whenever we would see any of them in the streets, he would get really excited. Everyone was really flexible and accomodating with our schedules. We will really miss them now that we are moving out of the neighborhood.


I would like to express special gratitude to Robyn Elman with In Home Pet Services and the staff for working especially hard to find time to walk our three dogs during the busy Holiday season. Robyn went out of her way to accommodate our needs. The dog walkers were efficient and excellent I with handling our big and small dogs. As a result of Robyn and her staff we were able to enjoy our vacation worry free. Thanks to all!!!
---This review was listed on Thumbtack. Thanks!!!!

Hewlett Harbor
Robyn has been clipping and trimming my 2 birds- a Sun Conure and a Cockateil and our latest addition to the family, a Bearded Dragon. She is wonderful with our animals. My pets are less stressful since I do not have to take them out of their environment and bring them to the pet store for grooming services. Robyn, I hope some day soon you will expand sitting services to the South Shore of Long Island. We need you!! Thank you for giving a pet talk to Hewlett Elementary School students on Thursday, March 16, 2005. The children and teachers adored you and gave you rave reviews. You are extremely knowledgeable on all animals and you truly love what you do!

Glen Oaks
my pug!!! I work long hours so I need someone else to give her some TLC. She LOVES her walker Kristen. Sometimes she waits for her by the door when I'm home with her. Robyn and her crew are very professional, great communications, and they really cater to my needs with my crazy work schedules. Their prices are also very reasonable. Highly recommended!!!
---we found this review on Google. Thanks! :)

North Bayside
Samoyeds are known as the dog with Christmas in their hearts all year long! They are also the clowns of the dog world. They insinuate themselves into your world and your heart with their exuberance, clowning and their single minded desire to be with the family! That is the perfect description of Annabelle. She has been a member of our family for 13 years. In her youth she never minded going to "Doggy Camp" when we needed to be away from home. But her Senior years and the onset of arthritis and several other medical problems have made it very difficult for us to leave her in boarding ..no matter how good the kennel. We worried whenever we left the house for an extended period. Robyn and her team have been an answer to a prayer! From our first meeting I was impressed with her business and professional manner; the questions she asked and most important, her immediate acceptance by Annabell (of course the treats she brought were a none stop trip right to Bell's heart and stomach). Annabell is 80 lbs and sometimes needs help standing and needs a great deal of patience when walking and doing stairs...They have handled this without difficulty....they have adapted to Annabell's quirks easily..."The Queen" likes crushed ice and the fan on when she is left alone. Annabell's book is a great way to communicate on a daily bases. Robyn has been reliable, responsible, accommodating, flexible and kind. She is someone I have trusted in my home with the care of a special member of our family. I would recommend her to any pet owner who loves their pet. Thanks Robyn, you are helping to make Annabell's senior years much less stressful for all of us.

Robyn is a caring, kind, individual who goes the extra mile to make sure our cats are well looked after and loved while we are on vacations. Her staff have excellent knowledge and availability, and the cat sitting service is value for money compared with boarding. We frequently go away around the holidays, and despite family commitments, she always makes sure we are accommodated. Her staff even came in over Christmas to make sure our cats were fed, litter changed and fresh water given. They also give excellent feedback on the welfare of your pets, which is a welcome relief when overseas. I can't speak highly enough of Robyn and her team! You won't regret giving In Home Pet Services your animals to look after while you're away
---We found this review online on the IHPS LInkedIN Page!

Carol and Ray
North Bayside
We just had our first experience with in-home pet services. Initially we were so nervous since this was the first time we were leaving our puppy Titus (9 months) and our 5 year old black lab Sonny without us! But our fears were instantly gone with the wonderful service from Robyn and Cheryl. My "boys" were taken for daily runs to the park and were totally at ease. We were not sure how they would react to a "stranger" coming into our home without us being there, but they loved Robyn and Cheryl so much and knew they were kind, caring and dependable! Thanks again!!

Fresh Meadows
There is nothing like going away on vacation and knowing that loved ones (our furry companions) are well taken care of. I know that we can go away on vacation and trust that our companions are in good hands. Robyn is a trusted member of our family. Our furry companions know her and love her (and so do we :)

I was seeking sitting services for the first time for my two pets (my boys and my babies) Coco and Rocky, 9 and 7 years old respectively. I researched and interviewed different people as not only was I entrusting my dogs care to a stranger but, I was also giving the keys to my house to someone I did not know. I interviewed several people and finally came to the best decision I now realize I made... In Home Pet Services was a professional, honest and caring group of individuals who appeared to me as doing this for the benefit of pets as well as their owner families. I was able to connect with them and receive a timely response and update while I was away.. I also received pictures which were very reassuring. Robyn and Daniela made sure my boys were well taken care of. Upon my return home I felt as if nothing had changed and my dogs adapted easily based on my findings. Finally I found a heart warming hand written letter from Daniela describing what transpired while I was away. I thank them for their efforts and honesty in providing our communities with these services and I highly recommend them and will request their services again and again in the future. Thank you so much Robyn and Daniela!!! Coco, Rocky and Gloria H.
---this review was posted on citysearch. Thanks!

I couldn't have asked for a better service. I always came home to a very happy puppy. In Home Pet Service is trust worthy and asks the right questions and always keeps you up to date and not to mention affordable. I deff recommend this place to everyone withs pets! Thanks In Home Pet Services and Laurie for the thorough notes everyday!

Ernie is a new client for pet Mommy, Christina Audi. I just want to say how happy I am with the way things are going so soon! It took me years to get another dog and the outstanding reputation of this company was a key deciding factor in my adoption of Ernie, my new Lab mix puppy. I really speak very highly of this organization to all my dog lover friends. I just want to say a simple thank you from Ernie and I for doing something TRULY ordinary in an extraordinary way. Highly Recommended To All and That Is a Huge Deal Coming From Me As I am Highly Critical Person and Don't Trust Very Easily but This organization Has Won My Trust, Respect and Eternal Gratitude!
---we found this review for us on Google :)

Sophie, our Cavapoo, loves her daily walks with inhomepetservices. We've had nothing but good experiences with the service and recommend it to anyone with a busy lifestyle who really cares about the well being of their dog.

Ju Family
Little Neck
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of Lucky. Even though he has his quirky ways, he absolutely loves you as you are the highlight of his day. Thanks for sticking with us even though Lucky has challenged you on so many ways...and still does. You mean so much to our family and are truly appreciated!

Bay Terrace
Robyn and her staff are simply the BEST!!!! They always take such good care of my cat Pookie that I don t think she even knows I m gone. And I love the notes I find telling me about the fun that they all had. I m the lucky one to have discovered this wonderful group of pet lovers. Thanks, In Home Pet Services!
---we found this review posted on Yahoo!

Alley pond
You could call me a bit of a nervous mom. But we all know that there are some places our canine friends are not welcome eg weddings. When Robyn met Rowan, she asked all the right questions(especially about the special snacks!) I came home from a 14 hour absence to a safe and happy dog.

Robyn & her staff of dog walkers are just wonderful. I always knew when I wasnt around to walk my little Cloe they would be there. They always left extensive notes about the walk so I almost felt as if I was on the walk with them when I was reading it. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a dog walker to use Ihps you can tell they truly care from the first walk.

Great Neck
Very professional and caring company. They went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our cat was safe and sound while we were away. Unforeseen circumstances included a raccoon invading garage where cat often likes to hang out! Would highly recommend In Home Pet Services to others and will certainly be calling them again.
*We found this review online on CitySearch. Thanks Randa! :)

Roe and Joe
South Bayside

Hollis Hills
In Home Pet Services provided wonderful service. They were always reliable and they really loved our dog, taking time to give her treats and play with her a little after each walk. Every day they left a note on how the walk was and what they did. We only had to stop using INPS because we moved out of the area. I would highly recommend INPS and found them very trustworthy.
---we found this review on Google. Thx Kristen!!

Floral Park
Robyn and Kathy are the best! This is the first time I have used any pet sitting service and I am very pleased. Kathy showed real patience with my dogs and now they have a new friend. Thanks again!

Kew Gardens
In home pet services are the best personal service companies I have ever worked with. They are unbelievably understanding to changes and will accommodate anything if they can. I have an 8 month old shar pei and he absolutely ADORES his walker Laurie (so do we)... She loves him like he is hers. She always makes sure he is ok, not too wet in the rain by putting on his raincoat. He is truly excited to see her and I can honestly say... i think she is just as excited to see him. When you have someone in your home, you want to trust them, not have to worry about anything, and with Laurie, I never worry about Spencer (our pup) or anything. She is amazing and I love her.... :)
---we found this review on Google. Thanks!!

annie and gerard
auburndale ny
robyn is the best sheis a life saver my husband an d i can now travel with such peace of mind . she is an angel , she is truly a blessing. and ebbes auntie robyn, we can not say enough good things about her.

Finding Robyn and In Home Pet Services has been a tremendous benefit to my family. She has provided phenomenal care for our dog, cat and rabbits. It has allowed us to take time away, whether an extended work day, weekend or longer, with the peace of mind that our "furry family" members are being cared for by competent and caring people. I would (and have) highly recommend their services.
(I copied this from LinkedIn! - Thx deborah!)

John and Rosemary
North Bayside
Thanks for the pictures of Chloe and her friends at Doggie Camp !!!! She had a blast with you guys and thanks again for the wonderful daily camp notes you brought back with Chloe on Thursday. Hope she didn't give you too much trouble with her "boom boom" phobia, those T-Storms really freak her out so we both thank you for being there with her during those periods. We will treasure these pictures of Chloe and her Friends for a lifetime!!


South Bayside
There is nothing better than knowing one can leave for a night or a week and have reliable, professional, caring service for(a) pet(s)--and a house! Robyn and Jess are an A1 team! Thanks for performing such a much needed service so well.

Hi Robyn & Lisa,
I just wanted to say thanks for taking good care of my kids while I was away last week. I really meant to call to see if you needed anything but felt so comfortable with you that when the time slipped away I didn't worry. Although you probably never saw Max, Hannah or Zoe I know they were happy the food was there and the sandbox was clean. Thanks again for a worry free few days!

Fresh Meadows
I am so grateful to In Home Pet Services for providing me with a pet sitter for my recently adopted kitten while I went out of town. I was a bit worried as this was the first time my kitten was left alone since I adopted her, but I soon found out I had nothing to worry about. Robyn is very friendly, professional, and organized with her notes. Diane, the pet sitter, took good care of my kitten and left me notes during her visits. I would definitely recommend In Home Pet Services and hope to use them again soon. :)
---We found this review on Google. Thx!

Kew Gardens Hills
Robin is professional and reliable. I feel so comfortable leaving her in charge. Bailey loves her and Valeria and he no longer stresses out when we go away

Great Neck
Thank you so much to everyone at IHPS. Not only do they take such amazing care walking my Cavalier, Logan, every afternoon while I work, but are always available to take on an extra walk if I can't get home in time for Logan's evening walk. Everyone is so professional and cares so much for their 4 legged clients, its as good as having them stay with a relative. Thank you all!!

Phoebe, Dennis, & Serena
Bay Terrace
Thank you so much for taking great care of Elwood. He absolutely loves you! We really appreciate your services - walking boarding - it sets our mind at ease because we completely trust you. Thanks again!

I cannot say enough positive things about In Home Pet Services. After relocating to Queens I went on a search for my sometimes temperamental Shiba Inu. After going through two dog walkers that could not properly wrangle my dog, I found In Home Pet Services after a friend in my building recommended them. Everyone in this company is extremely professional, and my dog walker, Kristen, is absolutely wonderful with my dog, and most importantly, my dog LOVES her! The prices are awesome, and I know I can always count on Robyn, the owner, to get back to me as soon as she's able to, and she also always tries her best to accommodate me. I really happy I found In Home Pet Services!
---we found this review on Google. Thanks!!

Kew Gardens Hills
RELIABILITY! IHPS came into our lives when I had a broken ankle. They cared for our dogs with lots of love and attention. I watched my dogs happier after everywalk with sarah. A couple of weeks ago I had to travel at the last minute and I knew that only IHPS's professional and loving staff would give me the piece of mind i needed. With less than a day noticed Robyn was able to coordinate with her crew 3 walks each day for a week. Even when my return date was delayed Robyn gladly accomodated me. I will never again have my neighbor or teenage in the family walking my pets, IHPS has provided us with an outstanding service. Thank you Robyn
----We found this review on Google!!!

Little Neck
When Robyn came for our interview, Max, our Collie, went bonkers over her! He wouldn't let her just sit and talk, Robyn had to constantly pet him, and pull Max out of her lap! I asked her if she had dog biscuits taped to her body because he doesn't react to many people like that (she was not wearing a biscuit vest, as it turns out). Robyn is a terrific asset to our home, and when we have to leave Max, I know he is in the best of care. She also saved the day for me once when I was far from home, and thought I left the stove on. I called her (a bit embarassed) to ask her to check on the house. She called me back within a short time to say the house was not burned to the ground, and that I had not, in fact, left the stove on. We tend to give Robyn short-notice on Max-sitting, and she has never let us down! (I honestly don't know when she sleeps!). She is a lifesaver!!

Frank and Laura
We adopted our Basset Hound Monty last February. After spending some time at a shelter because his previous owner had passed away and then making the long trip from Kentucky to NY, Monty was definitely in need of some TLC. Robyn and the team have been there with us every step of the way! They give Monty lots of love and some exercise when we are at work. We are so thankful for the wonderful job they do and the extra love and care they give to our little guy when we aren't home. Thanks guys, you are the best!!

Floral Park
I was very anxious when considering options for short term pet care. My family got our first dog last October from North Shore Animal League - a rescue puppy that was understandably nervous with separation anxiety. It was heartbreaking to think about leaving our dog for a weekend, but also felt that she would be most comfortable in her own environment, our home (we live in Floral Park). In Home Pet Services has been fantastic. The owner Robyn is very responsive and accessible. After a short meeting with our Bella, she arranged for a local sitter to come and take care of her while we were away. Our sitter not only takes her for a walk and feeds her, she spends time with her and gives her love and attention. The sitter also leaves us notes about what they did, and how Bella responded while we were gone. We have used the service twice now, and have been so happy. Rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend them.
---we found this review on google. Thanks John!

Ivelis Princivil
Queens Village
Robyn and In home pet services are great. She accomodated us when we decided to go on a last minute vacation, and fit us into her busy schedule. We were able to go on our vacation and have a good time, with the peace of mind that we left someone trustworty caring for our little peke Lion. She was wonderful, and took great care of him. I am very thankful to her.

Hi We are really going to miss our dog walker Anne Marie as she has been so great to Barley. Anne Marie and Robyn have been taking wonderful care of him since he first got home. He is now a big puppy and can be quite a determined handful. We just wanted to wish AnneMarie the very best in her new home and thank her and Robyn for their tremendous help. THANK YOU!!

Frank and Julie
We were so excited to welcome our new puppy, Maggie Mae, to our home. At the same time, we were concerned about finding someone dependable who could share quality time with Maggie during the day. After much research, we were fortunate to find Robyn and her team. JoAnn's, Ashley, and Diana's daily care for Maggie is just amazing. We feel so relaxed knowing that Maggie is in such good hands, and Maggie is happy knowing that she'll see them during the day. Thanks to Robyn and her sitters for giving us peace of mind . . . don't know what we would do without you!

Ashira and Ryan
Great Neck
Thank you so much for taking care of Caesar - we appreciate it, and he appreciates it even more! We never worry about him when we know that you are coming.

North Bayside
Robyn is wonderful!!! Reliable, flexable and dependable as well as loving and caring to Macy! I am greatful to have found such a wonderful service, and a good friend to our Macy.

Finding this company was the best thing ever! This was our first time using *any* pet service and we will absolutely continue to use them again! In Home Pet Services was such a positive experience for us and for our pet birds (a conure and a cockatiel).

If you're anything like me, you feel a bit guilty about leaving your pets and want them to be cared for with love and attention while you are away, plus recognize the significance of trusting your house keys to someone else! I can easily say that we are 100% satisfied and happy.

They made the whole process incredibly easy, keeping us updated with emails and photos while we were away. We felt confident that our birds were getting the best care and attention possible. They even took in our mail, watered our plants, and made sure the temperature at home was comfortable.

Thank you!!
****We found this review on Google - Thanks!!

Amanda & Andrew
Thank you SO much for all that you do. It means so much to us to know how you genuinely care for and love Mack. It was so special that you watched her after her surgery. We are so lucky to have you.

Great Neck
Robyn and her wonderful staff of animal lovers have allowed me to go on vacation and know that my dogs and cat are always safe and loved. When I leave I'm very stressed and anxious, and when I return my pets have always been so well taken care of, plus they look so happy. Robyn has taken care of Cody, Charlie, Cheyenne, CJ (cat), and presently, my crazy white lab, Riley for so many years. The staff is wonderful and so caring. My Riley is well taken care of, played with, and my home is protected and looks lived in. Sharymn, Nicole S., and Nicole P. go above and beyond for Riley. Their love, care, and devotion are what makes InHome Pet Services such a great organization. The personal attention, the pictures, and the warmth of every one gives me a feeling of such security whenever I go away. The notes also make me smile when I come home. That added touch is so important to me. Robyn, you and those that work for you do an incredible job for which I cannot thank you enough.

Laura O
I was on the ropes with my previous dogwalker due to several no-shows and a lack of communication on said walker's part.

I want to thank Robyn for coming to the rescue with her services. They are all about communication at IHPS. If I send information I get answered immediately almost every time. In fact on some days I've been amazed at what a rapid response I have received. The walker for my area, Laurie, leaves great notes. I get the important points I need plus she adds a personal touch to them that shows she pays attention to my boy. And the notes are consistent as well. I know what to expect.

With such consistent and attentive care, I can now go to work with a weight off of my shoulders, knowing my reliable service will come through for me. Also, my dog is sensitive and needs distance from strange dogs and children. That was acknowledged right away.

I am really happy with IHPS. They have removed some stress from my life. Thank you Robyn for running a well-organized business and being so understanding.

Floral Park
I am a new client of In Home Pet Service and I have to say that they are an amazing service. I recently got a new puppy Cooper and needed a place for him to go while I am at work or on vacation. My dog loves going there, whether its during the day or for overnights. He is well cared for, it is affordable and they treat him as if he was their own. They have a great mix of dogs and Cooper loves the play time with them. I recommend their service whole heartily. ---We found this review on Google - Thx Elena!

I spoke to Robyn, owner of In-Home, and we scheduled a date for her and Diane (Cassie Cat's caregiver) to go over everything that needed to be done while I was away. When they arrived, they gave me a whole folder full of company information and related services that were available in my area. They were terrific--they did a fantastic job with Cassie and Diane even commented on how much Cassie loved to sit on the couch and get brushed! LOL!! As an added bonus, the second caregiver, Katie, took pictures of Cassie and posted them on their website. They also took the mail in everyday. If you're looking for professional, knowledgeable and compassionate pet caregivers, I strongly suggest that you go to inhomepetservices.com and take a look. I was absolutely thrilled with the level of service Robyn and her team provided.
--this review was sent to us from Angie's List!

I got my dog last year. When I first got her, my roommate was working nights and I was working days. All of a sudden, he decided to move out and I found myself in a pinch. I did some research and found IHPS. I reached out and Robyn told me that she wanted to come and meet me and my dog. I was impressed by her professionalism. She was on time and very clear about what the process was. She also brought the woman who would be doing the actual walking. I started using IHPS. I am very pleased!

Val and Evelyn Flaim
Downtown Flushing
Thank you for extending your services to the Flushing Area of Queens! It is comforting to have Robyn come to our house and expertly service our Goffin Cockatoo. May God bless your business with additional clients and many more years of visits to Buddy, our loving Cockatoo.

Todd & Chelsye
We are so happy to have found such wonderful caring people to take care of our two chihuahua's, Ralph and Daphne. We were kind of those nervous type of parents and found it hard to allow someone else to take care of our small puppies, but our minds are totally at ease knowing they are in great hands with Diana and Maria. Ralph is one of those "pampered pooches" and sometimes needs a little extra caring and they give him more than he needs. We are totally bummed that we are moving at the end of this month. We wish that Diana and Maria could come with us to our new house. We give our highest recommendations to these two ladies for their promptness, professionalism, flexibily and gentle, caring touch!

Kim (Belle and Chloe's Mom)
Alley Pond
I've been using IHPS for about 2 years now (ever since we adopted Chloe), and I have to say, they are fantastic! My older pup, Belle, recently had knee surgery. Needless to say, I was a mess worrying about her while I was at work. First Linda and then Diane, really took terrific care of her. Belle had to be separated from Chloe, carried up and down stairs, and was on limited movement restriction. They made sure to do exactly as I asked and called me with regular updates about how she was doing while I was at work. Talk about peace of mind!!! I highly recommended IHPS!!

South Bayside
Robyn has been a life-saver! I have a yorkie (Brinks - his photo is on this page) with clinical separation anxiety, who works himself into medical-emergency gastrointestinal episodes if left alone too long. Robyn has been part of his daily life for two years now, enabling me to fulfill the responsibilities of my long work days and (gasp!) enjoy a social life without worrying about Brinks' health or safety. She has gotten to know him almost as well as I do, and he has developed his own "rules" and communication with her. Robyn is not the first pet-sitter we've had, but she is certainly the most reliable, flexible, accommodating, and caring! Thanks for the peace of mind, Robyn, and thanks for being such a good friend to Brinks!

Little Neck
highly recommend Robyn's company, InHome Pet Services, for dog walking. Whether it is Robyn herself who does the walking or her great group of employees, my dogs are walked on time and are very happy to see anyone from InHome. InHome has walked my dogs for the last seven years, and I would use another walker only when Robyn is unavailable. That has happened only once in the last seven years. Even when we once forgot to leave the key for Robyn, she called to find out how to get a key -- she made sure that my dogs got their walk!

Great Neck
I have very high standards for Ziggy's care. Jessica and Robyn continue to exceed my expectations! Not only are they reliable, professional, flexible and caring, but also they truly love what they do. It comes through in the daily notes that they leave for me about Ziggy and their time together (I look forward to reading them when I get home). I'm thrilled that Ziggy gets plenty of attention from Jessica and Robyn on their daily walks, which he loves! Our schedules are so inconsistent, but the one constant is that someone caring will be there for Ziggy when we can't. What a blessing to have found Jessica and Robyn.

In Home Pet Service are amazing and our dogs, Oz and Persia Love spending time with them. They are dependable and affordable and treat our dogs as their own. I feel very at ease knowing our dogs are well cared for while we are away. I would recommend them to Everyone!

Great Neck
We've been using them for almost 3 years for our dog Murray - and It's been a real pleasure! Their always available and its very easy to schedule. In fact, there's been a few times when we've even had to schedule at the very last minute and they've been VERY accommodating. We've also used their boarding service and found it equally great for our dog. Lastly, when they come to walk Murray they always leave a nice note about how he's doing. I can't recommend Robyn and Co. enough!
---we found this review on google places!

Cathy Johannes
Bellerose, NY
Each time we go away we never have to say" what about the dogs?". We always know that they are well taken care of by Robyn and her crew. It is important to know that they can stay in their own home and avoid the trauma of being forced to stay in a strange, noisy place.

Thank you all!

North Flushing
Finding Robyn has been an answered prayer. I have finally found someone to care for my dog, Ralphie, the way I care for him. I can now go away knowing that Ralphie is in very competent, loving, caring, and professional hands. Ralphie even has some new playmates now and comes home looking so relaxed and happy - what more can a pet owner ask for? Thank you Robyn!

Alley Pond
To our pleasant surprise, my beautiful black shepherd mix Sage is Pet of the Month!!! When I told her she was so excited! she ran to get her ball and forced me to play with her for an hour :) I found Robyn almost 2 years ago, and I am so glad I did. It's so comforting to know that Sage looks forward to her favorite walks in the park with Robyn. Before I leave for work I always tell her "Robyn will come see you soon" and that little smile shimmers so brightly. She knows exactly what I am saying when she hears her name. It's great! Robyn is a Godsend. She has never let us down. I trust my Sage with her completely. After all, she's my Pet of the Month!!!!!! "Sages Mom", Grace

Robyn and her staff are wonderful! I have a very energetic Irish Setter named Sadie and we have been using In Home Pet Services since she was a puppy (she is now a little over 2 years old). As a single Mom with a very demanding schedule I was exceedingly grateful for the flexibility I had with the services provided. Depending on my schedule the staff will walk Sadie or take her to the dog run and tire her out. Sometimes on rainy days they will take her for a quick walk and then just sit with her on the sofa on cuddle. Sadie loves the girls who come to spend time with her too. In fact, just yesterday we ran into one of our walkers, Sarah, at the dog run and Sadie was so excited she could barely contain herself! They really do treat your pets as if they were their own.

I also can't say enough about how helpful they were with Sadie's little "messes". There are times when Sadie has opened the pantry (yep - she's a smart one!) and gotten into, among many other things, peanut butter and flour. What a bad combonation! But when I came home most of it had been cleaned up for me - where else could you get service like that?

The prices are very reasonable and Robyn is very flexible if you need to change the schedule (cancel or add a walk) on short notice. Overall, I think the service provided is excellent and I am so happy I chose to go with In Home Pet Services instead of an independent walker!

sharon pieper
Bayside, NY
My husband and i went on vacation and left Jake with Robyn for four nights and five days. She is the most compassionate and qualified person we know and we had total peace of mind while we were away knowing that Jake would be taken care of . I called her every day and she told me how much fun Jake was having and what a great dog he is. She also sent me tons of pictures. We love our dog so much and because of Robyn we can enjoy our vacations and no longer have to worry . We think the world of her and feel so grateful to have found her.

Fresh Meadows
Robyn is a Godsend! I don't know what I would do without her, and Julie absolutely adores her! She starts looking for her an hour before she is due to arrive, looking through the windows of our windowseat. I first found Robyn because I needed someone to help with Julie, a giant breed puppy in turbomode and in desperate need of exercise, when I was having surgery 2 yrs ago. Although Julie and Robyn probably aren't much different in weight, Robyn handles her with grace and ease. I know that I can trust her to show up at the agreed time and be "me" while I'm gone. She has no problems feeding her the special diet Julie is on (raw meat and bones), and has often come at the drop of a hat when needed in an emergency. I don't know how I would have managed these past 2 yrs without her, and she even managed to teach Julie to play soccer, and be a great goalie! Thanks Robyn for loving Julie and taking such good care of her!

Ozone Park
Robyn, My husband and I can't thank you enough for taking care of Rocky for us this weekend. You are the best. Rocky came home so happy and exhusted lol he def had a great time and I'm sure he will look forward to coming to hang out with you guys in the future. Once again thank you!

Glen Oaks
I don't know what my girl Trixie and I would do without Robyn and Kathy. I knew from the moment I met Robyn at our first consult that this was the service for us! They are so accommodating, professional and caring, and I love reading all about my girl's daily walk. Whether she's saying hi to her neighborhood friends, stalking squirrels or doing the "dryer dance", Kathy's notes about Trixie reconfirm to me on a daily basis that this is a very special company. I highly recommend IHPS to anyone who loves their pet and wants only the best for them :)
--we found this review on Yahoo! Local !

Using In Home Pet Services has been such a great experience for me. Robyn and Kathy have been very accomodating and have taken such good care of my two small boys, Wicket (Pomeranian/Chihuahua) and Theo (Pomeranian). The boys get daily walks while I'm at work and it provides me with such comfort knowing that someone is checking on them during the day and giving them love and attention. I love reading the notes that Kathy leaves for me letting me know what the boys were up to while they were out on their walk. It's great that I can also ask Robyn to come by on the weekend if I know I'm going to be out and about during the day. I don't know what I would do without IHPS and I have already told numerous friends about their great services. Thanks IHPS for all that you do for me and my boys!
---we pulled this one from the web on Yahoo! Local :)

Robyn and the crew has helped save my marriage..I love animals but also promised my wife that they would not impede her desire to travel a couple of times a year...One large (but very cute) dog and three cats have never stood in our way of exploring the world once I found In Home Pet Services....I can comfortably leave my buddies at home and know they are well cared for in their own surroundings...and no back and forth trips to a vet/boarder. I always get a note when I return home about what occurred and if I am particulary obsessing while I am on vacation I write an email and get quick reassurances which allows me to focus on the task at hand...making my wife happy! ...and my buddies are happy when I return...There is a way to make it all work! Thanks, Larry
---we copied this review which we found online at Yahoo! :)

If you want to have a great experience, look no further. This was our 1st time having to find a bunny sitter to go on vacation (we have 4 of them). Last time we took them out of the house to a friend & they weren't right for a month afterwards from being stressed out. We decided to keep them at home in their own environment so it would be less stressful for them. We originally had another bunny sitter lined up but she cancelled on us at the last minute. We found IHPS & I felt more at ease with them than the 1st bunny sitter-I felt uneasy with her during the whole process (I wish we would've found IHPS 1st). Christina took great care of our bunnies & I got nightly email updates from Robyn. This was so much better of an experience than I expected. I will definitely be using IHPS again!! Thank you Robyn & Christina!! Love, Hunny, Lucky, Coco & Molly.

Carol & Ray
Floral Park
I went online to show you off to one of my friends at work ( I always rave about IHPS to everyone). To my surprise I found Comanche & Cheyenne on the website!!! You made my day, I got so excited. They really do love you guys. They are so well taken care of by you & your staff. I just wish I could get away more often! It's nice to know that you are there when needed,(Even with my last minute, "Robyn help!" calls). We always have peace of mind knowing the "kids" are safe in your care. Keep up the good work & Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Great Neck
Listen to this review from the pet's owner!


Bruce, Brian, and Lucie
Floral Park
Robyn and her team are a great find. Reliable and easy to get along with My dog Lucie would not be the same if it is wasnt for the love of her dog walker Kathy. Thank you.
---we found this review on Yahoo! and posted it on our site! :)

Kathy B.
Floral Park
Thanks to Robyn and Annmarie for taking such excellent care of Shadow and Shelby. Shadow's daily care includes medication, supplements and cooked chop meat to get her to eat. It can be a complicated procedure and Robyn and Annmarie handled it well. Shadow is also extremely shy and they were able to help her out. We are very happy with their work. It is nice to have someone who is dependable taking care of our dogs. Thanks so much!

Kew Gardens
I am SO thankful for the great support I get with In Home Pet Services. Val is not only a good friend to my doggies, she looks out for them while I'm away--she really has a good grasp of what is safe/comfortable, and enjoyable for the dogs. Knowing she will be stopping by while I'm at work lets me stop worrying about what kind of troble Clover will get Toby into in between naps! :) And, with the recent fluxuations in temperature the heat in the building is off then on, then off, then ON full blast. I'm still thanking my lucky stars that Val comes in and can help monitor the comfort level of my doggies, open or close a window, and freshen up their water supply. Thank you Robyn and Val!!! (Toby and Clover say WOOF!!)

Cara, Matt, and Sammy
Great Neck
We are very HAPPY with Robyn. But most of all our Puggle Stewie LOVES her. Stewie can be a handful. Robyn taught us how to re-train Stewie to be better behaved and to be calmer. Robyn is very nice,loving caring, trustworthy and accomodating. She takes Stewie on great walks. He always looks forward to seeing her! Thank you, Robyn! :-)

Jessica B
Kew Gardens
I've used In Home Pet Services to watch my cat three times in the past few months, and will continue to use them. They're great! Robyn is quick to respond to emails, and they set up a free consultation to meet me and my cat at my home prior to the first time they watched her. I have come home to a clean litter box, fresh food and water in my cat's bowls, and a cat who has been played with and pet. I highly recommend them.
--we found this Review for us on Google!

Great Neck
I am writing to say how pleased I was with the dog care given by In Home Pet Services. Since Sparky is 13 1/2 years old and requires medication, I was very nervous at the prospect of leaving him home alone for a solid week. He seems to have done beautifully and certainly looked "no worse for wear" on our return. Robyn asked me many important questions before we left and wrote down all the answers. I can only say that she

Oakland Gardens
I have been a client of In Home Pet Services for over 2 1/2 years now and I could not be happier with the care and attention that my two pups get from Robyn and her staff. Robyn has always accomodated my requests, even in a last minute emergency and I am forever grateful. My current dogwalker is Lisa and Teddy and Pumpkin absolutely love her - they await her arrival each day by the window.