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Dog Walking

When you think of a dog walker, what pops into your head?
A person being dragged by 6-8 dogs at the end of a leash?
This image is not what In Home Pet Services is about.

We Provide:

All walks are private to your household unless otherwise requested. Your dog(s) can do their business at their own leisure. Morning, mid-day, or evening walks are available and range from 20-60 minutes. If you have an exercise needy dog and live near a park, we will be glad to "tire him/her out" with run and play sessions!

Pet Sitting

Let your pet(s) stay in the comfort of their own surroundings while you are away. We are highly experienced with all types of animals including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, and other small animals and exotics.1-3 daily visits are available providing your pet with a customized routine including feeding, cleaning, walking, playing, etc. If your pet requires medication or a special diet, these services will be provided at no additional charge. For those who need some extra companionship, overnight stays are available as well (in some locations).

Not only will your pets be safe and happy, but your home will be secure as well. We will take in your mail/newspapers, water plants, and alternate lights to give your house the "we're home" look. We are also familiar with many types of alarm/security systems.

Upon request, we will be glad to call or email you while you are away with regular updates on how things are going. You may also call us - we want you to have the same peace of mind your pet will have while you are gone. All of this at no extra charge!

In Home Boarding

Let your dog stay in the comfort of our home while you are away!

He/She will have fun being spoiled by:

Dogs will not be crated unless requested.
Your dog will enjoy his/her vacation while you are on yours!
All dogs must have proof of up to date vaccinations of Bortadella and Rabies.
*No Exceptions.

Please visit our individual Locations for details

*NOTE we cannot take any dogs that have a cough.

At this location, we can only accept small-med size doggies.
Since we are not a kennel and the dogs will join us as a member of our home, we require a 1 night test-run to make sure your dog does well with us.
**Dogs with evidence of fleas cannot be accepted.

We can't wait for your dog to take a vacation with us!

Click here to see camp photos!

**Note boarding will not be available January 31st, 2014, and July 4th, 2015

The Visiting Vet Tech

Do you have a pet with special medical needs? Does he/she require injections or subcutaneous fluids? Maybe he/she needs pills, ear drops or eye cream? Well then our Visiting Vet Tech service is for you!

Whether you're just out at work, or need a vacation, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is being cared for by a Licensed Vet Tech - of course at affordable In Home Pet Services rates!

Heather said, My dog was attacked by another dog and ended up in the emergency hospital for 3 days. The Visiting Vet Tech came to take care of him at my home everyday for a week while i was at work, and to check on and clean his wounds until he was nursed back to good health. She did an amazing job and was very caring and nurturing with him. I highly recommend this service if your dog has special needs.

So whether your pet needs to be checked on, have medications administered, or if you just need some extra instruction on how to administer your pets meds yourself, we are happy to help! :)

Check out the Visiting Vet Tech blog at:

Click Here to check out the Visiting Vet Tech tm Blog!

The Visiting Vet Tech staff members at this location is Rachel Husney & Jennifer Tambasco

Rachel is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with over 10 years of experience in the animal field, ranging from grooming and shelter medicine to specialty 24 hour emergency and specialty hospitals. In 2008 she graduated from SUNY Suffolk County Community College and earned her degree in Veterinary Science in their Veterinary Technology program. She has been licensed since 2008 and keeps current in her field through ongoing continuing education courses.

Rachel said,
I am so excited to start this new venture with a company that has such a fabulous reputation as In Home Pet Services. Their dedication to their clients is second to none, and their efforts in spreading proper pet care truly shows that they have the pets' best interest in mind! I hope that by now adding at home vet tech visits, we can help to provide some basic care and maintenance in the quiet and comfort of your own home. It should be a relief knowing that while you are on vacation, or a business trip, or even just a day at work, that your pet will be one less thing to worry about knowing that his or her medical care is being taken care of by a licensed professional. I treat all animals as if they are my own and what I do is my passion in life. Our pets give us unconditional love no matter what, and that is what I pride myself in doing every day at work!

Jen is not only a lifelong pet owner and caretaker, but has also dedicated her life to working with animals. She is currently a Full Time LVT at an animal hospital in the area and has over 8 yrs of experience in that field. Jen also has a background in Canine Behavior and Training and has also worked extensively with feral cat populations!
Pet First Aid/CPR Instruction

Click here for more info and a schedule of classes.

We offer a hands on training covering topics such as CPR, Rescue breathing, Bleeding, Poisoning, Choking, Heat injuries, and so much more!

You will be able to handle ANY emergency situation that may happen with your pet after this class - and your pet will thank you for taking it! It's also a fun way to network and meet other pet owners in your area.

For pet owners and pet professionals

Click Here for more info and a schedule of classes!

See our article in the Queens Courier!
Bird Clipping

We provide this unique service to help eliminate the stress of taking your pet bird outside of his/her environment to get a wing and nail clipping. No more lugging heavy cages or taking your bird out in undesirable weather. We come to you and are highly experienced with all types of birds, from parakeets and cockatiels to amazons and macaws! We also provide beak clipping for those birds who have genetically overgrown beaks.

Wing clipping is painless and prevents your bird from serious injury and death. The wings grow back in a few months, but in the meantime, your bird will flutter slowly down to the ground instead of gaining height. No more crashing into mirrors, flying in to windows, or escaping out of an open window never to be seen again! Nails must be trimmed to prevent overgrowth - and so those sharp points don't get under your skin! We offer affordable rates and group discounts for those with more than one bird.

We also provide dog, cat and other small animal nail clippings!

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